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DNC Day Three Ratings Down

RUSH:  The preliminary overnights on TV ratings are in, and the day three numbers for the Democrat National Convention are down.  They’re flat.  Down a little bit.  And there’s no bump.  Everybody in the media was hoping that there’d be an increase in viewership last night because Obama was going to make his swansong speech at the convention. Oh, it was gonna be a beautiful thing!  They may have tuned in and saw Tim Kaine instead of Obama and said, “You know what?  I think I’ll watch the season finale of Wayward Pines,” which depicts the end of the human race.

So it’s one or the other, Democrat convention or Wayward Pines. The end of the human race is the subject matter. … (interruption) No, I’m not kidding.  The ratings were not up.  These were preliminary overnights, and nationals might change it a little bit. But no big bump.  Well, look.  Let me tell you something.  They goofed up.  Obama should have been on that stage at ten o’clock. Who was it that preceded Obama?  Was it Kaine?  Who went out there before Obama did?  I gotta see. I didn’t watch. 

Okay.  Obama didn’t finish this thing ’til 11:40.  I’m telling you, the people that work are in bed on the East Coast, and the people that don’t work, they’re not home.  He should have been on that stage at ten o’clock.  You know, I don’t care. Obama is not Monday Night Football.  People are not gonna stay up ’til two o’clock in the morning to await the outcome.  And they goofed today.  Crazy Bernie got out too.  They didn’t get him on ’til five ’til 11 the night that he spoke.  And I thought that was on purpose. 

I thought, “They know what…” (interruption)  Yeah.  Well, yeah, I think people are making a bigger deal out of that than it is.  

Bernie Leaves Party He Was Never Really Part Of

RUSH: Bernie is now an independent.  He left the party less than 24 hours after realizing that he got cheated.  But he wasn’t a Democrat to begin with.  You know, he’s always been an independent. 

Coming Tomorrow: Caller’s Take on Straight Outta Compton

RUSH: Mr. Snerdley, I’m not… I could take Curtis’ call but he doesn’t have enough time and I want to talk to him about what he wants to talk about.  Will you ask him for his number if we call him tomorrow, Open Line Friday?  And assure him that no matter what Hillary says tonight — no matter what — we’ll still talk to him about this because it’s still relevant.  He wants to talk about… He’s a young black male, and he’s upset with all of the cop-killing going on, and he just saw Straight Outta Compton, the movie. 

Something in that movie has caused him to have an opinion about all this, and he wants to talk about it.  And I just… I could have taken his call and had him tell you all this, but we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere ’cause time would have expired. So hopefully he’ll let us call him tomorrow, ’cause I think his comments about the culture he saw in that movie and what role it might be playing in all of this unrest are relevant.  

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