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“The real thing tonight is: ‘Can Hillary do it without a seizure? Can she do it without a coughing spasm?’ Look at what she’s got to live up to, from Biden talking about all these great things she’s done with children, to her husband talking about all these great qualities. How in the world is she gonna live up to all this?”

“I was told, that Barack Obama’s speech last night was fabulous. It was just great. It was uplifting. It was positive. It was Reaganesque. So why wasn’t every Democrat in that convention hall last night angry and fit to be tied. That’s not what they believe. Why weren’t there mass protests? That’s not who he is. He doesn’t talk that way, except at election time.”

“We knew that this convention was gonna be a Hillary coronation. We knew that Bernie Sanders was never, ever gonna be the nominee. But his supporters didn’t. His supporters thought it was legit. His supporters thought he was on the way to winning.”

“We had Obama’s speech last night — and honestly, folks, that’s not who Barack Obama is. That’s not what Barack Obama thinks, and it’s not how Barack Obama has governed.”

“The Democrat Party is defined by its vision of dystopia. They want it. They thrive on it. They live and breathe it. Because in dystopia, people turn to government for their very existence.”

“Folks, I told you yesterday: It’s really painful watching this Democrat convention, because you realize that so many Americans are eating it up. That’s what’s painful about it.”

“Had Barack Obama governed and implemented policies based on the beliefs he espoused last night, a bunch of things would be different. We would not have an unemployment problem. We would not have a nation with 94 million Americans not working. We would have a growing economy. We would already have a legitimate recovery from the recession.”

“Obama is Mr. Apology Tour. Obama is the guy who thinks America’s founding was unjust and immoral. He doesn’t relish it. He doesn’t cherish it. Obama resents it, and he’s made this perfectly clear his entire political life.”

“The Democrats, in their eagerness to respond to Trump ’cause they thought that this is the Trump implosion — this is the gaffe, this is the one that’s gonna make everybody realize that Trump’s not qualified and ought not even be running — they inadvertently admitted that there are national security details on these 30,000 emails that Hillary threw away.”  

“We hear of all this talk about the glass ceiling and how Hillary has broken down barriers. If her last name wasn’t Clinton we wouldn’t know who she is or she certainly wouldn’t be running for president.” 

“It really is hideous the way Democrats keep people dependent, the way they keep people poor, and all the while promising them paradise, promising them salvation, promising them emancipation. And they themselves keep them barely subsisting and in a state of dependence for the purposes of maintaining and acquiring their own power.”

“These are the people with unsecured servers. These are the people whose servers have been hacked by the Russians… I’m gonna try to explain this, what Trump did and what he meant. I was the first to properly characterize this as sarcasm. You know, what Trump was doing was vintage EIB, illustrating absurdity by being absurd.” 

“Nobody’s above the law, particularly people seeking public office. They have access to all of that money, access to all of that power. They ought to be vetted more than anybody else is vetted. They ought to be declared crystal clear, clean and pure as the wind-driven snow before anybody else is. They should be held to a higher standard, not a lower standard.”

“The KKK has always been the Democrat Party. The mayors and the police chiefs that were denying civil rights, the Martin Luther King protestors were marching against Democrat segregationists.”

“If Obama really believed what he said last night and had implemented policies based on it: We wouldn’t have had all this negative talk for 7-1/2 years about how devastating that recession was because it wasn’t. It wasn’t a near financial collapse. That was all BS. It was a recession. It was an economic downturn. But it was not the end of the world like they portrayed.” 

“Obama is not Monday Night Football. People are not gonna stay up ’til two o’clock in the morning to await the outcome.” 

“I think Trump has natural performer instincts. It’s clear that he has a performer’s ego, and I think Trump’s sense of humor is naturally inclined to parody and satire and in-your-face snark when he’s talking to people he knows are his enemies, and he just loves jamming it down their throats.”  

“Trump’s little email comment distorts their reality, distorts their reality that Hillary got away with it. Trump just reminded everybody that there’s still a scandal ongoing out there. And the Democrats don’t want to be reminded of it. Now they can’t let it go.” 

“Do you think the IRS would have allowed Al Capone to say, ‘Look, you don’t need to audit me. I haven’t violated tax law.’ ‘Oh, okay, Al, cool, fine.’ Well, that’s what’s happened with Hillary.” 

“If Obama had actually talked the last eight years like he talked last night, if he had implemented policies like he suggested, he would not have won reelection in 2012 running as a Democrat. I mean, that’s how extraordinary this was, the optimism alone. Obama is not optimistic.”    

“Every night the Democrats have thought they hit a home run and the next day everybody is talking about Donald Trump. And they are seething about that. They don’t know how to deal with it.”

“What the Democrats understand about the middle class, what they think about the middle class is that those of you in it are so incompetent that you can’t go anywhere without the federal government clearing the way for you.”

“I know when you try to explain comedy is when it stops being funny. When you start explaining satire or parody, then it stops being funny.”

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