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RUSH: I told Kathryn before this started. I said, “Plugs is great.  Plugs is one of the most loyal.  He’s got this way of just reaching in and grabbing every one of those delegates’ hearts.  He can tell whatever story. Make it up, and he can sell it. He’s been loyal to Obama through everything.  And he’s gonna continue to be here, only this time he’s gonna be talking about Hillary.

“Only you watch: He’s gonna melt hearts.  But he had some stuff that’s…” You gotta acknowledge these people’s talent, even if they are telling lies or if they’re skirting the truth.  They do have performance ability, and they have found a way to fake empathy.  Boy, have they found a way. It’s like J.R. Ewing said. In fact, that’s who I thought I was watching when Clinton was doing his speech. From the voice intonation, from the accent, from the way he was using language, I thought it was J.R. Ewing and I was watching Larry Hagman up there.

But these people have found a way to fake empathy, man — and they’ve convinced everybody they’ve got it.  Not sympathy, empathy, that they feel for you. They know what you’re going through. They feel sad for you.  They’re responsible for most of it, but they feel it.  And they’re great at it.  It’s like J.R. Ewing said: “Once you figure out how to fake the integrity (chuckling), the rest is a piece of cake.”  Well, for these clowns, it’s, “Once you learn how to fake empathy, then we own ’em,” and they have that down pat.  That’s why they are the sole owners, in their minds, of compassion.


RUSH: Biden and his speech last night.  I was just… I know we’ve got… Oh, here. There’s one, number 25. Maybe keep 25 standing by.  Biden was saying things like, “Hillary has been there for everybody.  She’s been there for parents who need money to send their kids to college.  She’s been there for health care.  She’s been there for parents who stare at the ceiling worrying whether their kids are gonna have jobs with high enough pay.”  I’m literally thinking, “What is all of this, ‘Hillary’s been there for everybody?’

Where is this parade of people?  We may see it tonight.  We may see a parade of people who tell you they are alive today because of Hillary Clinton. They have children today because of Hillary Clinton. They have an income today because of Hillary Clinton.  “My family of 10 kids all got cancer and Hillary Clinton saw to it that they all got treatment,” stuff like that.  But it’s all gonna be news to us.  We’ll have never seen this before.  We may have heard people allude to it, but this student loan business…

Again, I gotta remind you: Trump nailed this the other day in that press conference that they all hate. The student loan program is a money-moving scheme.  The student loan program is how liberal universities and colleges end up getting massive amounts of federal money.  You notice tuition never comes down.  Room and board never comes down.  Student loan rates just go up! And more and more students need a loan to go to college.  And who now runs them?

The banks don’t run ’em.  The government does.  The student, as Trump pointed out, is the conduit. The student is the mechanism whereby the government can funnel money to major institutions of higher learning by way of the student loan.  And I tell you: I am truly offended when I listen to these people who are in charge of this program and who have damaged the college education premise.

They alone — the liberal Democrats — have destroyed the whole premise of college education by attaching $200,000 of debt to a graduate.  They are the smart people who told us they could handle this, and so all these people who supposedly are protecting us from these high interest rates and these damaging and these mean loans?  They run the program, for crying out loud.  They’re not fixing any of it for anybody.  They’re making it worse for everybody!


RUSH:  Here another thing that Biden said, ripping into Trump for the title of his TV show: You’re Fired!  I don’t quite know how to characterize that.  That is so… That’s almost along the lines of, “Well, we can’t have competition ’cause there’s winners and losers and the losers are humiliated. So we can’t have a TV show called You’re Fired ’cause it might it might really offend people who have been fired. So we can’t…”  It’s absurd.  Somehow, Trump hosting a show called You’re Fired… Biden went on to say that that proves that Trump doesn’t care about the middle class.

Biden said, “Imagine having a TV show where you get to say, ‘You’re fired! You’re fired!’  That’s not somebody who loves the middle class!”  And then he went on to say, “Trump is clueless! Donald Trump doesn’t have a clue about the middle class.”  Really, Mr. Vice President? Who do you think works for him?  Who do you think’s on all those construction crews?  Who do you think it is that starts in his construction crews and works their way up to his executive suite?

Donald Trump in the construction business doesn’t understand the middle class?  He pays them!  He provides their health care.  He provides for their future.  What do you mean, he doesn’t understand the middle class? Like you do?  You know what the Democrats understand about the middle class?  What the Democrats understand about the middle class, what they think about the middle class is that those of you in it are so incompetent that you can’t go anywhere without the federal government clearing the way for you.

“You won’t have the sense to spend your money the right way. You won’t have the sense to take care of your kids the right way. You don’t have the sense to educate your kids the right way.  You in the middle class are the epitome of the great unwashed, and you have to be guided through life by those who are your betters, who understand things — sophisticated things — that you don’t.”  That’s how they look at the middle class.

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