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RUSH:  Here is Greg in Hayden, Idaho.  Back to the phones we go.  Greg, it’s great to have you with us.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Great to talk with you, Rush.  I’ve been a longtime listener all the way back to your TV days.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  My wife and I still reminisce about coming up out of the sofa and saying, “That guy’s finally sayin’ what we think!”

RUSH:  Well, thank you very much.  I profoundly appreciate that.  I really do.

CALLER:  Well, hey, I was listening to your monologue this morning, and you had mentioned why hadn’t Democrats vanquished all the Republicans since the Republicans are to blame for everything being so miserable. And I just wanted to say that I think the answer is they need Republicans to blame because they do get poor business results; they always will get poor business results. Hence, they will always need some Republicans to be able to explain to their group why things are as miserable as they are.

RUSH:  Well, this is true.  They need demons. There’s no question. They have to demonize somebody, and they end up blaming somebody for their own policy and personal failures.

CALLER:  What I would like to see is Donald Trump, being a businessman, you know, just do a little Business 101.  I worked for a pipeline company before I retired, and when you were in the boardroom, you had to talk about your results, and you didn’t get to say, “Hey, I’m tryin’ real hard.  Sorry.”  You had to produce.  I think Trump could very simply explain about how, you know, business results work and then point out the metrics — like, he did some of that in his speech — and just keep hammering —

RUSH:  Well, wait a minute.  I want to understand what you’re saying.  What is he not doing? What are you not hearing that you want him to correct, or what is he saying that’s not correct?  I need you to clarify.  About what are you talking?

CALLER:  Yeah, what I mean is actually giving the metrics. Like when you talk about, for instance, blacks are now having a 58% increase in their being on food stamps. You know, I mean, you could go through a list of performance metrics that really describe — and I would point right to the minority groups, because that’s the Democratic constituency.  And you just keep repeating those numbers. “The results are bad, and yet you people keep voting for this guy,” and then pivot, and say, “I’m gonna change this.”

RUSH:  I see what you’re saying. Yeah. See, I have advocated that, too.  And I can tell you that, in my own inimitable fashion and style, I’ve done that on this program since its beginning.  And I have had the occasion several times talking to devout Democrats here, and I’ve given them these numbers.  I’ve asked the question. It’s been 50 years that they’ve been voting in lockstep with Democrat Party, and I hear ’em as complaining as ever, I hear I ’em as angry as ever, I hear ’em as unsatisfied as ever.

And I’ve asked them: At what point are you gonna hold ’em accountable?  They’ve been promising you the Rose Garden for 50 years.  They’ve been promise you the end of this, the end of that, and we’re nowhere near it. You’re angrier than ever!  So the question is, even when you hold up the results to them — even when you point it out to the African-Americans, since that’s the group you’re talking about — the unemployment rate, or the percentages of the population that don’t have a dad at home, or how many are on food stamps.

Even when you pound the results, the Democrats have succeeded in making them think, “Well, at least they’re trying and the Republicans don’t care,” and so the Democrats’ retort to this has always been, “Ignore the results and examine our intentions,” because virtually everything they’ve supported and promoted to fix all this inequality has bombed big time.  The War on Poverty? Big failure.  The Great Society? A big failure.  The effort to play Santa Claus for everybody?

No matter what, it’s a big failure.  We’re $19 trillion in debt.  The evidence is abundant.  And yet, whenever there is a crisis, what do the American people do?  They turn to government and demand, “You fix it! You fix it!”  And who are they telling that to?  The people that broke it.  It’s one of the very frustrating things.  But the Democrats have succeeded in the light of psychological ops. They have succeeded in branding. And don’t forget: Part and parcel of this is having the media on your side to make your case every day, both pro and con.

So you’re not supposed to look at the results.  You’re only supposed to look at the intentions.  On that score, the Democrats win every time, because the conventional wisdom is, “The Democrats? Well, at least they care! At least they care! At least they’re trying to help.  You Republicans, you don’t even care!  You only care about the 1% on Wall Street.  You don’t even really care.  You care about Halliburton, you care about going to war, but you don’t care about me.”

And the Democrats have succeeded.  I remind you again, the exit poll data, 2012, question: “Cares about people like me: Obama, 81%; Romney, 19%.” See, I think one of the advantages of Trump is that stuff doesn’t matter anymore.  ‘Cause I don’t think people look at Trump that way. Trump is not seen as one of “those” Republicans.  Trump is, at the moment, exempt.  I saw these signs at the convention last night, and they have three words.  Each word on top of the other:  “Love Trumps Hate.”  Okay?

Now, in the first place, if you see those signs en masse from a distance, what you actually see is “Love Trump,” not “Love Trumps.”  You don’t see the “S.”  But why did it become automatic that Trump is a hater?  You see, Trump… We’ve known Donald Trump for 30 years or more.  Donald Trump has been in the public eye for 30 years.  He’s been hosting his TV shows. He has been on every news show there is! (chuckles) Donald Trump is everywhere.  Donald Trump’s one of the biggest celebrities in this country — and only when he started running for office did he all of a sudden become a racist.

For 30 years, nobody called Donald Trump a racist.

For 30 years, nobody ever said Donald Trump hated anybody.

In fact, it’s the exact opposite.  But now Donald Trump is the Republican presidential nominee, and guess what?  Automatic racist and he hates.  It’s just axiomatic. This is what the Democrats are gonna do.  So you have the sign, “Love Trumps Hate.”  What hate?  Who does Trump hate?  He doesn’t hate anybody.  Trump loves people this country, and it’s patently obvious.  And Trump is not a racist, but he has become one.  So this is the way they do things, and this is one of the things that is… I don’t want to say “depressing.”

How are they able to make these low-information people believe this?  People that have been following Donald Trump, people have been watching The Apprentice, people that have been aware of Trump for 30 years and all of a sudden the Democrat Party starts calling him a racist, and, bammo, he’s a racist, except that he isn’t.  But that’s their technique. That’s how they go about it.

Grab sound bite number 28.  Do you know who Alexandra Pelosi is? Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.  She’s a filmmaker.  I remember when I heard that George W. Bush granted her permission to follow him around during his campaign — Pelosi’s daughter! — and somebody said, “Oh, yeah, Alexandra, for your documentary on HBO?  Absolutely.”  I’m saying, “What in the world?  Do you realize you’re just gonna have a hit piece on your campaign on HBO from Pelosi’s daughter?”  And for the most part it was.

So now she’s been made this — because of this she has a media profile. I don’t know how high it is, but she’s bopping around Philadelphia now, and she’s got a new HBO special coming called Meet the Donors:  Does Money Talk?  So she was on CNN this morning on one of their early morning news programs, John Berman was the host, and said, “Really?  You’re doing a documentary on money in politics?  Really?  We didn’t know that.  I mean, you’re kidding us, right?”

ALEXANDRA:  At this convention what you see is you see money.  And you didn’t see it in Ohio, because they weren’t really out there for Trump, you know, the big donors haven’t been behind Trump up ’til now.  Now he’s recruiting them.  But Hillary’s gonna need these people to pay the bill, to run all those ads to talk about how Donald Trump’s gonna destroy America.  That’s where the billions of dollars are gonna go into these terrible ads.  Who’s paying for those ads? What are they doing here?  They’re having parties.  Snoop Dogg is here; Fergie is here; Lady Gaga is here.  I mean, this is where — this is like prime time good parties that they’re having at this convention.

RUSH:  So, you see, what’s happening is the Democrat Party is hip and it’s cool.  They’ve got Snoop Dogg. They’ve got Fergie of the Black-Eyed Peas. They have Lady Gaga, who just broke up with her boyfriend, the fireman guy, it’s a tragedy. And they got all these people paying all this money to see all these celebrities; and Trump’s got bupkis.  So what’s happening here, this is really cool, and the rest of you people out there, you’re not really in touch ’cause you’re not cool, but we Democrats, we’re cool.  We got Lady Gaga, minus her fireman guy boyfriend; we got Fergie; we got Snoop Dogg.  Except what’s Trump got?  Nothing.  Except that Trump is a bigger celebrity than all three of these people.

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