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Bad Idea? Dems Want Bernie to Nominate Hillary

RUSH:  As a sign that the Democrats don’t think last night was all that hot, you know what they’re trying to do?  Roll Call is trying to arrange — have you seen this?  They want Bernie to actually nominate Hillary tonight.  They want Bernie, Crazy Bernie to put her name out and nominate, announce it and all that stuff, as a means of quieting — you know who Bernie’s — I saw this the other day.  This makes sense, by the way.  Bernie has 1,900 delegates in there.  However, what apparently happened was that at all these state party conventions when Bernie ran around and ran into party people and asked them to be delegates of his at the convention, standard, ordinary, everyday Democrat Party people, which is kooky enough.

They said no, because they were afraid of offending Hillary. So the people that Bernie found to be delegates are genuine rent-a-mobsters.  The only people he was able to find are actually professional protestors, and there’s 1,900 of ’em in there.  They are not per se Democrat Party, quote, unquote, party people, again because Bernie couldn’t find a lot of those.  They were afraid to be Bernie delegates when they knew he wasn’t gonna win anything and they didn’t want to offend Hillary.

Nobody wants to get on the bad side of Nurse Ratched.  So a bunch of professional protestors are in there disguised as Bernie delegates. I mean they’re actual delegates, but they’re not party pros per se, and they’re trying to quiet that bunch down by having Bernie actually put her name in nomination.  I think that would make it worse.  I hope they do it.  It could make it worse.  

Pocahontas Said Hillary Will Fix the Rigged Game

RUSH: When I saw Elizabeth Fauxcahontas last night, talk about rigged game. And then I heard her say, “Hillary Clinton wants to take the money out of politics.”  When I saw that I laughed my ass off and then I knew what was coming, Citizens United.  Hillary Clinton will turn back Citizens United.  Do you know what the Citizens United case is, folks? 

Do you know what that was really about?  Citizens United, it’s a PAC.  They made a movie criticizing Hillary Clinton and she didn’t like it, and she went to court with her supporters to try to prevent anybody raising money to run critical media of her.  That is it in the nutshell.  Of course, it’s about much broader things than that, but that was why and remains why Hillary Clinton’s fit to be tied over this.  

Did You Hear the States Nate Silver Thinks Trump Will Win?

RUSH:  You know, I have a piece of information here from Nate Silver yesterday predicted that there is a 58% chance that Trump wins, but I left out something.  Nate Silver thinks that Trump is gonna win Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, and New Hampshire, and I’ll fill in the blanks tomorrow, ’cause we also gotta deal with the crap we still have to hear tonight.

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