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“I watch this lunacy that we saw last night, and if you didn’t watch it, don’t worry, you’ll get enough of a flavor for it after I finish the program today, you’ll know. It was sheer lunacy. A lot of it was delusional and deranged. A lot of it was unhinged. The reason that I watch it with sadness is the realization now that close to 50% of the people in this country who vote eat it up.”

“How many speeches do you think there were last night at the Democrat Convention? There were 61 speeches, and not a one of them mentioned terrorism, ISIS, Daesh. Not a one.”

“I listen to Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders or any of the other 61 speakers last night at the Democrat Convention, and I don’t hear anybody happy about anything. The wealth gap is bigger than ever, the poor are getting bigger, the middle class is being wiped out, climate change is destroying the planet, college loans are crippling. So who’s running all these things?”

“Hillary Clinton’s already sold access to her presidency through the Clinton Foundation. And, believe me, there are emails about that, and those emails are gonna drop. And Julian Assange at WikiLeaks has pretty much intimated this is gonna happen. But whatever. This isn’t over. Nobody knows when the next dump is gonna happen.”

“The Democrats have succeeded in beating people down. The Democrats have succeeded in taking initiative and hope. ‘Hope’ is just a word now. They have succeeded in taking drive and ambition out of people. They have convinced the people that vote for them that there isn’t an escape from the horrors of this country unless the Democrat Party wins elections.”

“The kind of stuff that 17-year-old girls used to find in calendars and post on the bedroom wall, is now substance at the Democrat National Convention.”

“The Democrat Party has done many destructive things on its way to acquiring power. But among the most destructive things the Democrat Party has done is destroy the concepts of self-reliance, optimism, and goodness.”  

 “The Democrat convention, it was exactly as I predicted last night. We got speaker after speaker, picture after picture ultimately of doom and gloom of misery and suffering. We had people praising the sitting president for being remarkable in his successes while at the same time detailing everything wrong and horrible in this country.” 

“People that vote Democrat are some of the most depressed people you’ll run into. They’re some of the angriest people you’ll run into, despite — in these last 7-1/2 years — getting everything they want, everything they thought would lead them to their utopia.”  

“Black Lives Matter, New Black Panthers, Occupy Wall Street, stripping God from their party platform, transgender bathroom advocates, pro-death panels, baby butchers, a candidate who violated the Espionage Act thousands of times, sexual predators, pedophiles, illegals, Sharia Muslims, Marxists. That’s the Democrat Party today. That’s who votes for them; that’s who the Democrats defend.” 

“Democrats by their own admission at their own convention last night, they’re no closer to utopia than they’ve ever been. And they’re never gonna get there because it isn’t possible.”  

“The theme of the night last night: ‘You can’t do anything on your own; we can only do everything together. You can’t do a thing on your own. You might get somewhere on your own, but you can’t go far. You can go fast by yourself, you can go fast on your own, but you can’t go all the way. You can only get there together.’ Brought the house down. ‘Yaaaay!’ I’m sitting there saying, ‘This is gobbledygook.'” 

“I no longer am going to sit here and blindly assume that the vast majority of Americans are gonna also find what Democrats say ridiculous because the vast majority don’t.”

“As far as the low-information segment of the population — the vast, vast, vast majority of which votes Democrat — if you are a progressive as Obama is and you want to sell the direction you’re taking this country, it’s okay to call it great now ’cause you’ve got it moving in the direction of decline.” 

“Michelle Obama was never proud of her country ’til her husband ran. Well, she’s gotta be swelling with pride at the damage that he has brought about after eight years.” 

“When Putin and the Russians were harboring Snowden and helping Snowden get his dirty anti-American stuff out, the Democrats were fine with it. Now all of a sudden when the Russians are doing damage to the Democrats, now all of a sudden the Russians are a bunch of creeps, untrustworthy snobs.”   

“We have to deal with the fact that the Democrats have succeeded in creating — among way too many people — a genuine dislike and disrespect for this country.” 

“The DNC is gonna have mothers of young black men gunned down by the cops. The Democrat convention tonight will thus be at one and in solidarity with a criminal element in this country. They will purposely stake out a position opposite that of law enforcement tonight.” 

“The Gentle Giant was not walking with his hands up and his back turned to the cop saying, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot!’ And yet the Democrat Party and President Obama have sponsored this lie. And tonight, they are going to sponsor this lie yet again.”

“I wouldn’t be a bit surprise if who’s actually behind this is some 17-year-old kid in his pajamas hacking the DNC because he found the password, hopeandchange. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.”


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