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RUSH: Here’s Joel in Tyler, Texas.  Back to the phones we go.  Greetings.  Great to have you here.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thank you, sir.  God bless you and your family for what you do for this country.

RUSH:  Thank you very much, sir.  I know it’s a lot.

CALLER:  Yes.  My comment is about the people Hillary has working for her is amazing.  It never ceases to amaze me how these people keep throwing her under the bus. They keep on doing things, and she knows nothing about it, poor Hillary is left out in the cold, like this latest with Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz.  I’ll just call her Debbie BS.  Debbie BS —

RUSH:  (laughing).  I like that.

CALLER:  Debbie BS —

RUSH:  Yes.

CALLER:  — is one of many. Now she has to fall on her sword for the Hillary campaign.  See, it’s all Debbie’s fault.

RUSH:  Well, they all know this.

CALLER:  Yes.  Poor Debbie didn’t know —

RUSH:  I mean, the court jesters all know the day comes they fall on the sword for the queen, they do it.  They know this going in.

CALLER:  Yes, right, exactly.

RUSH:  Debbie BS is gonna be taken care of somehow, some way.

CALLER:  I’m sure she will.

RUSH:  In fact, Hillary and Tim Kaine did this joint interview on 60 Minutes with Scott Pelley.  You know what happened?  They edited — they always do.  I mean, they always grab a lot more footage than they ever use.  But the answer Hillary gave to this email stuff and WikiLeaks, that she didn’t know anything about it, they edited that out of what was broadcast.  Scott Pelley said there’s no sense in airing that she didn’t know.  The only way to see her saying that is to go to the CBS website and watch all the footage.

But what was actually broadcast?  There was nothing about this.  There was nothing about the WikiLeaks dump, very little, because Hillary told Scott Pelley she didn’t know anything about it, and he, in his brilliant editing talented mind, said, well, how irresponsible of us to air that.  She didn’t know.  Therefore, it’s a nonstory.  So Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz, Debbie BS, will be taken care of, somehow.  We may never know how, but she will be.


RUSH:  Okay.  I want to theorize here on something abou Hillary Clinton and her knowledge or lack of on these acts of collusion to thwart Crazy Bernie.  Now, Scott Pelley’s actual question to Hillary Clinton in the 60 Minutes interview, the question was what she thought about what the DNC did to Bernie.  Not what she knew, but she was asked, “What do you think?”  And that’s when she said, “I — I — I didn’t know anything about it.”  So that’s what Scott Pelley edited out.

Now, and I just saw on CNN — get this — a reporter for US News & World Report saying that we need to be very careful here before assigning motive to anybody because there aren’t any Republican emails, and therefore, this is still a one-sided story. (interruption) Well, what it means is, the way they look at their jobs is that one of the ways you mitigate any damage to your side is to try to find evidence the other side does it too.

And since they don’t have that yet they can’t really condemn what the DNC did here because the same emails that no doubt exist from the RNC we haven’t seen yet.  So there’s an assumption the Republicans do the same thing, that the RNC was arranged at savaging everybody but Trump, somebody, whatever. But those emails haven’t been released, and until they are, we can’t pile on the Democrats.  It’s a variation of, “You need three sources, not one.”

It’s a variation of, “You have to balance every story by going and talking with somebody who disagrees with the premise.”  It’s all bogus!  It’s totally bogus.  But here’s the theory, preceded by a question.  Do you know that Hillary Clinton hasn’t even yet pretended to condemn what happened to Bernie Sanders?  She is still clinging to the, “I — I — I — I didn’t know!”  She didn’t know like Lois Lerner didn’t have know anything.  The idea that Hillary didn’t know about this is crazy!

The people at the DNC were put there to do this by Hillary Clinton, just like the people at the IRS did not need an instruction memo from Obama to shaft the Tea Party.  They were put there to do it.  They are all like-minded partisan extremist activists.  They’re not government employees working at the IRS.  They’re Democrat Party hacks, and they are everywhere.  They’re in every bureaucracy.  So the idea that the DNC’s running a scam here to screw Bernie Sanders and Hillary doesn’t know about it? (shorting)

But beyond that, why hasn’t she condemned it?  Well, there’s gotta be an answer to that.  Wouldn’t you think in a circumstance like this where they’re all in damage control, that it would make a lot of sense for Hillary Clinton to publicly denounce this and to try to distance herself from it?  Don’t you think?  So why hasn’t she done it? (chuckling) Well, I’ll tell you why.  It’s very simple.  She’s waiting on the next email dump that Assange is pledging that’s gonna link her to it!  The odds are…

You can’t say with ontological certitude here, but the odds are that there is a paper trail or an electronic paper trail that links her to some of this.  If nothing else, people reporting to her or her acolytes — maybe Carlos Danger’s wife or Cheryl Mills, somebody in the office — would be giving a status report here, ’cause I guarantee you something, folks.  During this primary season, the Hillary campaign had to be getting nervous.

Even though they knew the game was rigged, they had to be getting nervous looking at and seeing all the support for Crazy Bernie.  And they had to be wondering at some point if this kept swelling, could it upset their plans.  I mean, what if he did keep winning, and what if all she had was the superdelegates?  They had to be thinking this.  They had to be thinking, “My gosh, if this keeps up, there’s gonna be pressure on the superdelegates, and who knows?”

I don’t think they ever lacking confidence that she was gonna win.  The point is, she had to be alarmed by it.  You know the ego of these people.  She can’t be happy out there seeing half the Democrat Party prefer somebody else.  She’ll get even with ’em.  That’s what Nurse Ratched-type people do.  But my point is, there has to be some sort of a digital trail between the DNC and her office reporting on progress of the scheme.

There has to be probably some emails from Hillary’s office to the DNC, “Hey, are you sure you got a handle on this?”  And them writing back, “Don’t sweat it.  We got it covered.”  There has to be some reason she hasn’t condemned it.  There has to be a reason why she’s continuing to hold onto this position of “I didn’t know.”  ‘Cause if she comes out and condemns it and acts like she’s appalled and outraged, and then we got an email dump showing she was intimately aware and involved? Well, then that could be a problem.  So we’ll see.

It maybe will not be long.


RUSH:  I will bet you, ladies and gentlemen, that Hillary Clinton had a lot more control over the people at the Democrat National Committee than Richard Nixon ever had over the Watergate plumbers.  Anybody want to take that bet?

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