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Black Lives Matter Calls Trump a Terrorist

RUSH:  So Black Lives Matter, they just called Donald Trump a terrorist.  Donald Trump a terrorist.  And, see, the Drive-Bys will pick that up and they’ll have discussions about that and they’ll try to give that legitimacy.  This is how this all works.

But nobody will go to Black Lives Matter and say, “What the hell are you talking about?  You lamebrains, Donald Trump’s a terrorist?  When’s the last person he ordered shot?  When’s the last person he’s out there protesting rabble-rousing?  What the hell are you talking about?”  Nobody will say that to ’em.  

Terrorist Attack in Munich

RUSH: We have a mass shooting underway in Munich, Germany, and we don’t even know how many people have been killed yet.  The authorities can’t find the shooters.  It’s a mall with 135 stores.  German TV is saying several people are dead and wounded in a shooting spree, and that’s all that’s known.  They haven’t been able to get anywhere and actually count the dead. 

I’m sorry.  I refuse to accept this as the new norm, that we just have to put up with this, or, “Well, it’s Germany, Rush, it doesn’t affect us.”  Folks, not true anymore.  It ought to bother us just as it represents the state of the human condition, for crying out loud.  We’re in the midst of a gigantic deterioration, and very few people have the courage or ability to stand up to it.  It’s just amazing.  But I know why.  

Peter Thiel’s RNC Speech

RUSH:  What, Peter Thiel?  Oh, yeah, yeah, I like Peter Thiel.  I know Peter Thiel.  Yeah, yeah.  I got into a sort of in-depth conversation with Peter Thiel and Conrad Black about China a few years ago.  I got a little ticked off at it, in fact, and I told him so.  I don’t know if I’m gonna have time to get to Thiel today and what he said in the speech last night, but, yeah, I’m aware, sure.

He’s the PayPal cofounder, as I’m sure you know.  I guess now I kind of have to get to it, don’t I?  Really, there are other things, but if I don’t get to it today, there’s always Monday.  This stuff isn’t going away.  I know there’s gonna be more stuff.  

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