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RUSH: We have a story from TIME magazine here.  President Obama says that he didn’t watch any of this convention last night and he didn’t see Trump’s speech, but that he’s heard that it was dark and dismal and it “doesn’t ‘jibe’ with the facts.”  “President Obama on Friday assumed… He was at a joint press conference the president of Mexico, and TIME magazine says that he “assumed the role as fact-checker-in-chief following Donald Trump’s … convention speech, saying the picture painted by the GOP doesn’t line up with reality.

Here’s what Obama said: “This idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse. This vision of violence and chaos everywhere doesn’t really jibe with the experience of most people. I think it is important just to be absolutely clear here that some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don’t jibe with the facts.” Here’s what… I don’t think… Maybe he doesn’t get this; I don’t know.

If you live inside the Beltway and a certain section of inside the Beltway — if you’re wealthy, if you’re in the political realm, if you’re a lobbyist, if you’re in elective office, if you are a staffer, if you have anything to do with the political class and the government class — then of course you’re not gonna see any crime! You’re not gonna see any disorder. You’re not gonna see any unemployment. You’re not gonna see any economic distress.  It doesn’t exist where you are.

You have to go to other sectors of Washington, DC, to find the abject crime — and, believe me, the political class wouldn’t even know how to get there!  Well, they’d probably know how to avoid it so they probably do know where it is.  But here’s the thing.  You know, the fact that Obama says, “This vision of violence and chaos everywhere doesn’t really jibe with the experience of most people”?  Mr. President, here’s the thing I don’t think you get:

When we see five or six police officers killed and 11 or 12 more wounded in an assassination-type shooting in Dallas, and we think it can happen everywhere.  We don’t sit here and say, “Oh, that’s Dallas. No big deal! Doesn’t affect us.” It hits every one of us.  And then few short days later it happens in Baton Rouge, and it hits us again, because we’re all Americans!  And, like Trump said last night, we are all one family.

And just ’cause I don’t live in Dallas doesn’t mean I’m ho-hum about what happened there.  My heart was broken, and I was angry about it, and I was ticked off, and I was hurt, and I couldn’t imagine what it felt like for the people who were directly impacted by.  Same thing with Baton Rouge.  And I don’t care where you want to go. Fort Hood? You want to go to San Bernardino, you wanting to Orlando, you want to go to Chattanooga, you want to go to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Wherever this stuff is, it bothers every one of us.

It’s happening in our country, and it isn’t stopping! And for the president to say, “This is so overblown. The idea there’s…” This kind of stuff did not happen before eight years ago!  Yeah, you had strife.  We didn’t have mass assassinations of cops in cold blood like we have now.  We didn’t have a religion scattered all over the world making guarantees, not threats.  And we didn’t have an administration that wasn’t taking any of it seriously!

We didn’t have an administration that when those threats… When we were under fire, when we were threatened in the past, we are used to presidents taking them seriously and dealing with them.  We have not become accustomed to a president that doesn’t care!  We haven’t become accustomed to a president who seems to side with the perpetrators.  So this idea that everybody’s exaggerating how much this is happening? We’re not exaggerating!

It’s happening, and it’s real, and it affects every darn one of us, whether we live in these towns where these events happen or not.  I’ve never been to Fort Hood.  But when the guy shot the place up, it destroyed me.  I have been to Dallas.  I have been to Baton Rouge.  I have been to Chattanooga.  I’ve been enough places where this stuff is happening to feel like it is happening to me.  I don’t feel like I’m escaping anything because it doesn’t happen where I don’t happen to be.

(Obama impression) “Well, you know what?  This is not happening everywhere.  It’s a really safe country out there and you just… People think this chaos is happening much more than it is.”  Where’s all this tolerance for this?  And there is tolerance for it by Obama and Hillary.  You know why?  Because their constituents happen to be the perpetrators.  Let’s just shoot it straight here.  The perpetrators of these acts happen to be people voting Democrat, if they vote.  Who is it that’s making impassioned pleas for the felons of this country to be able to once again vote?

Who do you think wants to benefit from that?  The Democrat Party!  And that’s another thing that we all see. Some of us directly, some of us consciously, some of us subconsciously, but we all see it, and we don’t understand it.  How in the world could a political party seek to benefit from this kind of atrocity?  But they do!  And that’s what’s distressing, because the political party we’re talking about has politicized everything.  There isn’t anything they haven’t touched.

And when they politicize it, they corrupt it.

I don’t care what it is!

I don’t care if it’s the local Rotary Club. If the left runs it, it’s corrupt.  If it’s the FDA, if it’s the EPA, if they run it, it’s corrupt.  By the way, I have never seen anybody in the Republican Party in an official setting with 65 million people maybe watching go after Hillary Clinton the way Donald Trump did last night, with the truth.  He accused her of being the most corrupt person that’s run for office in our lifetimes and making the case that anybody who has just been discovered to have done what she has done has no business being president, much less running for office.

I don’t know that there’s anybody in the Republican Party who would say that, current leadership.  But what a reaction for Obama to have!  “Well, you know, that view, it just doesn’t jibe with the facts.  This vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn’t…” Who says it’s everywhere?  Doesn’t have to be anywhere!  It has to be anywhere where nobody wants to seem to do anything about it.  We don’t even have an administration that, until recently, would even point the finger of blame at the people claiming credit for these atrocities!

We have an administration and a political party making excuses for them, asking us to understand the rage.  So I guess you’re just out of touch if you think all this going on here is anything other than normal. “Cops getting shot all the time? Eh! No big deal. Why you think it’s anything odd?  Why do you think it’s anything unusual?”  That’s really how Obama wants us to look at this?  I’m so sick of these “new normals” — economy in decline, 94 million Americans not working, unemployment rate 12, 15% in reality.  And this we’re just supposed to accept?

This is the new norm?  Going to college and graduating with meaningless degrees and owing somebody 60 to $200,000 for it, that’s the new norm?  The new norm is a downsized military that doesn’t end up being deployed correctly?  The new normal is world in chaos with enemies who have expressed their intent to destroy us on the march.  That’s the new normal?  And not doing anything about it?  I’m tired of the new normal! I’m tired of thinking that we deserve to be in decline because of our illicit past and that we better learn to like it!

“We better learn to learn this and like this so that we can live like the rest of the world’s had to live because they’ve been living in squalor because of us.”  I’m sick and tired of this way of thinking!  I am sick and tired of being run and led by a bunch of people who think my country is the problem, when my country has always been the solution.  And I don’t think that I’m alone.

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