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RUSH:  What a week. It had everything.  And it’s still not over.  Donald Trump continues to surprise even when you think he can’t surprise you anymore.

It’s great to have you with us.  It’s great to have you here every day.  Open Line Friday.  That means that you get to talk about whatever you want to talk about, and I think I have a pretty good idea what you’re gonna want to talk about, so we’ll make an extra effort here to make sure that you get your chance.  Telephone number is 800-282-2882, and the email address is ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

I am still processing, folks.  I do not have a definitive up or down on this.  I mean, it’s up, but there’s some things that troubled me, some things that are problematic for me, and I just want to share all of this with you as the program unfolds today.  We’ll do it with a combination of monologues and audio sound bites.  We’re gonna dig back to the Grooveyard of Forgotten Sound Bites. Some of the archives here are really, really telling today when you learn some things about the speech last night.

For example, it was written by a millennial, and we went back to my archive for a couple of monologues that I did on my discovery of what kind of entertainment Millennials are exposing themselves to and what their general world outlook is, and it’s dark.  It’s dank.  You may already know this on your own.  It’s dark, depressed, dank.  They think the country’s best days are behind us.  And that’s not new.

The only problem has been, in terms of my dealing with that, is that they have been incorrect in affixing blame or explaining to themselves why this is.  Why is the country in such a dark place? Why is the country so stagnant? Why is the country so economically stalled?  I mean, there are definitive answers to this, but they don’t have them because they haven’t been provided them. But it all dovetails with the tone of Trump’s speech last night.

Now, the first thing that I want to start with here is the Democrat reaction, which is I’m sure the result of memos having gone out from the Hillary campaign, the Democrat National Committee, to the rest of the Drive-By Media.  And wait ’til you hear some sound bites coming up from CNN.  Last night after this speech, CNN had person after person, even Fox had some people on, “Oh, my God. I’m so scared. That was Hitleresque. That was authoritarian. It was Hitleresque. I don’t know where I can go to hide.”  People were scared to death.

The CNN people were just convinced that the majority of people in this country were gonna see it the way they did, that it was horrible, that it was mean, that it was braggadocious, that it was unrealistic and they were shocked and stunned when they learned a majority of their viewers gave it a thumbs up.  And we’ll hear that, the audio sound bites coming up.

In years past, Republican conventions past and day to day politics in the United States, what has been one of the major criticisms or beefs that we have had with the Republican Party?  Who, by the way, Meghan McCain is now saying the party she was a member of is dead, and Nicolle Wallace of the George W. Bush administration, is saying the same thing. The Republican Party that she was a member of is now dead.

Well, what was that Republican Party?  What were Republican conventions, and what was the day-to-day political behavioral pattern of the Republican Party and what was it that we objected to?  They tried to prove they were nice guys, right?  They tried to show, “No, no, we’re not all that the Democrats say.” It was a total defensive posture, was it not?  We support amnesty to prove to Hispanics we don’t hate them.  We do this to try to prove to gays we don’t hate ’em. We do this to try to prove to African-Americans that we don’t hate ’em.

Why do we do that?  Because the Drive-Bys and the Democrat Party are out there for years saying that’s who we hate. That all we do is hate and these are the people we hate and we’re bigoted and we’re racist. And so the Republican Party doubled down on nice. The Republican Party doubled down on non-controversy. The Republican doubled down on crossing the aisle, working together, getting along.

The Republican Party was steeped and buried in a position which had them constantly on defense, never on offense.  And that was the result of many tricks portrayed and played by the Democrats. And there are many of these tricks, and they worked, such as Democrats convincing Republican consultants in the Republican Party that the only way to win an election is the independents.  And the way you get the independents, you can’t criticize Democrats to get the independents.  If you criticize, if you are too combative, if you are confrontational you’re just gonna send those independents running right to the Democrat Party.

So the Republicans dutifully played along and didn’t get into anything controversial, didn’t confrontate, and of course they get steamrolled in national elections, presidential elections, steamrolled in the media, steamrolled in the social media sphere and so forth.  So last night was a stark and total departure from that.  What Democrats think is dark is confidence.  What the Democrats think is dark is aggressive.  What the Democrats think is dark is honesty.

But let’s talk about dark, because Hillary Clinton sends the memo out, and the media dutifully reports that Trump’s speech painted a dark picture of America.  Excuse me, but who really does that day in and day out and who really has been doing that for most of our lives?

Isn’t that the primary problem, that the Democrat Party has so filled the people of this country with pessimism that they don’t even react to optimism? They are so pessimistic, they’re so down in the dumps, they’re so apocalyptic that pessimism is such the order of the day, that anything optimistic is deemed to be phony and a bunch of lies and impossible and untrue. The Democrat Party the message every day is this country is what?

Racist! The Democrat Party every day of my life has been saying that this country is bigoted, that this country is unjust, that this country is immoral, that is country is homophobic, that this country discriminates, that this country has evil corporations which do nothing but target and kill their own customers, that this country is run by a bunch of evil bankers who are themselves creating this wide gap in wealth and the income gap.  Day in and day out!

I am 65 years old.  Most of my life, the Democrat Party has been pummeling me and anybody else who listens — and their voters do — with just how rotten this country is.  They wouldn’t know how to be optimistic if they tried.  Their version of optimism is what?  “We’re going to help you maintain your current economic circumstance.  The Republicans want to make you poorer.  Well, we’re gonna make sure you don’t get any poorer.

“We’re gonna keep you as poor as you are now, and you’re gonna like it.”  The Democrat Party doesn’t uplift.  The Democrat Party doesn’t offer anything optimistic.  The Democrat Party punishes achievers. From schools to athletics to extracurricular activity, who is it that slaps all these performance penalties on people?  Who is it that’s been passing out trophies to people that haven’t accomplished anything? All you gotta do is show up!

Sometimes they don’t even have to show up. They just get their name on the roll and they get the trophy.  Who is it that has been painting a picture of the United States and life in this country as so bleak that the only hope any of us have is to rely on whatever government can do for us?  We are incapable of and incompetent at providing for our families.  The government must raise our children.  You are incompetent! You cannot make the right decisions with your own money.

You certainly can’t handle your own health care.  You not probably gonna buy the right car that we determine you should buy if we leave it totally up to you.  And since you won’t buy the junk and garbage that we are requiring you to buy, we’re gonna outlaw the stuff that you want.  Somebody explain to me how in the world the Democrat Party escapes this characterization of dark, and filled with doom, and doom and gloom. They defined how to do it!

They define the execution.  They did it every day.  That’s how they stay in power.  They scare the heck out of people.  They tell people there is no future unless they vote Democrat.  They tell people that the Republican Party is coming for ’em. They tell ’em that conservatives want to put ’em in jail. Conservatives want to put ’em in prison. Conservatives never want to let ’em out of jail.  They tell ’em that if you’re innocent and a minority, conservatives and Republicans are coming for you or the government’s coming or the country or what have you.

It is a constant barrage — day in and day out — to keep the people of this country on edge and afraid.  And they’ve succeeded.  They have succeeded.  The apocalyptic attitude among America’s youth is overwhelming.  The degree of negative… I have chronicled it on this program. I mentioned it countless times. Do you ever see happy, smiling liberals, other than when they are at happy hour or in Hollywood?  When do you see it?  They’re not happy.  They don’t laugh.

And they’re getting everything they want!

They’ve had eight years of Obama.  They’ve got their national health care plan.  They’ve got their attack on fossil fuels.  They have got their education standards implemented.  They are well on the way to destroying every tradition that defined this country’s greatness. And they’re still miserable! They’re still unhappy, and their agenda is being implemented.  How in the world can it possibly be is that they’re not happy?

Well, one reason is they’re learning their agenda doesn’t work.  Their agenda doesn’t create this utopia.  This agenda does not create this idyllic existence of sweetness and light and love, because government can’t do that.  And an ideology can’t do that.  You can’t wave a magic wand and make everybody one thing because nobody’s the same.  The Democrat Party does its best to make everybody the same by defining everybody downward.

The Democrat Party doesn’t promote upward.  They demonize successful people, they demonize genius, they demonize rarity — and they do it because those numbers are few.  They have created class envy.  They have created hatred.  They have created anger.  They are almost single-handedly responsible for the divisions in this country and this particular president.  And they do it by spreading lies, such as “hands up, don’t shoot.”

That’s an abomination, and they continue to do it!  So this idea, ladies and gentlemen, that what we got last night is representative of a dank and dark picture of America? Sorry.  Democrats own that.  Democrats did that.  The people arrived at the Donald Trump convention speech last night already enveloped in darkness, already enveloped in depression and paranoia and fear.  The difference is, some of us want out of it.

We don’t want to have to think of our country this way.  We do not want to have to think of the decline.  We do not want to have to be absorbed by it, and we certainly do not want to be powerless to do anything about it.  We want to fix it, and we want to bring everybody along with us.  Sorry, Hillary, you own dark.  You own every agent of darkness.  You own every agent of depression.  You own every agent of division.

The Democrat Party has exclusive rights to all of the so-called darkness and dankness and depression.  Just look at their voters, just look at their constituents, just look at the country.  You don’t find happiness.  You find 70% of the people in this country think it’s headed in the wrong direction.  In this country, wholesomeness, achievement, accomplishment, speaking properly — all of these things that used to be norms — are now attacked, ridiculed, and mocked.

Achievement is something that is so rare, it’s not really natural.

“It must have resulted from cheating.  It must have resulted from rigging this or rigging that!” So no success is legitimate.  No achievement is really legitimate.  Not in a Democrat world. Because they have to undermine it.  Not possible. It’s not permissible.  You can’t get where you’re going — you can’t be what you want to be, you can’t get up and get through the day — unless you are on the right side of your government and allowing your government to dictate things for you, because you have to acknowledge your essential incompetence.

The Democrat Party and modern liberalism exist in great conflict with human nature.  It’s another reason why people are so unhappy. Liberalism has been made seductive, it’s been made attractive because it’s been portrayed as Santa Claus. But it is such an offense, an assault on human nature.  It’s impossible for people to be happy in the midst of liberalism, socialism, communism, or what have you.  It’s impossible for free human beings to be happy.

In circumstances like ours run by the modern, radically extreme Democrat Party, freedom and happiness don’t go with liberalism, socialism, central command, government control of everything.  They don’t work.  That’s why people are intrinsically unhappy.  They’re gonna be waiting the rest of their lives for government to come through for them when government can’t and government really doesn’t intend to.  It’s all a lie anyway.  It’s just a giant trick for votes to keep a few people in power.


RUSH:  Here is what the Hillary campaign actually said: “Tonight, Donald Trump painted a dark picture of an America in decline. And his answer — more fear, more division, more anger, more hate — was yet another reminder that he is temperamentally unfit…”  There was no hate last night.  This is another Democrat trick.  They categorized passion and deep caring as hate.  There wasn’t any hate for anybody last night.  If anything, there was love expressed for people last night.

There was a desire for everything that’s going wrong to be fixed and quick.  There was a desire for all of these systems falling apart to be fixed and quick.  There was a desire for the American people to once again feel safe and protected in their own country.  There were promises and pledges made on how to make this happen, how to bring about the change.  Just think about this, folks.  We need change to make America safe.  Isn’t that the primary job of our government?  We need change, we need reform to keep us safe?

What the hell’s gone wrong, then?

We need change — we need reform — to restore law and order?

For crying out loud, that’s the glue that’s always held this country together! What in the world has gone wrong, if big change and reform equal law and order and keeping Americans safe?  Well, what’s gone wrong is Democrat Party. What’s gone wrong is American liberalism.  What’s gone wrong is extreme radical leftism.  There’s no hate.  There is anger.  The anger’s entirely justified! People ought to be mad, and they are.  Seventy percent are dissatisfied with the direction of the country.  The anger is entirely justified.

The division? You own that, Hillary, you and your party.

But the hate?

Nope. Not here.


RUSH:  Once again, there was no hate last night, and when the Democrats start throwing that allegation around, you know that they’re close to bankrupt and have nothing else to say.  There wasn’t any hate last night.  There was anger, justified anger, and there was love.  In fact, did you hear how Trump ended the speech last night?

Folks, I say so much here over the course of just a week, I don’t know how much you remember of what I was saying last fall during the campaign in trying to explain Trump.  It was so impassioned back then, it may still be, so many people angry at me for not doing this, for doing that, and when you’re angry sometimes it’s harder to permeate, but I made a point trying to explain Trump to people.  And I want to thank Byron York, by the way, for writing that there was probably nobody better able and more capable of explaining how Trump does what he does than me.

One of the things that I pointed out, when all of this criticism of Trump came along that he’s bombastic and he’s narcissistic and he’s an egomaniac and all he does is talk about himself, I said, “You’re missing it entirely.  It may only take 10 seconds, he may spend 30 seconds, but at every one of these appearances that Trump makes, he makes sure to tell that crowd how much he loves them.  He makes sure to tell that crowd how much he appreciates them.”

He conveys to his audience, at every one of these rallies, he takes a brief moment, sometimes longer than brief, but he takes time to let them know that he has deep appreciation for them being there.  And he did it last night again.  The last words of his speech, “I love you.”  There were a couple other occasions in the speech last night where he dropped from the prompter, stopped his projection, which some called shouting and got conversational.

Those were moments where Trump was establishing the bond that exists with those who have it.  Not everybody does, not everybody likes Trump.  But those who do have a deep bond, and you who do not like that are not gonna be able to break the bond.  Only Trump can break it, and he hasn’t done that yet.  Not with his supporters.

There’s love, is my point.  There isn’t hate.  Hate is not the basis.  Hate is not the foundation for Donald Trump’s support group.  There might be supreme fear, anger, and dislike of Hillary Clinton, but not at Donald Trump.  Donald Trump’s not inspiring hate, Donald Trump’s not living off it, he’s not promoting it.  Donald Trump loves the people of this country and loves the country and wants it to work.

So the Democrats, when they start throwing around this stuff that there’s a bunch of division and hate last night, that means they’re bankrupt, they’ve got nothing left to say about what was said.  I think they’re running scared.  There was a column by Doug Schoen today, he’s a Democrat pollster and so forth.  He’s one of the numerous analysts and commentators of Fox News.  He’s got a column that the Democrats ought to be running scared after this speech last night.  But they’re not.

The Democrats are still making the mistake and Drive-Bys are still making the mistake, they’re still trying to plug all of this in to what they consider their standard operating, everyday political analysis formula; and they can’t do it.  And they were stunned last night that their quick reaction polls on their websites show massive acceptance and massive approval of Trump’s speech.  You could see ’em on camera; they were stunned; they didn’t believe it.

You want to talk about hate? How many times have we opened Esquire, how many times have you opened Salon, how many times have you gone to any liberal website and read that Trump is Hitler?  How many books did you have to read on how to assassinate George W. Bush?  The left is filled with hatred for us.  And they don’t even disguise it.

But they’re never called on it because it’s their own team out there mounting this allegation at us.  But they are the ones that are filled with a hateful rage.  They’re the ones and their hate derives from our very existence.  They consider us a more dangerous enemy than ISIS, than Al-Qaeda, than militant Islamic terrorism. This own administration, the Obama administration actually has produced written documents from Homeland Security warning of dangerous behavior and riots and civil disobedience by Tea Parties and other organizations of the American right-wing.  They’re the ones, folks, that harbor all of this animosity.

But it is true, the people of the country are angry, justifiably so.  Anybody paying any attention and anybody who wants a better life and anybody who wants a better life for their kids and their grandkids damn well better be angry, because what’s happening to this country is being done on purpose.  It is not the result solely of incompetence.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have designs and ideas on this country that are rooted in punishing it for what they consider to be an immoral and unjust founding.  They think this country was built by and for rich white people who happen to be Christians at the at the rejection and expense of everybody else.  They think it’s time to even that score, and that’s exactly what they are doing.  They’re in the process of trying to tear down every tradition, every institution that has defined this country’s greatness.  They want the chaos that has ensued.  They feed off of it.  They live off of this unrest.  The unrest and the chaos and the economic disorder naturally cause people to turn to governor to fix this, and who’s running the government?  They are.

So they are the beneficiaries of people asking for more government power, which is their business.  They feed off of this.  They cause these things and feed off of it.  And people, it’s taken some way too long to see it, but the anger, which is not dark — That’s another thing.  Just because somebody’s angry does not mean it’s not justified, and just because somebody’s angry does not mean it’s automatically dark and dank and illegitimate.  That’s what they have succeeded in convincing Republicans at large, that any anger, any opposition, oh, you gotta tone that down, you can’t win being that.

So the Republicans have toned it down and it just clears the path for the Democrats to march onward with as little in the way as possible.  The polls that show satisfaction with the way things are going in the country, the “satisfied with the direction of the country,” do you know in the last month are down 12 points?  Why wouldn’t they be?  We’ve had police mass murders. We have had illegitimate attempts to jail law enforcement officials who obviously didn’t do anything. Hello, Baltimore. We have been living the results of a lie from Ferguson, Missouri, for over a year and a half.

It makes logical sense that people would be dissatisfied with the way things are going.  And then after innocent law enforcement officers are gunned down in assassination style, who is it that runs in and makes the first attempt to defend the perpetrator?  It’s the Democrat Party.  I guarantee you that doesn’t inspire confidence. It doesn’t inspire happiness.  It depresses people.

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