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RUSH: When I first saw this next story, I said, “You know, it’s a joke.  This has to be originating from a parody site,” and then I stopped myself, and I said: No, this is exactly who they have become.MSNBC has warned its viewers before showing the latest crop of anti-Hillary Clinton campaign buttons — you know, like our bumper sticker, Never Hillary.  Speaking of which, those things, those Never Hillary bumper stickers that we are offering to every new subscriber at my website, Rush 24/7 and the newsletter? The website’s RushLimbaugh.com and the newsletter is The Limbaugh Letter. We can’t keep them in stock.  So what we did, is we have now added Never Hillary T-shirts in the EIB Store.

I have one hot off the press here.  I’m showing it here on the Dittocam.  That’s what it looks like.  It’s a really cool royal blue with Never Hillary on it.  So if you go to the EIB Store at RushLimbaugh.com, you’ll see it, and they’re just for purchase.  You don’t have to subscribe to anything to get these.  They are flying off the shelves. What’d they send me?  Did they send me an XXL?  What the hell are they thinking up there?  I’m sure they’re covering their bases.

Anyway, that’s it. If you have the Dittocam at RushLimbaugh.com, that’s the T-shirt. It’s a quality T-shirt.  It’s not some cheap little rag that we found, you know, off of some throwaway rack out in Oceanside, California.  This is quality stuff, heavy cotton.  So, anyway, there are campaign buttons. You know, they’re routine.  Campaigns produce these little buttons that you pin on your shirt or whatever.  MSNBC, before they showed their audience these buttons, issued a warning!

MSNBC Warns Sensitive Viewers Before Showing Anti-Hillary Buttons — Warning, sensitive MSNBC viewers may want to look away. That’s essentially what Rachel Maddow told liberal watchers on Wednesday night before showing a picture of anti-Hillary Clinton buttons at the Republican convention.” I’m reading this from Media Research, so this is NewsBusters.  “Considering the hateful rhetoric that’s come out of MSNBC for years, perhaps that viewer warning should have appeared in the past.

“The buttons included ones that read ‘Hillary for prison’ and ‘Vote no to Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife in 2016.'” And so they actually, before showing the buttons, issued warnings to their viewers that they might be upset! You know, like nudity, sex, “Viewer discretion advised,” those kind of whispered warnings you get before television shows. “Viewer discretion advised.”  So they’re warning these pampered little softies that make up the Democrat voter base to maybe not look!

Don’t look when we show you what evil, mean-spirited campaign buttons are being passed around at the Republican convention.

And they say “‘Hillary for prison’ and ‘Vote no to Monica’s ex-boyfriend’s wife in 2016.’ Maddow informed viewers, ‘You may find it uncomfortable. And so, you may not want to look at this stuff. But these are some of the pins that are being sold at the venue.’ Maddow continued, ‘But from calling Hillary Clinton a b[i-itch], to the KFC special referring to her breasts and thighs and left-wing and all of those other things. That’s part of the merchandise of the RNC.'”

I didn’t know that was going on.

I mean, they even have to shield them from that?

And then I remembered, “Wait a minute. This is the party of these gentle snowflakes on college campuses who can’t deal with or handle any opposing points of view.” I mean, this is the epitome, is it not?  Warnings, sensitivity warnings, viewer discretion advised, before showing campaign buttons?  Hillary for Prison 2016? That’s so upsetting that your average Democrat voter may not be able to process it?  Just incredible what we’re up against.

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