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Dems Panicked Over Polls

RUSH: Folks, an observation here.  We’ve got the polling data.  The Democrats are in panic over this, and they have been for a week or 10 days. And that is that the Real Clear Politics average of polls has Hillary up 2.4, and this is after, you know, she’s had a plummet from being up 11.  All of the conventional wisdom has been turned upside down.  All the things the leftists and the Drive-Bys have been able to rely on to predict the future, to give them a relative confidence about things, is blown to smithereens now.

Now, here’s the point, though.  All of this is happening with an essential boycott of the Trump campaign by Republican establishment figures.  Now, I know that Paul Ryan showed up and Mitch McConnell showed up.  You probably know this, but the Bush contingent of the party is not there. The Bush contingent is big, and there are people, both inside and outside the Bush contingent, the establishment Republicans who are convinced that Trump is gonna lose in a landslide, and they are already positioning themselves to be the architects of what’s left of the Republican Party, to rebuild it, with themselves running the show. 

Jeb Bush is one of those people, but there are others.  They’re just convinced that Trump’s gonna lose this in a landslide.  It’s gonna be ugly and this party’s gonna be so fractured and dispirited that it’s gonna be wide open to be rebuilt.  And there’s a whole bunch of maneuvering going on even as we speak. 

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Endorses Hillary

RUSH: And guess what the Chamber of Commerce has just done?  Endorsed Hillary Clinton.  Had you heard that?  Is it the Hispanic Chamber of —  Wait just a second on that.  Are you sure? 

I’m sorry, folks.  I’ve got all these different stacks.  I found the story I was looking for.  I guess I’m gonna have to dig this one up.  I hope you’re right that it was the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was the real Chamber of Commerce.  I’m sorry.  Oh, did I — (laughing) the Chamber of Commerce.  


RUSH:  Okay, Snerdley, you’re right. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is endorsing Clinton.  That’s good.  

Drive-Bys Try to Accuse Donald Trump Jr. of Plagiarism — and Fail

RUSH: But the point is, imagine if the party were unified.  Now, some of you might be saying, “No, Rush, it wouldn’t help.  These people are despised.  It’s the best thing in the world for Trump if they’re not part of it.”  I know that thinking exists, too.  Here’s what I was looking for.  They tried, the Drive-By Media tried to find plagiarism in Donald Trump Jr.’s speech last night. 

I have a story here from the Democrat front group, The Center for American Progress.  This is run by Podesta, Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff.  They’re not a news organization, but they — well, they effectively are because they publish a newsfeed on Twitter and Facebook and so forth.  They’re just extreme fanatic leftists.  And here’s the story that they posted. 

“The Trump campaign spent most of the day trying to explain why large chunks of Melania Trump’s speech were lifted from Michelle Obama’s address to the 2008 Democratic convention Now, Donald Trump Jr. faces similar accusations regarding a portion of his speech. A passage on education reform, first flagged by the Daily Show’s Twitter account, appears to be lifted from a May article in the American Conservative.”

Okay, so what is this group, first off? The Center for American Progress is a Democrat front group.  I don’t know if they’re a nonprofit or what, but they’re disguised as a think tank, but they’re part of the Clinton apparatus.  They disguise themselves, so they publish these opinion pieces as though they are independent acts of commentary or journalism, and they get ’em posted on various news feeds.  And here this guy is citing something flagged by The Daily Show, a comedy show, and the Twitter account there, and that is that Donald Trump Jr. lifted a portion of his speech from a May article in the American conservative. 

Trump junior said, “Our schools used to be an elevator to the middle class. Now they’re stalled on the ground floor. They’re like Soviet department stores run for the benefit of the clerks and not the customers…”

Well, says The Center for American Progress, “Compare that to the article in the American Conservative by F.H. Buckley: ‘What should be an elevator to the upper class is stalled on the ground floor�Our schools and universities are like the old Soviet department stores whose mission was to serve the interests of the sales clerks and not the customers.'”

So the Center for American Progress thinks they’re on to something.  D. J. Trump Jr. plagiarism, why, two nights in a row, oh my God, we couldn’t have this big an orgasm if we had sought it out. We’ve got another blatant act of plagiarism! And they’re trying to alert everybody to it.  There was only one problem, and that is that Mr. F. H. Buckley of the American conservative helped Donald Trump Jr. write the speech. 

There was no plagiarism.  F. H. Buckley is a law professor at George Mason University who writes for the American conservative.  He says, “Look, I’m a principal speechwriter for his speech.  It’s not an issue,” Buckley told Vox.  You can imagine what a crushing disappointment this was in the corridors of mainstream media across the fruited plain, because they trust The Center for American Progress like they trust Media Matters for America, because it’s a Clinton front group, and if something comes out of there, it’s gotta be gospel.

They thought they had Donald J. Trump. My God, they thought even after Melania, is the Trump campaign stupid enough to do it again, and they thought that they had.  Until Mr. Buckley informed them that he was on the speechwriting staff.  And so another clear illustration of how the left is operating here.  You notice it’s another example, don’t argue with what Donald Trump Jr. said.  Don’t try to debate him on the subject matter, because they know they will lose. 

“Our schools used to be an elevator to the middle class.”  True.  “Now they’re stalled on the ground floor.”  True.  “They’re like Soviet department stores run for the benefit of the clerks and not the customers.” You know what the name of the Soviet department store is?  Gum, G-u-m.  And you can never find anything in there because the clerks got first dibs before the doors opened. 

Anyway, Donald Trump Jr. was right about so much of what he said that they don’t dare, they don’t dare take issue with that.  No, no, no.  It’s typical.  Gotta go after the person and destroy them.  That’s what they do.  That’s how corrupt, that’s how morally bankrupt these people are.  That’s how extreme and radical they are.  And, if you want to get down to basic elements, it’s how mean they are.  They’re just flat-out mean. 

They’re mean-spirited, they have no manners, they’re viciously mean, intolerant little trolls who cannot withstand 30 seconds in a substantive debate over issues.  Their only hope is to destroy the reputation, the career, the credibility of the people who call them out successfully. 

So they thought they had Donald Trump Jr. last night, folks, they thought they were getting ready to throw another party.  They’d already booked the time on CNN to have all the plagiarism experts in and all the body language experts and then all the political scientists to explain what would be the deleterious outcome of this.  And then all the other examples of Republican plagiarism they could dredge up.  And it all fizzled because it had not happened.  

Trump Force One Lands in Cleveland

RUSH:  Well, the Trumpster has landed in Cleveland, and the TV cameras followed the taxi all the way in. Trump is still taxiing in.  The Pence family is walking out there to greet the Trump family as they get off of Trump Force One.  I believe they call it Trumpist 1.  And then Trump and Pence have a meet-and-greet sometime soon this afternoon.

CNN’s making a big deal out of the fact that Trump’s gonna ride into town on a chopper.  And I think they’re doing it, “See, he’s really not a man of the people. Most candidates would take a motorcade in, but no, Trump, Trump has to be above everybody, he’s gonna fly in on his own helicopter.”  Well, doesn’t the president fly around on Marine One?  In fact, there were two Marines, sometimes there are three.  Do you know that?  Sometimes they deploy them at the same time, for decoys.

You know, there’s only so many routes that you can take from Joint Base Andrews to the White House.  There’s only so many ways you can protect that helicopter from ground based fire or whatever, so they have two or three flying sometimes at the same time, and you never know which one the president’s on.  Sometimes it’s just one.  They mix it up, but there are two Air Force Ones, and they both go when the president goes.  You just never hear about the second one.  The second one takes overflow press and you don’t know which one the president’s on most of the time when they go out. 

They don’t take off identically at the same time.  They’re blocked from flight tracker apps. (interruption) Where do they park?  It’s always at a different air base, different Air Force Base, nearest Air Force Base, or different airport.  They never put ’em at the same place.  And that’s for a reason, too.  Now, this is flying out of Andrews, they’ll use two, and both at the same place.  In domestic circumstances, sometimes there is only one, if it’s just a domestic flight.  But oftentimes they use ’em both, and they use it for overflow and for decoy.

But in a place like when the president comes here, you see him get on the airplane.  You can’t miss which one he’s on, and in a lot of places TV cameras and so forth.  But that’s why the second one is somewhere else that you don’t see, so that when they’re both airborne, you don’t know which one he’s on, ’cause they can’t be tracked.  Their GPS or the flight track mechanism is blocked.  

Politico: Inside the GOP’s Shadow Convention

RUSH: From The Politico: “Inside the GOP’s Shadow Convention — Banking on an Election Day loss, the party’s elders and elite lay down the foundations to rebuild post-Trump.”  And I think you’ll find Jeb Bush in that crowd.  

The Democrat Convention Guest List Will Make You Sick

RUSH:  No, no.  I have that right here.  “Six Figures Speaking At The DNC Who Will Make You Sick.” It’s a Ben Shapiro piece.  I purposely saved this for tomorrow.  People are saying that it’s just horrible they sent Patricia Smith out there to gin up all this hated hatred for Hillary, it’s horrible, exploiting this poor woman.  And the Democrats are gonna have mothers out the wazoo next week.  So when they do it, it’s brilliant, it’s touching, it’s fine.  When the Republicans do it, it’s exploitation. 

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