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“Anybody who watched the speeches Monday night saw the police honored and saw the military honored over and over again. Anybody watching this last night saw — finally, at a Republican event — Obama and Hillary exposed as dangerous liars and security threats. Finally, a Republican event where Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were properly attacked and categorized.” 

“A lot of people — even professionals on the Republican side — don’t understand how to analyze, handicap, report, whatever, the Trump campaign, including the Republican National Convention.”

“The Democrat Party’s policy agenda has taken this country into the gutter. That’s what we’re all trying to climb out of, for crying out loud. This country’s been taken so low that when you look up, the gutter is what you see.” 

“Democrats parade victims of every imaginable tragedy up to every congressional hearing that they’ve ever had. And they do it time and again. And they’re constantly blaming everything that’s gone wrong in this country on the Republicans, from racism to sexism to bigotry, to homophobia, and it’s never said to be in the gutter.”

“Conventional wisdom continues to explode in the Drive-Bys’ faces each and every day. It’s like we’re handing ’em IEDs and they’re opening up and saying, ‘Hmm. Hmm. What’s this? A new poll showing Hillary in a landslide?’ Kablooey! It blows right up in their face.”

“I don’t think Obama and Michelle even believe in the American dream. I think they give it lip service, ’cause they know they have to, because it’s such a fundamental fixture of American life. But I think they look down on that like they look down on all the other institutions and traditions in this country.” 

“Despite what the Drive-Bys are writing about, they are scared to death. They are scared to death of this convention ’cause they’ve not dealt with anything like it before. And to them, it’s new territory. They don’t like Trump to begin with.”

“Forget the plagiarism. It’s not a bad thing. Melania was charming as she could be last night. She was a huge plus.” 

“Liberals cannot win elections promising to do what they really are gonna do. They can’t win by being who they are.”

“Are we ever gonna see the day where the Democrat Party calls a press conference of powerful people in the party, and tells its various factions, ‘Look, stop. You’re tearing the country apart. We’re tearing the country apart. This has to stop. We gotta face the truth here: “Hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen’?”

“Democrats never take us on our ideas. They try always to destroy anybody who pops up that may be persuasive, who may be effective. That is their agenda.”

“People instinctively trust, instinctively believe because they want to believe the president. It’s the closest thing we have to a sense of an infallible leader, sadly.” 

“You deescalate the war on police, but that isn’t gonna deescalate the venom. That isn’t gonna deescalate or reduce the amount of hatred that exists, because you’re always gonna have people throwing gasoline on it, trying to revive it.”

“All moral authority has been blown to smithereens, and nobody is permitted to possess it. And that’s another neat trick of the left. They have totally destroyed the moral order, on the basis that it was never legitimate because of who created it.” 

“Liberals have to try to adopt philosophies and agendas and policies that represent mainstream American thought, and then they got elected and they start in on that agenda that has nothing to do with what they campaigned on. Sadly, they never get penalized for it.” 

“There are a lot of people out there, progressives, that will let the Obama’s say whatever they have to do to beat us, ’cause that’s what gives them their thrill and their satisfaction. And if they lie in order to get elected and then start implementing a Democrat, leftist agenda, fine and dandy. That’s even better, as far as they’re concerned.”

“Every day somebody on our side is in somebody’s political crosshairs targeted for ruination or destruction. And I have always considered one of my responsibilities to be defending those people because that’s tantamount to defending what we all believe, which is what really is under assault in these things.”

“The assault on Melania Trump is an assault on Trump, which is an assault on the Republican Party, which is an assault on the Republican campaign, which is all oriented toward denying Republicans victory. I have always considered one of my responsibilities to be defending these people because that’s tantamount to defending an assault on what we all believe.” 

“Stay here and you’ll be so far ahead of the game that everything else will sound like they’re copying me. As Joe Biden said: Everybody does it.”




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