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In a random act of journalism the Associated Press obtained a secret document revealing that Iran will get a key nuclear restriction lifted in as little as eleven years. After that, Iran will be able to build nuclear weapons.

The secret deal, involving Barack Obama, John Kerry (who served in Vietnam), and European Union leaders  means Iran can replace over 5,000 archaic nuclear centrifuges with advanced versions. Within six months after that, they’ll be able to produce enough usable uranium to make nukes.

This is a disaster. It’s also proof that the American people, and the entire world, were lied to. Deadly lies. By Obama, John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) and the EU And of course by the Iranians, who continue to peddle the BS cover story that  they’re only upgrading their nuclear program for “peaceful” purposes. Because their Islamic Republic government is guided by the religion of peace.

The Obama Regime and elected Democrat trashed Israel’s Prime Minister when he tried to warn the world about this “deal.” They did the same to conservatives. While American businesses, who stood to gain financially from renewed ties with Iran gave this monstrosity their blessing.

The only outstanding question is: WHY? Why are Obama and his Democrats are so insistent on making Iran a nuclear superpower?

There are answers to that question if you have the courage to believe the truth. 

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