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RUSH: Corona, California.  Steve, your turn.  Great to have you with us on the EIB Network.  Hi.

CALLER:  Thanks, Rush.  I went into law enforcement in ’73, retired in the late nineties, after 9/11 went back to work with the Feds and left them in 2009.  My original question was, you know, why don’t we call the demonstrators that are gonna be at the Republican National Convention Hillary supporters?  They always make it sound like they’re some neutral party, but you can bet that if there was big demonstrations at the Democratic convention, they’d call ’em Trump supporters, so that was my food for thought there.  Everybody that’s gonna be demonstrating at our convention are Hillary supporters but they always call them this innocuous “demonstrators” like they’re just neutral parties that don’t vote.

But secondly, just since you’re on the topic of the law enforcement killings and since my opinion would be prejudiced, we used to have a saying in law enforcement, that, one, if you want to be loved, be a fireman.  And, two, the worst thing they can do to you in this job is kill you, but the beauty of that is they can only kill you once.  It’s a dangerous business.  Every day it’s dangerous.  It isn’t like when something like this happens in Baton Rouge the officers are gonna say, “We’re not gonna go back out there, it’s too dangerous.”  You put on your uniform every day and go out there.  That’s about it.

RUSH:  That’s true.  No, that’s absolutely true.  But I want to go back to your first point.  I was looking for something and I found it while you were making your point.  It’s a good point.  You have people protesting at the Republican convention, and they’re legit, and they are a great legacy, they have connections to the great protesters of the past. They’re practicing the great fine American art of dissent, and they’re opposing the radicalism that’s coming out of the Republican convention.

If anybody shows up at a Hillary protest event, they’re called Trump supporters or worse.  And they are not portrayed with any kind of legitimacy whatsoever.  And, of course, it’s done purposely for mind shaping and so forth.  But here’s something else the media isn’t telling anybody about.  And, you know, we have to deal with the polling data as it is, folks, because there’s too many polls and it’s too risky to discount the ones that you don’t like, but I think there are two polls now, the LA Times has a poll and Rasmussen, that show Trump leading Hillary.  There’s an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll that shows Hillary lead — or maybe it’s a Fox poll, I forget.  Maybe it’s ABC.  It’s one of the three.  See, I don’t even recall.  I saw it on TV earlier, that Hillary’s lead is shrinking.

And the Democrats — do not doubt me on this — the Democrats in the deep, dark crevices of the bowels of their movement, they are petrified.  Because these people come from the standard world of establishment politics.  And in that world, Donald Trump ought not be getting 20% support from anybody.  In their world, Donald Trump is the biggest idiot, buffoon that has ever entered politics and shouldn’t have even 20% support and should be by now established as a full-fledged laughingstock. And, by extension, Hillary Clinton should be leading this guy in easy double digits.

But none of that is true and they are worried on the Democrat side.  Now, the Drive-Bys are not gonna have a whole lot of stories about this.  They will do some.  The stories that the Drive-Bys do about this story will not be stories critical of Hillary.  They’ll be stories designed to warn the Democrats that they better start taking things seriously and they’d better get in gear.

And you’ll have quotes from various Democrats, “You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump won this thing, it’s very possible.”  Like Dan Rather is out there saying.  Dan Rather is out there warning these Democrats (imitating Rather), “You know, you people, it’s not a slam dunk.  This guy Trump can win this election.  He can beat you.  He can beat you like a possum in a swamp fox.”  Or whatever Rather would say.  And he’s out there saying, you better guard against being too radical on the left.

So that’s the tone of any negative Hillary story.  You won’t see this story in the American media.  This is from the UK Guardian.  Headline:  “Democrats Struggle for Unity as Protesters Swarm Netroots Convention.” Yeah, here’s a story of protesters protesting Democrats, protesting Hillary.  They are not happy campers, and the Drive-Bys in America are ignoring the story.  Let me give you some details.

“No sooner had the question been posed of where angry young activists would go after the Bernie Sanders campaign than a group of angry young activists provided the answer: to the streets. The surprise walk-out of protesters from a conference of US progressives in St Louis this weekend forced the cancellation of its panel on ‘translating [M]illennial votes into power.'”   This is the Netroots convention.  It’s held every year.

Normally it’s reported on, because the Netroots convention genuinely displays Democrat Party unity and progressive dominance of the Democrat Party and be so they happy report what’s going on there.  And you have all kinds of wackos, like Harry Reid and Hillary Clinton. They all go to this convention.  But this year, the Netroots, they were all Bernie Sanders voters, and they are still ticked.  They’re mad that Bernie sold out. They’re mad that Bernie was denied the nomination. They’re mad that Bernie endorsed Hillary!

They don’t believe it, and they are mad, and they had a panel discussion slated for this convention called “translating [M]illennial votes into power,” and the panel was canceled because people walked out.  That’s right.  “The surprise walk-out of protesters from a conference of US progressives in St Louis this weekend forced the cancellation of its panel on ‘translating millennial votes into power.’ But here was more vivid testimony.

“Despite Sanders urging his supporters to back Hillary Clinton in an official endorsement a few days earlier, the energy once captured by his campaign … appeared already to be slipping out of the hands of Democrats.  Hands Up United — a group born of anti-police violence protests in nearby Ferguson — brought both the Netroots convention and surrounding freeways to a standstill, accusing the largely white [progressive] delegates of becoming ‘occupiers’ in the ‘disunited States of America’.

“‘Mic check, mic check,’ they chanted, in an echo of the Occupy movement that used voices in the street to amplify its message.  Across the corridor in another unofficial Netroots spin-off, a different group of activists were plotting to do the same on a bigger stage in Philadelphia, where the Democratic [P]arty is holding its national convention in a week’s time. Democracy Spring is planning non-violent civil disobedience on a daily basis, scheduling sit-ins and mass arrests until the party promises to scrap the system of super-delegates that” denied Bernie the nomination.

By the way, folks, history has taught us that when any Democrat protest group plans “nonviolent civil disobedience,” you better plan on violence.  You’d better plan on head knocking.  You’d better plan on fires and overturned police cars. You better plan on riots. Because when they pledge nonviolent civil disobedience, that’s when riots happen.  So at the Netroots convention there was division among all of these progressives.  There was racial division, the progressives that were in there for Bernie, or Hillary perceived to be all white. They got ripped off and ticked off by African-American Netroots protesters.  And a lot of the panels of this convention were shut.  And you haven’t probably seen a word of this because it is rampant discord among the Democrats, particularly among young voters.


RUSH:  Okay.  We’re gonna transition here by way of the phones to the Republican convention and presidential politics.  Folks, by the way, the fact that we’re not getting to this until at this point in time in the second hour does not mean I’m not interested in it.  I’ve had a couple of questions in the email.  “Are you really this uninterested in the convention that you haven’t yet talk about it?”  No.  No, no.  It’s just, nothing’s gonna happen ’til tonight.

We got the vice presidential nominee, and we got some sound bites coming up on this.  There hasn’t been any news made yet, so… (interruption) No, no, no.  Folks, I’m not… I don’t speak to you from the political handbook.  My job here is not to promote the various aspects of the convention and whatever they’re doing there.  But I got a whole Stack of Stuff.  If you just be patient, it’s all coming up.  But I guess we’re gonna instigate it with Jimmy here in Naples.  Great to have you, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  It’s an honor to talk to you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much, Jimmy.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  I remember I first heard your name; I thought it was a cheese.  Now, that’s going back a long time ago.

RUSH:  That’s one of those Limburger jokes that you’re making.  Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot.

CALLER:  Okay, the reason why I called, the Republicans and the Democrats are very afraid of Donald Trump because nobody owns Donald.  And if he gets to the White House, he’s gonna start poking around, and is gonna wonder why this happened and this happened, and all of a sudden start pulling on the string. A lot of people are gonna get embarrassed; some might even go to jail.  And it’s both sides. People are afraid of him.

RUSH:  Wait, wait. Hold it a minute. Hold it a minute.  I lost you there. People are gonna…? Pulling on strings?  Who? What…? What does “pulling on a string mean”?

CALLER:  Donald. Donald, when he becomes president, okay, he’s going to wonder why people were let off the hook.

RUSH:  You mean like Hillary?

CALLER:  Like Hillary, and other people.

RUSH:  Who?  Only ’cause I just —

CALLER:  Hillary’s husband.

RUSH:  Like Bill Clinton.  Okay.

CALLER:  Okay.  And there’s a lot of, you know —

RUSH:  I just wanted to understand what you were talking about.  I appreciate your —

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  So what’s Trump doing to “pull the string”?

CALLER:  What’s gonna happen is he’s gonna start finding out stuff.  You don’t need the money, and you don’t need the fame.  He honestly wants to do right.  He’s probably looking for a statue on Mount Rushmore.  I mean, he really —

RUSH:  Oh, so your point is that lifelong Republicans, they only care about the next election and themselves, whereas Trump, he couldn’t care less about the party and the next election; he cares about the country?

CALLER:  That’s exact it — and not just the Republicans.  The Republicans are… You know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?  The Democrat Party, they sell used cars.  They’re used car salesmen.  The Republicans are new car salesmen.  They’re a bunch of salesmen.  You know, they’ll sell their own mother.  But once you get someone in there that can’t be bought, that don’t need to buy nothing, he’s gonna find out —

RUSH:  Folks, I get this.  I know what’s being said here.  He’s trying to explain why there’s such opposition to Trump, which manifests itself into fear of Trump. Because Trump’s not one of these guys, so he’s not gonna care that these lifelong politicians of either party advance to get promoted by virtue of the traditional ways of kissing butt in the establishment.  Trump doesn’t care about any of that and he’s gonna root out all this deadweight. He’s gonna pull strings and get rid of all the criminal and near-criminal activity. He’s gonna repopulate government with decent people, and this scares the heck out of used car salesmen.

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