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RUSH: Late-breaking news.  The Freddie Gray case, a judge has acquitted the fourth defendant.  That means not a single charge has stuck on any of the cops in the death of Freddie Gray, a nice young man, as he was referred to by Marilyn Mosby, the DA there.”Prosecutors in Baltimore have failed for the fourth time to secure a conviction in the Freddie Gray case.”  This means that police are gonna have to be on the lookout for disgruntled and angry Tea Party people to maybe start rioting and taking matters into their own hands.  Wait, did I say Tea Party?  I didn’t mean that.  That’s what the media does.  The media thinks the Tea Party, yeah, they’re always warning us to be on the lookout for any backlash against the perpetrators.

Anyway, this could be a problem in Baltimore now.  I’m serious.  This is the kind of thing that’s happening now that causes Black Lives Murder.  You know, that’s what it’s becoming out there.

I saw Obama yesterday, I wasn’t gonna get into this yet, but I might as well.  I saw Obama yesterday afternoon at 4:30.  I was on the way flying home, and I saw Obama at 4:30.  I was really anticipating this.  I wanted to see what Obama was going to do. This is after Baton Rouge and what happened there.  And, you know, it sounded like he almost got there again, he couldn’t help himself, he started blaming rhetoric, and he started telling and asking everybody to tone down the rhetoric.

But you know he doesn’t mean people like Al Sharpton, and you know he doesn’t mean people like Black Lives Matter.  He honors those people.  He brings ’em to the White House.  He conducts seminars with them and so forth.  He praises them as being better community organizers than he ever was.  And then, on the same day the president said that police can make the job of being a cop a lot safer by admitting their failures.

“America’s police will be safer when they admit they have a problem, Pres. Obama declared on Sunday at a bilateral event with the prime minister of Spain in Madrid. Fielding a question on Sunday, July 10, about the violence against police in Dallas, Texas last week, which left five officers dead, Obama said police officers will be safer once they acknowledge their failures: ‘There are legitimate issues that have been raised, and there’s data and evidence to back up the concerns that are being expressed by these protesters.'”

I mean, he fed it!  You know, this is the thing about this that I don’t think anybody really wants to get down to the nitty-gritty on.  Then there’s the story in the Washington Post:  “Obama Pleads With Presidential Candidates Not to Politicize the Police Shootings.”  I mean, all of this stuff falls under the category: “Are you kidding me?”  Let’s look at President Obama.  For example, let’s take a look and analyze here.

When there is unrest in the Middle East, who does Obama back?  He backs the Islamic faction.  Exactly.  When there’s unrest at home, who does Obama back? He backs the most radical leftist factions.  In Egypt, the secular military took out the Muslim Brotherhood; Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood.  In Iran, the Iranian people rose up in what was called a Green Revolution. Obama backed the mullahs and then made a nuclear deal with them, granting them $150 billion of unfrozen assets via the end of sanctions and the green light to developing nuclear weapons.

In Iraq, the US military provided stability after a long war to secure a secular-leaning government.  Obama pulled up stakes. He pulls out, left Iraq vulnerable to Islamists within and vulnerable to Iran next door — and hello, ISIS.  In Turkey, the military attempted an Egypt-like coup.  You know what that was about?  You know, the Turkey situation, you might think, “Rush, that’s so removed from what’s going on; it’s not relevant.”

It really is in some ways, because people don’t know what Turkey’s normal, natural predilection is versus what’s happening.  This prime minister, Erdogan, is trying to take Turkey into unfettered Sharia land.  He is trying to make it Islamic first, second, and third nation.  They’re a member of NATO.  They have always been known as a secular nation, Islamist dominated. But that’s never been their identity, and Erdogan…

There are some people who think he may have orchestrated that coup in order to be able to get rid of every one of his military and police and diplomatic opponents, ’cause he’s purged something like 15 or 20,000 people after this coup.  They’re gone.  Any opposition.  And in Turkey, military job review and performance review and promotions with accompanying raises always happens on August 1st.  You didn’t know that, did you?  Well, it does.  And the military launches this coup.  It was not the first.

What was the most recent coup, 2002?  It was 1997, 2002. Now the military launches this coup against Erdogan.  It didn’t ever have a chance and now people thinking maybe Erdogan actually sponsored this whole thing to make it look like he had tamped down a serious opposition effort.  But now he’s got smooth sailing towards taking Turkey into primo Islamist supremacism and away from the secular identity that it has always had.  Who did Obama back?  Erdogan.  Okay.

Here at home, Obama always sides with the most radical leftists.  Black Lives Matter over the cops.  Occupy Wall Street over the Tea Party.  Illegal immigrants over citizens.  Refugees over citizens.  Planned Parenthood’s baby butchers over the rule of law.  Bureaucrats over doctors.  Teachers unions over students.  We’re dealing here with a guy who is a radical leftist, divisive by choice.  It’s how he advances his vision of transformation.

And yet he’s sitting there at 56% approval in the polls.  The Drive-By Media was able to take George Bush down to the low thirties with four to five years of daily pummeling on every aspect of his presidency. Leading with Iraq, followed by torture, followed by Abu Ghraib, followed by Afghanistan, followed by the War on Terror, followed by the economic collapse. Virtually everything that was going on wrong was pointed and laid right at the feet of George W. Bush.

But here it’s the Limbaugh Theorem in full force.  Obama is perceived to have no responsibility for anything.  He’s perceived to have no cause effect on anything that’s happening.  It’s thought by a majority of Americans that all of the stuff going wrong is Bush and that poor old Obama has been doing everything he can! He’s swimming upstream, swimming against the tide, doing everything he can to fix these horrible problems for social justice and whatever.

But there are these rascally Republicans in opposition and the conservative media and the Tea Party and the Trumpists and everybody trying to stop our first African-American president from his appointment with destiny, when in fact he is the architect of this decline.  And yet nothing attaches to him! No accountability whatsoever.  The media hasn’t hit him on anything like they did Bush, and it wasn’t expected that they would.  I’m just illustrating how this is done. It took ’em five years to take Bush down to the thirties.

With all of this… Folks, it’s stunning.  Every terror attack that you can remember here and abroad — the plummeting US economy, 94 million Americans not working, LGBT bathrooms, gay marriage, you name it — 56% approval.  Now, what does that tell you?  What does it tell you about the people of this country and what they know? What does it tell you about the people of this country and what they think?  What does it tell you about where we’re headed as a country?

I mean, if all of this can generate a 50% and more? If all of this can generate a 56% approval rating, I shudder to think what real progress would result, what kind of approval rating would result from real progress.  I mean, this guy’s calls for unity ring so hollow, this speech yesterday that he gave.  We’ll get into that a little bit more detail.  A lot to do today, folks. I’ve been away two days.  We’ve got the Mike Pence selection and the Republican convention starting today.

There’s all kinds of stuff — and, as always, I can’t get to it all during the opening monologue. So that’s why we’re here for three hours.  But the country, to many people, it’s falling apart.  Do you realize, in Baton Rouge, the Reuters story today is they’re still seeking a motive? Still seeking a motive! Police say not sure.  Other headlines… If you go to all of the various news sites from Twitter to Facebook to Yahoo — all the online news sites that people click on, all the top stories news sites — you know what the headline is?

“Marine Kills Three Policemen in Baton Rouge.” 

It is not “former Marine,” it is not “former Nation of Islam member,” not “former African-American radical.”  No, no, no, no! “Marine Kills Three Policemen in Baton Rouge.”  That he was a former Marine is the most important thing, not that he was a former member of the Nation of Islam. (chuckles) Can you imagine if somebody had been a better of the Klan and shot up something like this? Can you imagine what the headlines would be?

“Klan Members Kills Three Whatever in Baton Rouge.”  This is just how it happens.  And now we’ve got Obama out there saying the police can make the job of being a cop a lot safer by admitting their failures.  What does that tell you?  You may say, “But, Rush, he didn’t say that yesterday!  I saw his speech.” I know he didn’t say it yesterday.  He said it June 10th. He said it a different venue, different time.  Yesterday was the first time he actually sounded like he was pro-police.  But he couldn’t help himself.

He dialed that back and still had to blame it all on “rhetoric.”  He wouldn’t go anywhere near blaming the shooter.  He wouldn’t go anywhere near… It took everything he had, I’m certain, to not blame guns.  I mean, you know how often that probably had to be taken out of the teleprompter? His speechwriter would put it in there or Obama would put it in there, “I gotta say guns!” The speechwriter’d take it out. “No, not today. Not appropriate.” I wonder how many times “guns” was taken out of that prompter yesterday before he went out and made his address.

Anyway, it’s frustrating, I know, to everybody.  It is maddening, and it’s confusing.  Like I say, all of this is generating a 56% approval rating.  And it doesn’t make sense, unless certain other things are taking place that makes sense like a stupid public,; an uninformed public; an uncaring public, a misinformed public. It’s probably a combination of all three of those things, but I’m just telling you here: The Freddie Gray cop, the fourth cop… Was this the cop that was thought to have the best chance of getting a conviction or was that the last one?

“Circuit Judge Barry G. Williams acquit[ed] Lt. Brian Rice of all charges related to Gray’s arrest and death. Williams cleared Rice, 42, of involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office in a downtown Baltimore courtroom on [this] morning. The judge had dismissed a second-degree assault charge at the trial’s midpoint, and prosecutors dropped a second misconduct charge at the start.” That tells you how ridiculously overcharged Officer Rice was, just like all the other defendants in this case.

“Rice selected a bench trial rather than a jury trial, putting his legal fate in [the judge’s] hands.” Reckless endangerment, negligence… I’ve heard those terms. Gross negligence. (interruption) Oh, yeah, that was the Hillary… (interruption) Yeah, yeah.  That… (interruption) Yeah.  Yeah.  See, there’s nothing to see with Hillary on this. It’s just none of it makes any sense.  People look at these things and the wrong people always appear to be getting away with it, which ought to light up the Republican convention this week because that’s one of the reasons it has taken the shape that it has.


RUSH:  You know, the president of the United States pleads with presidential candidates not to politicize the police shootings.

“President Obama issued a simple and impassioned plea for calm and understanding on Sunday in the aftermath of the second police shooting this month and just ahead of the Republican and Democratic political conventions. ‘We don’t need inflammatory rhetoric,’ Obama said. ‘We don’t need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda.'”

(imitating Obama) Not especially after I’ve already succeeded wildly by doing it.  Nobody else needs to be able to come along and do it now since I’ve been able to benefit it from it myself.

“That is why it is so important that everyone … right now focus on words and actions that can unite this country rather than divide it further. … We don’t need careless accusations thrown around to score political points or to advance an agenda. We need to temper our words and open our hearts. All of us.”

Oh, it sounds so wonderful, except he’s prime perp on all of this.  I made mention of something last week.  I want to just repeat it.  One of the things, not the only, but one of the flash points for all that’s happening now is the lie. A lie that has been known, a lie that wasn’t knowingly spread, a lie whose flames were knowingly fanned by people no less than Barack Obama and others ranking high in the Democrat Party, and that is “hands up, don’t shoot.”

The story coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, “hands up, don’t shoot,” that the Gentle Giant was walking innocently down the street on an idyllic Saturday afternoon in August thinking passionately about his first year away at college.  Ahem.  All of a sudden was gunned down by a racist white cop who went hunting for a young black male.  And what was this man’s grievance?  What was his alleged crime?  He was walking in the street, not the sidewalk.  And he put his hands up, he said, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot.” And the cop fired, and the Gentle Giant was dead.

Every word of that is a lie, and yet it has spread, it did spread, and it has become part of the information packet for Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party.  Imagine if the president of the United States had done a national address and knocked down every falsehood of that, instead of giving it life. Instead of sending Eric Holder out there to make it look like they didn’t trust the local grand jury and their results, what if the president had simply said, “Folks, you’re believing stuff that didn’t happen.” People believe the president for whatever reason, no matter who he happens to be, and he didn’t say that.


RUSH:  So here’s what I referred to at the very beginning of the program, the Reuters dispatch from this morning.  “Baton Rouge Gunman’s Motive Remains Unclear After Police Deaths.”  And then they talk about how he’s a former Marine and… I’m telling you, low-information people, if they even access this, that’s what they know about the guy, is he’s a former Marine. What they’re gonna come away thinking is, “What is our military doing to people?  Our military is turning them into trained killers!

“They come home, and they don’t know how to adjust.”  They’re making movies out of that premise, by the way.  Oh, yes, my friends, movies and TV shows about arriving veterans returning home from the theater of battle and not knowing how to cope anymore.  They’ve completely lost the ability.  They go on murderous rampages or they commit suicide or what have you.  It’s become an ongoing meme, a narrative in movies and television shows.

So quite naturally if you’re a low-information voter and you happen to see the top line, top news stories at your favorite online social media sites you’re gonna see, “Former Marine Shoots Three Policemen in Baton Rouge.”  You might not learn that he’s also a former member of the Nation of Islam, and you wouldn’t learn 90% of what’s relevant to know about the guy, and you would — if you were able to find out those things — learn his motive.  But just for the sake of you knowing, here’s Reuters’ take on this.

“Authorities sought to learn more on Monday about a decorated ex-U.S. Marine sergeant who killed three police officers in Baton Rouge, some two weeks after police there shot dead a black man, sparking nationwide protests including one shattered by the massacre of five Dallas policemen.” What an opening sentence!  Folks, you have to understand, the vast majority of people do not read this with the discernment that you have been trained now to consume news.

Most people don’t have that.

They just see this and say, “Holy cow! Decorated Marine? He must have been driven nuts by the military, comes home, and shoots three cops. Holy cow!” And he might have even been justified ’cause the cops shot a black guy two weeks earlier.  He’s a Marine!  He was a military man!  He might have been justified in doing this.  “The suspect, dressed in black and armed with a rifle, was shot dead on Sunday morning in a gunfight with police who converged on the scene of a confrontation that Mayor Kip Holden said began as an ‘ambush-style’ attack,” and then it provides the details of the story.

But they don’t get much more about the shooters until much later. “Police did not identify the suspect but a US government official told Reuters he was Gavin Long, of Kansas City, Missouri. Long, who was black, was reported to have attacked police on his 29th birthday.

‘It’s hard to know what his motivations were,’ Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards” said.   Yeah, we’re looking really, really hard here!

We’re trying to see if he had any Tea Party affiliations — you know, what talk radio he might have been listening to.  He didn’t say any of that but, of course, this is what is normally offered.  The Daily Caller: “Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ on YouTube Channel,” and Micah X. Johnson was a former Nation of Islam member.  Not that you needed to look hard to find out but when you hear people start calling white people “devils,” that’s right out of the Calypso Louie lexicon.

It may even be out of the Elijah Muhammad lexicon.  “A YouTube account operated by Gavin Eugene Long and discovered by The Daily Caller reveals key insight into what might have motivated the 29-year-old black man who killed three Baton Rouge police officers Sunday morning. Videos on Long’s account show that he was a former Nation of Islam member. He also ranted against ‘crackers’ and made references to Alton Sterling, the black man killed by police in Baton Rouge on July 5.

“Other information about Long shows that the Kansas City native, who CBS reported was honorably discharged from the Marines in 2010, went by the name Cosmo Ausar Setepenra. In one video filmed from Houston and posted to Long’s YouTube account on July 12, the suspected guman [sic] discusses being in the Marines and reaching the rank of E-5. … In the video, Long met with several men he seemed to not have known prior to their encounter. He promotes a book he wrote and discusses black liberation ideology.

“‘I wrote it for my dark-skinned brothers,’ Long said of his book. ‘If you look at all the rebels like Black Panthers, Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X … Elijah Muhammad, they was light-skinned. But we know how hard y’all got it,’ Long continued. … In the video Long is heard lament…” Remember, now, Reuters can’t find a motive.  “In the video Long is heard lamented [sic] ‘working for the white people.’ He encouraged one man riding in his vehicle as he filmed using a body camera to shop only at black-owned businesses.

“He brought up a hypothetical scenario in which a family member who wanted to buy carpet was forced to buy from non-black…” The guy was a racist, folks.  And since the president says we need to stop the “rhetoric,” we need to start asking: What is happening to these people?  How does this happen?  Who’s teaching this?  Who’s promoting this?  This isn’t just happening.  Human beings are sponges when they are born.  Human beings are not capable of anything.  It’s the only mammal in the…

You look at any other mammal that’s born. A baby horse, a colt, is born able to walk that instant.  In six weeks, most mammals flee mom and dad and are on their own somewhere.  That’s it.  Elsewhere in the mammal kingdom there is no child rearing, there is no development, there is no upbringing, there is no raising.  The human being is the only mammal that requires all of that to become something other than an animal — and it is crucial, the input a human being gets.  So, you know, you can argue about what the natural disposition of a human being is.

Without any upbringing, any child rearing, any raising, what will the person tend to be may be hard to predict. But we do know that they are programmable. We are programmable, and the evidence is clear that these people’s minds are being poisoned.  And I’m telling you, it’s coming from the top.  The president of the United States, I don’t care what you think of him, there’s something that you have to realize about all of them. It’s about the office, actually.  They are the single greatest source authority perceived by the public in the world.

When the president says something, it is almost universally accepted.

And even if it isn’t accepted, the natural reaction is not to distrust the president.  I’m talking about average, ordinary nonpolitically oriented people.  Sometimes we — I include you and me in this — make the mistake of assuming that because we are as interested and as informed as we are, that everybody else is.  And they aren’t.  And there are certain things about the presidency that people naturally trust, that they naturally respect, no matter who holds the office.

As I say, it took the media five years to destroy this for George W. Bush.  And they haven’t spent a day trying to discredit Barack Hussein O.  It took them five years.  You might say it took ’em three, but the point is it took outside effort. It took a consistent, day-in-and-day-out, 24/7 effort by the media and the Democrat Party to destroy the image and the presidency of George W. Bush.  And it was made to order that Bush sought not to respond to any of it.  So all of the allegations went unchallenged.

So I’m telling you, my point here is when the president stands up and rips into cops, when he says these protesters have legitimate grievances, when he invites Black Lives Matter to the White House and praises what they’re doing, it sends serious signals to people. It sends serious messages to people.  And he sits up there and warns everybody against all the dangerous rhetoric? I know who he’s got in mind when he’s talking like this.  Don’t doubt for a moment that I know who he’s talking about and exactly the kind of things he’s talking about.

But this man is a bigger agent provocateur that anybody else in this country could ever be simply because of the power of his office.  So he brings these Black Lives Matter people up there, who are promoting and applauding and proving all of this.  And that’s in public.  Privately we don’t know what kind of poison’s out there.  We can only imagine.  And it gets the sanction of approval from the highest office in the land.  Loretta Lynch goes out after Dallas and says, “You protesters? You were right! We’re gonna do everything we can to protect you.”

This is in the aftermath of five Dallas cops killed.  What do you think people are gonna hear, if they begin the day with built-in grievances that they’ve already been taught?  Race relations are worse today than they have been at any time in our lives, folks!  There’s a reason for that.  And it is not that American culture has become more polluted in racist ways.  It isn’t that at all.  So many advances have taken place, so much progress has been made. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t vestiges of racism.  There’s all kinds of Isms all over the place.

Everybody gets mistreated by somebody at some point in their lives.  Some of it’s institutional, some of it’s individual, but nobody has a bed of roses as a life.  But the point is we’ve made great, great, great progress.  But here’s Obama lamenting all that’s gone wrong, “Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act was passed,” he said one day last week.  Make no mistake how people hear what he says.  “Black Lies Murder.  Black Lies Kill.”

Now, probably people are gonna say, “How dare he!” But they can run around and they can say, “Bush lied; people died.” They can say that all day long, and they’re gonna be applauded.  They can say whatever they want to say, be it factually right, factually incorrect, doesn’t matter, because they are said to have a legitimate grievance — and who pronounces the legitimacy of the grievance?  Why, the American left, the Democrat Party, which seeks to profit from all of this.


RUSH: It’s Moe somewhere in Ohio.  Great to have you, sir.  You’re up first today.  Welcome.

CALLER:  How you doing, Mr. Limbaugh?

RUSH:  Fine, sir, thank you.

CALLER:  Here we go.  What do you want to start with?  Let’s start with the (unintelligible) Black Lives Matter.  I don’t know how you guys can think that’s a hate group.  That’s not a hate group.  And the reason why so many people support that is because the Klan is still running around.  Nobody gets to talk about that.  That’s what’s got everybody pissed off.

Everybody scared about this ISIS, ISIS that.  But the Klan’s been here for how many years, and it’s still running around doing what they want to do, and nobody cares about it?  There’s been 90 people lynched since 2013.  Ninety.  And there was one last week that they found in the park, they’re trying to say he did it to himself.  That’s how people don’t be caring about a lot of stuff that be going on, man, ’cause they’re pissed off, and you guys go out of town or go out of the country to go get ISIS —

RUSH:  Wait, wait, Moe, hang on a minute.

CALLER:  Right here in the United States, right here.

RUSH:  You are illustrating the very depth and impossibility of the problem that we face as a society.  All right.  You must be talking about Chicago when you talk about these 90 lynchings that have happened since 2013.

CALLER:  No, I’m not talking about Chicago.  I’m talking about the one that was in Louisiana last week. There was one last week in Louisiana at the park.

RUSH:  What lynching?  Give me these lynchings.  If 90 lynchings had happened, the Drive-By Media would be all over it, Moe.

CALLER:  You can look ’em up online, Rush.  You can look ’em up online.  There’s been 90 of them.  It’s nothing new, and the crazy part is —

RUSH:  What’s the search phrase?  “Lynchings since 2013”?  How do I find this?

CALLER:  Just put “how many lynchings since,” since, since, just put 2000.

RUSH:  Okay, let’s search.  Let’s search.  Lynchings since 2000.

CALLER:  Since 2000.  Let’s do that.

RUSH:  Lynchings since 2000, see what we find.

CALLER:  No, but you can do that —

RUSH:  You know, this could be a trap. It could be some cockamamie, wacko website out there that’s promoting this.

CALLER:  I don’t know what it was.  This ain’t nothing new.

RUSH:  Moe, I know the real reason you called.  At least I know what you told Mr. Snerdley was the reason you called.  You told him that you don’t understand how I can blame Obama for people killing the cops, and then you asked him what do you think happens when cops kill, such as in the Freddie Gray case.  I don’t think the cops killed Freddie Gray, and certainly four different cops were tried by a judge, and there wasn’t one charge that stuck.

Now, you don’t believe in the criminal justice system because you have been told a bunch of lies about it, Moe, and some of the people telling you lies about the criminal — let me put it this way. Some of the people giving you incomplete data about criminal justice happen to be people like Barack Obama and Black Lives Matter.

How can some group call itself Black Lives Matter and not be concerned about black lives lost when killed by black perpetrators?  How can you call yourselves Black Lives Matter when you don’t care about those blacks that have been killed?  You don’t care about the people killed in Chicago.  You can’t get them interested in black-on-black crime at all.  And that’s the majority of black death in America, not from cops, black-on-black crime.

It’s not even close, Moe, but you don’t want to hear that. It doesn’t fit with what you have been told that gets you all revved up.  Obama knows it isn’t true but he runs around and feeds people like you keeping you fever pitched, loaded for bear, whatever, rather than trying to calm everybody down with the truth and the facts that it isn’t nearly as bad out there as you think it is.

That would be the responsible thing for any president to do, to try to calm things down, not pour gasoline on them, but Obama has direct ties to the spread of this narrative that the cops are committing murder against blacks.  It was July 7th I think Obama was in Poland shortly before the five officers were assassinated in Dallas, and Obama purposely misled people about policing and race.

He charged that police nationwide were preying on blacks because of the color of their skin, and he rolled out a bunch of junk statistics to prove that the criminal justice is racist, such as blacks were arrested at twice the rate of whites.  They get sentences almost 10% longer.  What do you think’s gonna happen when he spreads this kind of nonsense?  He leaves the context out of it.  This is why I say that Obama bears a responsibility for fanning these flames.  There’s no question that he does, but I’m never gonna be able to convince you.


RUSH:  Hey, folks, do you remember the DC sniper, the guy that was driving around at random shooting people? They first thought that he was driving a plain white van, right?  It turned out that he was driving a Pontiac of some kind and his accomplice was in the trunk and had a hole in the lid of the trunk and the accomplice was killing people.  Anyway, John Allen Muhammad was a former member of the United States military, and he was… By the way, in retrospect, he was militant Islamist and had been toked up for quite… “Toked up” is wrong.  He’d been stoked.

His the fires had been stoked with hatred for a long time.  But the point is, I remember the Drive-By Media going to Donald Rumsfeld, who was the secretary of defense: “Do you feel in any way responsible for what has happened here, for taking this innocent young American serviceman and turning him into this vicious domestic killer?”  Do you think we would ever get a question of… Who is our defense secretary? What is this clown’s name? (interruption) Ash Carter.  I get him and Jeh Johnson confused.  Jeh Johnson’s where?  The guy spells “Jay” JE-H.  I keep wanting to say “Jeh.”  Jeh Johnson. Who names himself Jeh?

Anyway, he’s Homeland Security, right?  Ash Carter.  So you got “Juh” and Ash running Homeland and DOD.  You think they’d ever go anybody over there and ask them, “Hey, do you feel responsible for these two wackos running around and shooting the cops?”  “Why, would we?” “Well (chuckles), they’re great decorated Marines, the media’s telling us! Are you turning our recruits into domestic murderers?” OMG! Do you think they would ever ask that question?  I’m telling you, Rumsfeld was asked that question about John Allen Muhammad.

So the media is out there thinking they’re giving these people a pass by claiming they’re ex-military.  Well, who’s military is it?  It isn’t Rumsfeld’s anywmore, and it isn’t G. W. Bush’s! It’s Barack Hussein O’s and Ash Carter’s.  Now, both of these guys, Micah Johnson X. — whatever — and Huey Long here — Gavin, Gavin Long. These guys were former Nation of Islam! I mean, that’s not an innocent, like, animal protection league.

The Nation of Islam doesn’t like white people, and they’re led by a man known as the Calypso Louie, “Minister Farrakhan,” who, by the way… Should I point this out?  All right, by the way, welcome back, Rush Limbaugh here at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network.  Guess who honored at one time the Reverend Farrakhan, known affectionately here as Calypso Louie?  That would be the Reverend Wright of (impression) “America’s chickenssss have come home to roost!”

Obama’s pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. His “Trumpet” magazine gave Calypso Louie Farrakhan its lifetime achievement award, the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award.  That’s the name of the award.  Lifetime achievement, Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award saying that Farrakhan “truly epitomized greatness.”  And what did Obama say about Reverend Wright?  He said, “I could no more disown him than I could disown the black community or my grandmother who” whatever he said.

So Obama’s pastor cherishes Calypso Louie Farrakhan, and Obama cherishes Reverend Wright.  Remember when the New Black Panthers put a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman?  That’s what we’re told gave birth to the Black Lives Matter movement, was when Zimmerman was acquitted. Remember the New Black Panthers put a $10,000 bounty on his head?  Did anybody at the Obama DOJ or did Obama condemn it?  Not a word, folks. (interruption) What do you mean, “That’s because”? (interruption) Because why? (interruption)

Because if he’d had a son he’d look like Trayvon Martin?  Well, okay, if Obama… If you want to play that game: If Obama had a son, would it be Black Lives Matter, would it be New Black Panther Party? Which would it be?  Or would he be LGBT activism?  What would Obama’s son be?  I’m just telling you, when the New Black Panther Party put a $10,000 bounty on George Zimmerman found not guilty by a court — with a you know, biased prosecutor in that case, too, trying to nail Zimmerman.

When he was acquitted, they put a $10,000 bounty on his head. Was there any condemnation?  I’m telling you, this stuff matters.  When the New Black Panthers were engaging in voter intimidation in Philadelphia and Eric Holder drops the case, saying, “The days of this department putting my people in jail are over,” or people of color, some such thing.  What’s the message that gets sent?  So back to our first caller here, old Moe here.  By the way, we can’t find any lynching stories from 2013, 90 of them or five of them. (interruption) Cop killings? (interruption) The cop killings are lynchings?  (interruption)

Right. (interruption) Cops killing black people are modern day lynching is what he meant.  Right.  Right.  Somehow he got on the Klan in there. He said Klan’s running around left and right.  I thought Robert Byrd died.  Didn’t he pass away?  So I don’t… Bill Clinton was at the funeral.  Bill Clinton spoke very highly of him, and even made excuses for his days as a Klansman, remember that?  Bill Clinton made excuses. (impression) “Sometimes people learn from their past mistakes, and Bob Byrd, Robert Byrd — a Grand Kleagle, whatever he was — he learned big time! Ha-ha! What a guy.”

So, anyway, old Moe wanted to know why it was that I tried to link Obama to all of this, and I can do it.  I got short-changed by the clock on my own program, but I’m gonna continue here.  How better than to share some data here from Heather Mac Donald who has a piece published just yesterday at the City Journal, which is one of the times places that publishes her work. It’s called, “The Fire Spreads — Three Cops Dead in Baton Rouge, and the Analogies to the 1960s Deepen.”

I want you to listen to this.  ‘Cause this is the point that I was starting to make when I was rudely interrupted by my programming clock.  “President Obama bears direct responsibility for the lethal spread of [the] narrative,” that cops are targeting innocent black males.  Obama “bears direct responsibility for the lethal spread of that narrative.”  By the way, folks, I know I repeat things.  “Come on, Rush, move on.”  I think it’s important.  I think what Obama did in rubberstamp approving the whole “hands up, don’t shoot” lie… I really do.

You know, nobody wants this to be happening.  There isn’t… Well, see, that’s not true.  There are a lot of people profiting from this, or trying to, a lot of people benefiting from this. But most of us, we don’t want this going on. This is not our country.  This is not what we want it to be.  We don’t want like the stuff that’s happening.  But we know that “hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie.  It did not happen!  What if Obama had simply done a national address and told everybody that “hands up, don’t shoot” didn’t happen, that he trusts the grand jury in Missouri?

“They came back with the right thing that happened. They got it right. Young Michael Brown did not put his hands up, and was not shot in the back.” Imagine the power of that.  Why wouldn’t Obama want to tamp this down?  Why would Obama want to exacerbate this?  Well, here’s Heather Mac Donald: “President Barack Obama bears direct responsibility for the lethal spread of that narrative. In a speech from Poland just hours before five officers were assassinated in Dallas on July 7, Obama misled the nation about policing and race, charging officers nationwide with preying on blacks because of the color of their skin.”

He did.  He charged them with that!  If you’re a young black and you’ve not been told the truth about anything, and you hear that from the president, what are you gonna believe?  You’re going to believe the president.  He has the authority because of the weight of it office.  “Obama rolled out a litany of junk statistics to prove that the criminal justice system is racist. Blacks were arrested at twice the rate of whites, he complained, and get sentences almost 10% longer than whites for the same crime.”

Look, Obama said this a couple of days before the five cops in Dallas are assassinated.  When the president says this kind of stuff, he’s lighting a match!  When the president says these kinds of things, he’s encouraging the actions that follow — and don’t for a minute think he doesn’t know it.  “Missing from Obama’s address was any mention of the massive racial differences in criminal offending and criminal records that fully account for arrest rates and sentence lengths. (Blacks, for example, commit homicide at eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined…)”

Let’s stop there for just a moment.  Just saying that is probably throwing gasoline on the fire even though it happens to be the truth. Blacks commit homicide at eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined.  They are only 13, or, what, 16% of the population.  Blacks commit homicide at 11 to 12 times the rate of whites.  Throw Hispanics out, and it’s 11 to 12 times the rate whites kill people.

“Instead, Obama chalked up the disparities to ‘biases, some conscious and unconscious that have to be rooted out . . .  across our criminal justice system.'”  And it’s not bias that’s producing these numbers.  It’s the numbers!  And of the black homicide, the percentage of black victims killed by black perpetrators dwarfs, dwarfs the number of black people killed by police officers, of any race.

But I’ll tell you how this stuff spreads.  I watch a TV show now and then called Murder in the First.  The show is obviously filmed months in advance of airing.  I think they’re on episode three or episode four now.  In this show, a black perpetrator is fleeing the scene of an attempted apprehension by the cops.  The cops are looking for a suspect in the murder of a black athlete, by the way, at a nightclub.  And they get a report that the suspect is at this address, so the cop and his partner, a white woman and a black guy, head off to the address.  And there’s a black guy in there who leaves and ducks out a window when he sees the cops.

The natural thing is a-ha, we got our guy, they give chase, they round a corner, the suspect tries pulling a gun out of the back of his pocket, turned to fire the cop, the cop shoots and kills him.  Black cop kills black victim on this TV show.  They suspend the black cop pending an investigation.  When he’s cleared, couldn’t find the gun at first, the kid took the gun.  They were gonna nail the cop for illegally shooting, but they found the gun and it was a justified shooting in the end.

The cop does a press conference and says, the black cop, and says, “Would the community have been just as supportive of me if he had killed me?”  He said, “Look at me.  I’m black.  I’m as black as the victim here.  Would you have been just as supportive of me if he had killed me?”  There was no answer to that given.

Then the episode goes on to the next episode in which another suspect’s lawyer is explaining why his client ran when the cops showed up.  And this black lawyer says — and I’m just reporting because these are the kind of things, how many times do people quote reality to you based on what they saw on a movie, a television show?  That’s the point here.  So this black lawyer — to paraphrase — says something like, in answer, “Why did your client run?”

“Because innocent and black don’t exist in the minds of the cops.  That’s why my client ran.  He knew that if the cops caught up with him, that’d be the end of him.”  This episode’s been on for months before any of this stuff is happening here.  And yet I guarantee you people watch this, “See?  See?  I saw it on TV.  Racist cops! Even the black cops are racist, and everybody knows the black guys have no chance with the cops.”  That’s how this stuff spreads.  I mean, it’s tentacles, the web of deceit is woven deeply.

“Then five Dallas officers were gunned down out of race hatred and cop hatred. Did Obama shelve his incendiary rhetoric and express his unqualified support for law enforcement? No, he doubled down, insulting law enforcement yet again even as it was grieving for its fallen comrades. In a memorial service for the Dallas officers, Obama rebuked all of America for its ‘bigotry,’ but paid special attention to alleged police bigotry.”

This is a speech where the Drive-By Media and a lot of conservative media praised Obama.  This is the memorial in Dallas speech. “Oh, what a great speech. My God, he finally –”  Then the last half of the speech where he makes this comment about Glocks are easier to get than books.  Well, truth is, here’s what he said.

“When African-Americans from all walks of life, from different communities across the country, voice a growing despair over what they perceive to be unequal treatment, when study after study shows that whites and people of color experience the criminal justice system differently. So that if you’re black, you’re more likely to be pulled over or searched or arrested; more likely to get longer sentences; more likely to get the death penalty for the same crime. … When all this takes place, more than 50 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, we cannot simply turn away and dismiss those in peaceful protest.”

So here he was rebuking the cops at a memorial for five dead police officers.  And Heather Mac Donald wrote that “The irresponsible zealotry of this rebuke was stunning. Obama was fully on notice that the hatred of cops was reaching homicidal levels. And yet his commitment to prosecuting his crusade against phantom police racism trumped considerations of prudence.”  He was just throwing gasoline on it, by, again, promulgating false, out-of-context statistics on arrest and sentencing.

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