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Jeb Blames the Pope for Trump

RUSH: Okay, other things in the news.  Jeb Bush went, of all places, to MSNBC to kind of lay into Donald Trump. What he actually said — we have the audio sound bites coming up — the point that he made, two points, you Trump supporters, you’re gonna be very, very unhappy. You’re gonna be so disillusioned. If he wins, if he becomes president, you’re gonna feel like you bought the biggest bill of goods ’cause there’s not gonna be a wall, and there isn’t gonna be any change on immigration.  There isn’t gonna be any serious action taken on Muslim immigration. 

In other words, everything you think Trump’s gonna do, he’s not gonna do it.  He’s not gonna do it.  He doesn’t even really want to do it.  And when it comes to down to pedal-to-the-metal time, he won’t do it, and you’re gonna feel so disillusioned, you’re gonna regret what you did.  And then Jeb actually laid the blame for some of this at the feet of Il Papa, Pope Francis. 

You know why?  ‘Cause the pope did a mass there at the border, an open borders mass, if you will, that attracted tens of thousands, and it provided a picture to go along with what Trump was warning about and saying he wasn’t gonna permit.  So Jeb thinks the fact that the pope came over there and did a giant mass at the border did not help, either, did not help him, did not help Ted Cruz, didn’t help any of the other Republican candidates.  

On This Show, I’m the Decider

RUSH: Now, a programming note.  There is an interfaith service for the slain officers that just began about ten minutes or so ago in Dallas, and the president is going to be speaking at this event.  He just arrived in Dallas.  I just saw footage of Air Force One taxiing in to its disembarkation location on whatever Air Force Base it landed at. 

And I just want to let you local affiliates know that because of the unknown aspects of this, we’re not going to be JIPping the whole thing.  I realize many of you affiliates will, particularly in Dallas and that area.  I’m sure you’ll bump out and televise or broadcast the entire Obama thing. 

It gives us problems if we go full bore on anything like this, not just Obama.  It presents programming problems for best-of replays.  We have to do basically a full three-hour program here every day, because they are used in replays. And if we deliver to our affiliates a three-hour program with a 20-minute hole in it because of something we covered live and JIPped… So we just make the decision, leave it up to the local affiliates.

But I want you to know that whatever your affiliate does, we are here, so you can stream it at RushLimbaugh.com or any number of other places if your local affiliate decides to preempt the program and cover it, which I have total understanding if any affiliate wants to do this.  We don’t even know what time Obama’s gonna begin.  It creates all kinds of problems going through commercial breaks.  There have been rare occasions where we have JIPped a live presidential address.  They’re rare. We have done it.

What we might do is listen to five or ten minutes or six seconds of comment, move back, come in and out of it, but we’ll still furnish a complete three-hour program to our affiliate stations here each and every day, as they expect, with existing commercial availabilities as well.  So just to give a heads-up to anybody involved.  


RUSH:  Get this.  I just got an email:  “Who decides when you’re gonna preempt your show for …?” What do you mean, “Who?” I do!  What do you think, there’s some Mr. Oz somewhere behind some curtain pulling the strings on that?  I decide that.  I’m the CEO, I’m the host, I’m the program director, and the producer.  What do you mean, “Who decides?”  I do.  There is no political director, no news director, no program director.  I’m it. It’s my decision. 

Okay.  We’re gonna go to the phones.  People have been patiently waiting and we’re gonna start in… (interruption) Decides what?  Who decides…? Oh, by the way, speaking of which, folks, I should tell you: It’s annual guy golf trip time.  As you know, this month every year I’m gone for a couple days, so I’m gonna gone Thursday and Friday, and I have instituted new rules on the golf course.  I can’t wait to try ’em out.  And it’s gonna be in a tournament. I’ve got a member-guest tournament coming up.

And, you know, if I happen to hit the ball out of bounds, say, on first tee, I’m just gonna tee up again and say, “I didn’t intend to do that, so there’s no penalty.”  I’m just gonna see what people do.  And if they start laughing, I’m just gonna continue. I’m gonna hit it again.  “Wait! You can’t! (stammering) You — you — you — you gotta lay out up there! It’s lateral.”  “I don’t care! I didn’t intend to hit it out of bounds — and I’ll tell you this: If I hit a shot in the water today? There’s no way I’m taking it. I’m announcing right now: I do not intend to end up in the water on any hole, so if it happens, I’m doing that over.”  

Rush’s Annual Golf Trip Is Coming Up

RUSH:  Okay.  That’s it, folks.  Out of time for today, but we’re back tomorrow, and we’re gonna do Open Line Friday on Wednesday tomorrow, ’cause I’m not gonna be here Friday.  Annual golf trip.  So see you then, folks…  Back before you know it.

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