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“I don’t want to unify with these liberals; I want to beat them. I don’t want to stand together with them; I want to stand over them, in victory. I want them relegated to the minority they probably actually are, which is gonna require a lot of education, is gonna require a lot of persuasion.”

“God help the police, ’cause it seems to me like Obama and his minions have been doing everything they can to whip up hatred against the cops. We can’t deny this. I know it’s not politically correct to say it.”

“Obama doesn’t have a track record unifying people, folks. He just doesn’t. I wish it weren’t the case. I really wish none of this stuff was going on.”

“I’m watching this Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire, and I have to tell you, every time I watch one of these, I have a range of emotions. I start laughing first off at what I’m hearing. Then I stop myself, because I realize there’s a bunch of dunderheads out there that are buying every syllable of it, and that makes me scared. And after I get scared, then I start getting angry.”

“I’m gonna do my best not to imitate Hillary Clinton when I speak because I know how irritating it is.” 

“After 7-1/2 years of Barack Obama, if you listen to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, you would think this country has lost ground. They’ve been running everything!”

“You got 94 million Americans not working with no hope of finding a job. What are you gonna turn to? What is gonna appeal to you? Somebody that says they’re gonna make it all better just by you voting for them. Somebody who’s gonna make it all better by punishing the people that are responsible for your circumstances in life.”

“There was Bernie up there being Bernie. And standing next to him was Hillary, who looked like a bobblehead doll. She’s standing there smiling with this vacant smile, like the last place she wanted to be was playing second fiddle to this old codger. But she had to bite the bullet, and she had to do it.” 

“How many of you know the race of the police officer in Minnesota and the police officer in Louisiana, do you know? To this day you don’t know? They were not white. That’s why you don’t know.” 

“More Obamacare co-ops are shutting down because they’re out of money and they can’t operate under terms of the law, and you don’t see that reported very much — and when it is, you don’t see it analyzed very deeply.” 

“What used to unify us all — one thing we all had in common — is we were all Americans. They’ve blown that up. They don’t like the America as founded.”  

“We’ve had 7-1/2 years to see the utter destruction that progressivism and liberalism brings to a country politically, culturally, socially, economically. No matter where you look, we can see the crumbling.”

“Virtually everything that has distinguished this nation as great, these people have been attacking since the 1960s. Virtually everything that set this nation apart, virtually everything that defined this nation as exceptional, they have been on the warpath trying to tear it apart, tear it down. And they still are. I’m sorry; there’s nothing to unify.”  

“Obama has clearly been saying things and acting out as though he, too, is a person with a grievance against the cops. And in that way, he establishes a commonality with these people who are protesting them. You can’t deny that he does that. He’s got the politics of grievance down pat. It’s one of his identifying markers.”

“I don’t think Obama’s trying to be unifying. I think Obama stands with people he thinks have been given the shaft ever since this country was founded. I think his objective is to even the playing field, as he defines it. And the way he does it is to transfer discrimination from one group to the next, rather than end it.” 

“Hillary isn’t likable. They’re voting for her ’cause it’s Clinton and a Democrat and a big D on the ballot. There’s no personal connection people have with her. And that’s going to matter.” 

“Democrats don’t want to unify. They don’t want this thing to work. That’s the whole point of going forth with grievance after grievance after grievance and victim after victim after victim.” 

“There is an all-out assault on the unity of this country. There are people whose express purpose is to rip it apart.” 

“The politics of grievance is pervasive. It’s spreading. And when you have an economy that has been ripped to shreds like this, and when you have more and more people thinking that there’s no economic opportunity –that the game is so rigged you’ve just given them an out. You’ve just given them an excuse for failing. You’ve given them a reason to be mad. It’s easier route to take, and it’s been way too seductive for way too many people.” 

“Trump has pulled to within three points of Hillary in the past week. In the past week, she has spent a small fortune on TV ads to make her seem likable in swing states. And that’s mission impossible.” 

“I don’t care if it’s five dead cops, a dead black citizen in Minnesota or in Louisiana, there are people trying to profit from it, politically profit from it. It’s undeniable. I think it’s cheap and I think it’s sick. But they are there. And you and I both know who they are.” 

“Hillary Clinton said, ‘In my first hundred days as president we will make the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since World War II.’ If she knows how to do this, call Obama and start the process this afternoon. She doesn’t have the slightest idea, folks, how to do this.” 

“Have you ever asked yourself? You’ve just had 7-1/2 years of an historic presidency, the first African-American ever. You have a progressive president enacting a progressive agenda. Why are you all so mad? You’re angrier today than you were in 2008.”

“I listen to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders run around and campaign, and I don’t hear any positive at all. All I hear is a bunch of fist pumping, ticked-off, bitter anger. Why?”  

“Why are Democrat policies never, ever realized, hmm? Think about it.”






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