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RUSH:  So, once again, folks, I’m sitting here, as is my duty, and I’m watching this Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton rally in New Hampshire. And, I have to tell you, every time I watch one of these, I have a range of emotions.  I start laughing first off at what I’m hearing. Then I stop myself, because I realize there’s a bunch of dunderheads out there that are buying every syllable of it, and that makes me scared. And after I get scared, then I start getting angry.

It’s absurd what these people are saying and what is being applauded.  It is dangerous, it is wrong, it is the reason the country is in the shape it is in.  And I circle back to the fact that, I don’t know what percentage, but it’s a good percentage of people in this country that applaud every syllable of this nonsense and don’t see it as nonsense at all.  They see it as, I don’t know if they call it brilliance or whatever, but, you know, we joke about it, and we say, “Well, anybody can go out and be Santa Claus.”

It’s more than that.  I mean, it is that, they’re promising everything.  They’re promising utopia.  They’re promising to give away everything.  They’re promising to wipe away every negative, to erase every problem, to get rid of every bad person, to get rid of every gun.  And they can’t do it.  They haven’t the slightest idea how. They can’t do it because they are the cause for most of the problems that we face in this country.  And more of what they believe is only gonna make things worse in this country.

Anyway, greetings.  Great to have you.  Telephone number’s 800-282-2882 if you want to join us, and the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

So just a couple little specifics points.  In the first place, watching this thing was hilarious, ’cause there was Bernie up there being Bernie. And standing next to him was Hillary, who looked like a bobblehead doll. She’s standing there smiling with this vacant smile, like the last place she wanted to be was playing second fiddle to this old codger. But she had to bite the bullet, and she had to do it.

He’s up there, and Bernie is making everybody in this crowd regret that he’s not the nominee.  Make no mistake about that.  It’s a Bernie rally.  And even when he finished and introduced her and she stands there smiling and beaming and squawking and squealing and whatever she does, the crowd’s chanting, “Bernie, Bernie,” and you could see she got a little ticked.

I mean, it was fleeting, it was momentary, and it didn’t last long. She eventually talked over them and they gave way.  She began her remarks, which were a combination of squeaking and squealing and whining and complaining and fabricating, distorting and feeding the prejudice, the anger, the bias of the crowd at this rally.

And it just struck me.  I keep circling back to this: What percentage…? It’s close to 50%. We have to think that close to 50% of the country that buys all of this hook, line, and sinker.  You got 94 million Americans not working with no hope of finding a job.  What are you gonna turn to?  What is gonna appeal to you?  Somebody that says they’re gonna make it all better just by you voting for them. Somebody who’s gonna make it all better by punishing the people that are responsible for your circumstances in life.

Oh, yeah, it plays well.

Except never works.

These people have had, what, 7-1/2 years — almost unopposed — to do whatever they wanted to do! Barack Hussein Obama, as the first African-American president, has had no stop signs.  It has been blue skies and green lights.  There has been not a serious effort to oppose him. And this is not a comment on the Republicans. Don’t misunderstand me here.  Pretty much everything Obama wanted he has been able to get with minimal opposition, minimal serious congressional opposition.

If he hasn’t gotten everything he’s wanted, it’s ’cause he botched the way he went about it.  It’s not because people successfully stood in his way.  My point is this: After 7-1/2 years, you would think that they would be well on their way to achieving some of this idiocy that makes up their agenda.  But after 7-1/2 years, if you listen to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, you would think this country has lost ground.  We’ve lost ground. We’re going backwards! We are getting worse.

They’ve been running everything!  They have had the ability to get done whatever they want, and they’ve done a lot.  They have destroyed the health care system under the premise of making it affordable, cheap, and fair.  None of that’s happened yet.  More Obamacare co-ops are shutting down because they’re out of money and they can’t operate under terms of the law, and you don’t see that reported very much — and when it is, you don’t see it analyzed very greatly, very deeply.

But no matter what it is — whether it’s cultural dis-unification, whether it’s economic disaster, whether it’s foreign policy screw ups — nothing’s better.  They’ve had 7-1/2 years to implement every aspect of their utopia, and after 7-1/2 years, you listen to these two people — you listen to Hillary and Bernie — and their audience that are angrier than ever.  We’ve been losing ground! How is this possible?  When are people gonna realize what they say about losing ground and they’re angry?

Yeah, we are losing ground! We’re treading water or we’re going backwards precisely because of these people and precisely because of their policies, precisely because of their agenda.  And here they are acting like none of it’s been implemented because there have been these massive roadblocks and this massive opposition.  After 7-1/2 years of the first presidency of an African-American in this country, you would think they’d be celebrating it!

And talking about how great things are, “but we can still do even better, and we can build on what Obama has done. We can build on the great achievements.”  There’s none of that.  There’s none of that.  There’s nothing uplifting.  There’s nothing positive.  All it is, is grievance after grievance after grievance, after anger after anger after anger, after unhappiness after unhappiness after unhappiness.  I mean, it is a litany of doom, gloom, despair, and apocalyptic outlooks — and all of it is being cheered wildly with great anticipation for more.

Oh, yeah.  They’re gonna give way student loans now. They’re gonna give away college education.  Hillary Clinton just said — and I’m gonna do my best not to imitate her when I speak because I know how irritating it is.  And I’m very good at it, and probably not very many people are better at imitating Hillary than I am, and there are not very many people better at imitating her husband than I am. But I’m gonna pull back on it, ’cause it’s irritating even to me to do it.

But she’s out there saying that if she’s elected president, we’re gonna make (get this, now) serious investments in the best-paying jobs since World War II.  We’re gonna make serious investments. We’re gonna create the best-paying jobs since World War II.  What have you been doing the last 7-1/2 years?  Why are you waiting to do all this?  Why don’t you call Obama today and tell him how to do it?  He’s in Dallas, supposedly unifying people.  Why don’t you call Obama and give him the secret?

Why don’t you do something and start creating these great-paying jobs right now?  Why do we have to wait for you to be elected for this magic to happen?


RUSH: We’ve got the Bernie Sanders, Hillary bites today.  Folks, they’re painful.  I mean, they’re painful.  I know you know it, but you gotta hear it.  I had to listen to ’em.  You have to listen to them.

As you listen to this, understand, now, as painful as it is, that 45, 47, 48%, is a wild guess, of the American people just eat this stuff up, that 45, 47, 48% can’t get enough, and it may be higher, can’t get enough of this.  They love this.  We start here first with Bernie.  This is today in New Hampshire.  It’s a Hillary campaign event where Bernie shows up to announce to his saddened and disappointed supporters that he’s throwing in the towel and endorsing her.

SANDERS:  Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nominating process, and I congratulate her for that.  She will be the Democratic nominee for president, and I intend to do everything I can to make certain she will be the next president of the United States. (cheers) I have come here to make it as clear as possible as to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president.

RUSH:  Okay.  So we’ve got Bernie droning on about income inequality, standing next to a woman who made $21 million in two years doing speeches.  I want you to picture this, Bernie Sanders droning on and on and on about the unfairness of income inequality standing next to a woman who made $21 million in two years delivering speeches to the hated, dreaded Wall Street banks, and she’s standing there nodding her head like a bobblehead in agreement with it.

SANDERS:  This election is about the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality that currently exists.  Hillary Clinton knows that something is fundamentally wrong when the very rich become richer while many others are working longer hours for lower wages.  She knows that it is absurd that middle class Americans are paying an effective tax rate higher than hedge fund millionaires and —

RUSH:  She is!

SANDERS:  — that there are corporations in this country that make billions of dollars a year in profits, yet because of the loopholes that their lobbyists created in a given year, they do not pay a nickel in federal taxes.  That is wrong.

RUSH:  I wish you could see it. He’s droning on and on about all this income inequality, all of the unfairness, and here is a woman whose net worth is approaching $200 million, she and her husband, speeches, $21 million, nodding her in agreement.  He’s indicting her.  He’s on a diatribe and singling her and her husband out, and there she is nodding her head.

Okay, there was more.  Bernie said we all have to stand together.  There’s nothing in common we all have to stand around.  I don’t know what it would be.  But anyway, he had to cede the stage.  He went on for a long time.  The crowd was eating it up.  She just stood there nodding her head, literally like a robot.  But it was her time.  Grandma takes the stage and starts screeching.

HILLARY:  Hello, New Hampshire!  It is so great, it is so great to be here with so many friends, old and new. (crowd chanting: Bernie! Bernie!)  Thank you.  It is such a great privilege to be here with Senator Sanders.

RUSH:  She’s lying.

HILLARY:  Being here with him in New Hampshire, I can’t help but reflect how much more enjoyable this election is going to be now that we are on the same side.  Because, you know what?  We are stronger together!

RUSH:  No, I didn’t call her that.  Don’t spread that rumor.  Here’s the next bite.

HILLARY:  Donald Trump thinks wages are too high.  He actually stood on a debate stage and said so.  He does want to get rid of the federal minimum wage altogether.  Well, both Senator Sanders and I believe anyone who is willing to work hard should be able to find a job that pays well enough to support a family, and Bernie is right, $7.25 an hour is a starvation wage.  So, sorry, Donald, if you’re watching.  We’re not cutting the minimum wage!  We’re raising it the minimum wage!

RUSH:  Oh, my God.  Folks, this can’t possibly work.  If she keeps talking like this throughout this campaign — where did I see it?  It was over the weekend, darn it, and I didn’t print it out.  You know, I’ve got a new rule, if I see something on Saturday I don’t print it because I got in the habit of throwing stuff away from Saturday. But it was a piece where the Washington Post inadvertently admitted that raising the minimum wage costs jobs.

It was a story, I forget on who or where, but it was noteworthy that the Washington Post made the case like it was you or me, talking about someplace in some location, some business where the minimum wage had gone up.  It was a government minimum wage or something and they had to lay off six or seven hundred people when the minimum wage went up, and they made the case, not knowing what they were doing. They didn’t intend to do it. It was a bunch of leftists swerving into the truth not knowing that they had done it. They just undermined the whole premise of raising the minimum wage.  And I wish I had printed it out, ’cause that’s all I remember about it.

Maybe I should change that rule.  See, when I see something on Saturday, what I found was that I’d come in here on Monday and I’d see a bunch of stuff printed on Saturday, “Ah, I don’t feel it anymore.” I’m not passionate. It’s two days old ’cause all kinds of new stuff had happened since, so I just toss it.  It just became a way of becoming more efficient, you know, trying not to end up with a Stack so high here I couldn’t possibly get to it all.

Is that it?  Oh.  Darn it, there’s one more.  Damn.  Okay, here it is.  This is the last bite.  Oh, this is great.  I want you to listen to this one.

HILLARY:  We need an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, not just the millionaires and billionaires, but everybody.  And to do that, we need to go big, and we need to go bold.

RUSH:  Wait for it.

HILLARY:  This isn’t a time for half measures.

RUSH:  Here we go.  Here we go.

HILLARY:  So we are setting five ambitious goals for starters.  In my first hundred days as president we will make the biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since World War II.

RUSH:  Oh, my God, oh, my God, can’t wait!  Why are we gonna wait?  If she knows how to do this, call Obama and start the process this afternoon when he gets back from Dallas.  The biggest investment in new, good paying jobs since World War II.  What’s it gonna take, World War III?  What’s it gonna take?  She doesn’t have the slightest idea, folks, how to do this.

These people have been promising good paying jobs for how long?  How long has the Democrat Party been promising minorities emancipation?  How long has the Democrat Party been promising the poor they’re not gonna be poor for very much longer?  How long has the Democrat Party been promising African-Americans there isn’t gonna be any racism anymore and there isn’t gonna be any discrimination.  There isn’t gonna be any unfairness.

How long has the Democratic Party been promising middle class blue-collar workers that they’re going to start getting rich and join the upper middle class? How many decades have they been making these promises and it’s never happened.  Why is that?

Well, I’ll tell you why.  It’s ’cause of those Republicans are over there, and they’re trying to make nobody ever gets anything.  The Republicans are trying to destroy the planet with climate change! They want global warming! They want your kids poisoned with water, bad air, and everything else.  They want the oil companies to emerge triumphant.  They want pollution. They want destruction.  The Democrats are trying to bring about all kinds of positive change, and the Republicans are out there standing in the way of everything.

That’s their excuse.

But, seriously, to all of you constituent groups: Have you ever asked yourself? You’ve just had 7-1/2 years of an historic presidency, the first African-American ever.  You have a progressive president enacting a progressive agenda.  Why are you all so mad?  You’re angrier today than you were in 2008.  Why don’t you feel any closer to utopia?  Why don’t you feel any closer to happiness?  Why is contentment something that you still only dream of?  Your party has been in power 7-1/2 years.

You have a Republican Party that’s stood aside and has not mounted serious opposition out of fear of being called racist, and so your president has had pretty much free reign to go wherever he wants, to do whatever he wants.  Why are you still so unhappy?  Why are those of you who call yourself progressives or Democrats, still so mad?  Why are you still so outraged?  And if federal power… If concentrating power in Washington with the federal government in the hands of good Democrats are gonna fix everything, why hasn’t that worked?

Why hasn’t Washington been able to erase all these problems?  Why hasn’t Washington been able to bring happiness? Whatever it is, why haven’t they delivered?  Why are you angrier than you’ve ever been?  Why are you unhappier than you’ve ever been?  Why are you more pessimistic than you’ve ever been.  I listen to the Clinton campaign, and it’s an indictment of the last 7-1/2years.  I listen to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders run around and campaign, and I don’t hear any positive at all.

I don’t hear them say, “Obama’s been great and we’re making great progress! We got a long way to go but I’m the guy to do it. I’m the girl to do it or the woman! I can do it. I can take us all the way there. We got a good base. We got a good foundation. Obama’s laid the foundation for us to build upon.” I don’t hear any of that.  All I hear is a bunch of fist pumping, ticked-off, bitter anger.  Why?  Is it because you have opposition?  Is it because there are people disagree with you?

Or is it because maybe you realize that nothing is ever gonna work on your side? Maybe you realize the federal government cannot make you rich.  They cannot raise the minimum wage to a point that you’re gonna be rich. They can’t make you rich.  The government can’t create jobs.  By the way, if you could… What did she say? “The biggest investment in new good paying jobs is…” Why wait until 2016 to do it?  Why? If the answer is there, and if the mechanism is there, and if it can be done, why hasn’t it been done in 7-1/2 years?

And why didn’t Bill Clinton do it?

Why is it always on the come?

Why is all of this stuff never anything more than promises?  Why are Democrat policies never, ever realized, hmm?  Think about it.

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