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“Why didn’t any of this racial strife get fixed with Barack Hussein O? We just elected the first African-American president.  He’s had 7-1/2 years unstoppable to do whatever he wants. He said he was gonna unify us. He said he was gonna bring us all together. People voted for him thinking this stuff was all gonna end; there wouldn’t be any more racist America. What happened?” 

“How many people do you know who believe things about conservatism that aren’t anywhere near the truth, and you tell ’em, and they still don’t want to believe you? They don’t even want to try to believe you because they’ve built their little cocoon of what they believe in which they live, and they don’t want anything challenging it.” 

“Since the president likes to speculate about having a son, what do you think, would Barack Obama’s son have been a member of the New Black Panthers or Black Lives Matter, or maybe both? What do you think?” 

“How are kids today learning how to deal with cops? What are they seeing on TV being done by protesters? What are they listening to lyric-wise in the music that they listen to? What are they learning about cops? What are they being told about cops? All this stuff matters.” 

“If it had been discovered that Micah X. Johnson listened to talk radio, they would have already concluded that he was inspired by what he had heard on the radio. But, since it might be that he was inspired by what he heard from militant protest groups, ‘Well, well, well, well, back off.  We don’t know for sure.  We must be very careful, take our due time to untangle this.'” 

“We got so many different divisions now, you can’t keep track of ’em. We got racial divisions. We have economic divisions. We have employed and unemployed divisions, male-female divisions, gay-straight divisions, LGBT, gay-straight divisions. You name it, no matter where you go, there’s a division, there’s a divide. Somebody’s benefiting from all this, or trying to.”

“The one thing that you can’t do in very tense, highly charged situations like this? You cannot utter the truth.”

“There isn’t that universal respect for authority now. It’s being challenged everywhere by our grievance-based culture today.”

“The protester community doesn’t think of themselves as the problem. They think the cops are the problem. The protester community, they think they are the solution — or whatever they think, but they don’t think they’re part of the problem.” 

“I have had professionals — tell me that what my grandmother did with me in making me afraid of the police was a bad, bad, bad thing to do. And I asked them, ‘Well, then, why don’t I hate cops, if that’s the case?'” 

“One of the things that we do here as well as anybody is deconstruct liberalism and liberals and Democrats. And that is probably one of the most beneficial things that happens here in terms of potentially persuading people, persuading liberal Democrats to give it up.” 

“Why does the media treat me like a political opponent? Why does the media treat me as though I’m a candidate running for office that must be discredited?  Why do they do this?”

“Why is the entire Drive-By Media devoted to trying to convince people that I’m a liar, that I’m a reprobate, that I am a provocateur, that I’m whatever they say I am? Why? And the answer very simple. You notice they never challenge what I say. All they do is try to destroy my credibility with people, and that’s what they do with everybody on the right. I’ve never seen ’em actually engage in a debate about ideas.”

“I’ve never understood why liberals want to tear down the greatest economic engine that has ever been, that enables everything they believe. It enables all their welfare benefits. It enables all of their whatever. I’ve never understood why they want to tear it down, but they do.”

“Everybody knows that there’s rampant killing in Chicago, gang-related killing, of people of all ages. Everybody knows it. Nobody harps on it, nobody’s trying to get to the bottom of it, nobody’s fixing it, nobody’s trying to fix it, nobody’s calling attention to it, because it’s black-on-black crime. So there’s no way to advance the leftist agenda by focusing on it.”  

“Why in the world in so important to attack me? I’m just a guy on the radio from noon to three every day.” 

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