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RUSH: Dylan in Miami.  Great to have you.  I’m glad you waited, sir.  Hi.

CALLER:  Oh, man, it was worth the wait. Let me tell you, Rush.  I’m a college student at Florida Atlantic University, and I gotta listen to you all the time because, if not, I’d probably be brain-dead just listening to the way these people think the world works.  It’s really disappointing to see how these people go about their lives and what they think is credible news and what they think about Hillary.

RUSH: That can be depressing if you let it get to you. I know exactly what you’re talking about.

CALLER:  Oh, yeah, it’s that bad.  Let me give you an example.  My roommate unfortunately is voting for Hillary Clinton.  I don’t know why.  Oh, even better he thinks Obama is a great president.  I don’t want to get into that because I can’t explain it.  It’s just stupidity at its finest.

RUSH:  Neither can he.  It’s emotional.

CALLER:  Yeah, really.  But here’s the problem.  It’s not like he can give me, you know, reasonable facts, which it would be hard to find them, but, you know, he just gives me just a bunch of just nonsense.  For example, Hillary Clinton, the thing with the emails, Comey comes out, gives a 15 and a half minute speech about everything, he lays it out for us, and he says at the end, although, okay, you look at the report, clearly there’s multiple reasons why Hillary should have been in trouble, indicted, charged, whatever you want to say.

RUSH:  Exactly.

CALLER:  And guess what my roommate said?  I approached him, and I said, “Did you hear about it?”  He’s like, “Yeah, but guess what?  There’s not enough evidence.”  I said, “Are you kidding me, there’s not enough evidence?  There’s 33,000 reasons why to send her to jail.”  I mean, you could forget about the 33,000 —

RUSH:  Forget jail.  The woman can’t be trusted with national security secrets.  Forget jail.  She’s not qualified with national security information, but he doesn’t care about that, either.

CALLER:  No, I brought that up, too.  And I said to him, “Just the fact that she lied to the FBI under oath is a felony in its own,” and which, you know, I don’t believe she intentionally meant to release national security like that, but there was intent —

RUSH:  The bottom line, she didn’t care.  So what does it matter if she — this intent business… She did it, she knew it, she didn’t care.


RUSH: Yeah, I inadvertently or mistakenly, didn’t intend it to happen, hung up on Dylan from Florida Atlantic University.  I wanted to say one more thing. I wanted to give him, I wanted to send him a Never Hillary bumper sticker, you know, for his roommate.  But now anybody can call back and say they’re Dylan from Florida Atlantic University. (interruption) You’ll recognize him if he calls back to claim his bumper sticker?  All right, good.  ‘Cause his roommate, folks, although his roommate sounds brain-dead, I also believe that, I don’t know what percentage, but a lot of Hillary voters are just gonna do it ’cause they don’t want us to win.

I don’t know how much loyalty she has.  I just know that just like the media has done a bang-up job of lying to the African-American community in this country about cop killing, so have they lied about conservatives and Republicans and conservatism.  And those lies are everywhere.  They’re in television shows, they’re in books, they’re in movies.  I mean, I watched two reenactments.

One was a dramatic miniseries, and one was a documentary on the OJ shooting.  And the first half, both of them were a minimum four hours, one was seven or eight hours, and the first half of both of them had nothing to do with OJ.  It was all about the cops and crime in LA, going all the way back to the forties.  I mean, even if you didn’t believe any of this stuff and you turned to watch either of those two shows, you would end up believing that cops in LA have done nothing but kill innocent black men for 60 years.

They use that as the setup for the explanation of why the jury came back in three hours and found OJ not guilty, jury nullification. And they had all these black activists, “Yeah, well, we want you to find out how it feels.”  And that was all it was about.  OJ, who was not particularly considered to be a man of the community, ’cause he wasn’t, nevertheless was used for a little payback, so forth.  These are tough things to overcome, as you know.

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