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RUSH:  It’s Open Line Friday.  We head back to the phones here.  We had a young man last week who was 11 years old that we didn’t get to, last Open Line Friday.  I told Mr. Snerdley to see if we could make arrangements to call him back because he held on for a while.  So he’s with us.  His name is Jonathan from Rockingham, Virginia.  And I’m so happy that you let us call you back and that you’re here today, Jonathan.  How are you?

CALLER:  I’m good, how are you?

RUSH:  Well, I’m doing pretty well, all things considered.  And I’m glad that you’re here.  What’s up?  What did you want to talk about last week?

CALLER:  Oh, I wanted to thank you for writing the books for a couple of reasons.  One of them being that in some of the schools they won’t teach the kids the truth about real history, but your books are telling the truth so that the kids will know what’s right.

RUSH:  I cannot thank you enough for that assessment.  You know what I saw last week?  It might have been earlier this week.  There was a story, Jonathan, it was in the Wall Street Journal, and it was somebody that had studied 73 top universities and colleges in America, and they found that at, I think 55 of them, you can get a degree in history without learning American history.  You don’t have to learn American history, because it’s deemed not that important to worldwide events; that other things are more important.  And that’s what’s being taught.

So it’s just incredible.  Here we are in America, 55 top universities — I don’t have the names of the colleges, universities — you get a history degree without even learning about American history.  And that doesn’t count the lies that kids are being told about American history in junior high and high school and so forth.  So I’m flattered that you like the books and that you’re learning something from them.  Have you read them all?

CALLER:  I’m in the middle of the fourth one.  My favorite one is the first one about the pilgrims.

RUSH:  Right.  Why do you like that the best?

CALLER:  Because of what I just said.  What they say about that is that they just came, but then the book is telling the kids why they came and that’s because they wanted to —

RUSH:  You know, you’re right about that.  I think we hear from a lot of people that read the books at your age, that they really like book one because it’s easy to understand. The pilgrim story is actually the story of the first Thanksgiving and how the truth of that isn’t told anymore.  And this book teaches it.  And it’s easy to grasp.

That’s what’s so important about the first book.  The first book shows very simply how American history is being mistaught and the truth about it is not being told.  You pick that up in the first book easier than, I think, the others.  The others, they’re a little more complicated in terms of the other books tackle a few more events in history than simply one event like the pilgrims arriving.

CALLER:  I’d also like to tell you that I’ve done book reports in my English class about the books.

RUSH:  Well, I appreciate that.  How have those gone?

CALLER:  I’ve gotten A’s on both of them.

RUSH:  No kidding?  That’s awesome!  That’s cool.  Well, look, Jonathan, I want to send you a little Rush Revere and Liberty gift package that we send to a lot of people that send us notes and communicate with us via the Rush Revere website.  If you could hang on, I know we have your phone number, if you could give us your address we’ll send a packet out probably next week sometime, just a little bunch of stuff from us as a little bit of gratitude for you, to you, for taking time to read the books and buy them and so forth.

CALLER:  Okay.  Thank you.

RUSH:  Thank you, Jonathan, very much.  I appreciate it.  It’s amazing, folks, these young people that read these books, how well-spoken they all are.  I mean, last week we had a 7-year-old or 8-year-old, and, if I hadn’t have known other than the sound of the voice, I would never have known that I was talking to somebody that young.  Same thing here with Jonathan.

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