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RUSH: You know what I saw, by the way?  This stuns me.  Not so much related to this.  I think the Pew people did a research survey, and they found, are you ready for this?  Only 5% of people trust the news they get on social media.  Did you see that?  That stunned me.  Only 5%.

Meaning the Facebook feed, meaning stuff that gets retweeted by other people.  Only 5%  trust it.  I thought it was like 95% trusted it.  I thought the newspeople got on their Fakebook and other feeds on social media and they were gospel to them.  Only 5% trust it.  That’s tough to believe.  Given everything else we hear about it as though it’s the new source of news for everybody, more people getting their news that way than watching television anymore.  But if only 5% trust it?  More on that as time goes on.

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