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Hillary Clinton is not the only one “getting away with it.” There’s a terrorist on the loose and members of both parties are blaming Obama.

In December 2014, Obama allowed a Syrian-born terrorist, Jihad Ahmed Mustafa Dhiab, to leave our secure accommodations at Guantanamo Bay. Dhiab and five other terrorists were transferred to Uruguay, to be looked after.

The State Department was heavily involved in the transfer, so maybe there’s an email chain about it on a server in somebody’s basement. Waiting to be deleted and lied about. But I digress.

Here we are two years later, and the government of Uruguay has “lost track” of Mr. Jihad. They don’t know where he disappeared to, but there’s suspicion he’s in Brazil. Which happens to be the location of the upcoming Olympics. Which many Americans will attend.

There have been multiple instances of Gitmo terrorists, released by Obama, showing back up on the battlefield. Putting American military lives in danger. Now we have another terrorist Obama discharged, who could be in striking distance of more Americans.

But none of that deters Obama. He is hell-bent on emptying Club Gitmo, to keep a campaign promise he never should have made. “Transferring” terrorists to other countries is a back-door way of accomplishing that mission.

And if it costs American lives? Well, those are the breaks. They’re just collateral damage. Besides how many people have we killed over the years? It’s a little pay back, we deserve it. 

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