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RUSH: There’s a Rasmussen poll out.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Come on, Rush, Rasmussen?”  Now, wait a minute, folks, there have been stories — I’ve shared them with you — about how the Republicans had better stop this business of rejecting the polls, right?  There was one, I can’t remember who wrote it.  I think it was the Washington Post.  I know I was mentioned in it as one of many who thought that the polls were wrong on Romney in 2012.

But he’s right.  I mean, whoever wrote the story was right.  We did think that the polls had it wrong.  We thought because of the midterms in 2010 and 2014 and these massive, energetic crowds that Romney was getting, these polls have to be wrong and we thought the pollsters are naturally in the tank for the Democrats anyway, but the polls turned out to be right.  The vast majority of them.  Some of them were blatantly wrong, too.  And Gallup has gotten out of presidential polling because they were so wrong.

But the point is, if we’re now being chastised for not believing the polls, if we must grow, if we must grow up, if we must mature and accept the polls for what they are, well, then let me give you this one.

“A Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey — taken last night — finds that 37% of Likely US Voters agree with the FBI’s decision. But 54% disagree and believe the FBI should have sought a criminal indictment of Clinton. Ten percent (10%) are undecided. Sixty-four percent (64%) of Democrats agree with Comey’s decision not to seek an indictment of their party’s presumptive presidential nominee. Seventy-nine percent (79%) of Republicans, 63% of voters not affiliated with either major political party and 25% of Democrats disagree with the decision.”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Hillary ends up losing the precious independent vote?  You’ve heard it said, by the way, if you’re paying attention, that Trump’s gonna really have to score big in independents to make up for the Never Trump Republican voters who claim they’re never gonna vote for him.  He’s gonna have to really, really, really score big in the independents.  So goes the theory as we sit here today.

Perusal of social media, I’m telling you, folks, this is not like it was with Clinton and Lewinsky where there wasn’t a whole lot of social media then, don’t misunderstand, but you can still get a general sense of public opinion.  And it was frustrating.  Back when the impeachment proceedings fell flat and when Clinton was perceived to be getting away with this, you could sense that a lot of Americans were happy about it. Not that a lot of Americans weren’t, but you could sense that at least 50% if not more of the country was relieved.  And one of the reasons was the economy was going well, and people didn’t want that messed with.  People didn’t want to upset the applecart ’cause the economy was good.

But I don’t sense that with Hillary.  I don’t sense that she has the same kind of connection with people and Democrats that her husband has or had. And I don’t sense that she’s got a lot of people behind her and want her, you know, wish her well and hope she triumphs over this.  I mean, some rock-ribbed Democrats do, but my sense is I don’t think she’s gonna skate on this.

I don’t care what Comey’s intentions were.  I know some people think Comey did this on purpose to basically list everything she did and then say, “Sorry, we’re not gonna choose to prosecute.”  But what he did was pretty devastating in terms of things that he did acknowledge that she had done, so that’s been thrown to the court of public opinion.  It can be turned into campaign ads by the Republicans and political action committees, and it will live on.

If Comey was doing that, fine.  The point is that she just doesn’t have this massive, overwhelming support.  She doesn’t have a gigantic OJ-type jury defending her no matter what, because she’s just not that likable.  She’s never been the front-runner.  Bill Clinton was the guy who established the connection of voters to him and as an ancillary basis to his wife.  But she’s never led on that.  She’s never been the reason that the Clintons triumphed, other than standing by him during all the affairs, making sure that the Democrats didn’t have to get rid of him.  That’s been her value, and that’s her reward, by the way.  That’s why all this attempted coronation is happening.

It’s a long way of saying that I don’t think it’s automatic she’s going to get away with this in the court of public opinion.  She already started out with negatives that are sky-high.  Her negatives are not that much better than Trump’s.  Everybody harps on how bad Trump’s negatives are and his disapproval.  Well, Hillary’s in not much better shape.  And this kind of thing does not change that for the better.  This kind of thing, this whole email server problem and the way it’s rolling out affirms reasons to be suspicious of the woman.  It affirms people and their instinct to not trust.  So it’s helpful to her in the sense that she’s not subject to any sanction in the legal system.  But the court of public opinion is a much different thing.

Paul Ryan, at Breitbart.com.  “An angry House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R.-Wis.) lashed out at Hillary Clinton Wednesday for her reckless handling of classified electronic correspondence as Secretary of State and demanded that Director of National Intelligence James Clapper block Clinton from receiving intelligence briefings after she becomes the Democratic nominee for president.”

What do you think the odds of that happening are?  I mean, they’re absolutely zero.  She’s going to get classified information.  She’s gonna be the subject of a lot of it, if you ask me.  (laughing)  But at least Ryan’s outta making the case.  But, see, he ought to follow up on this.  He ought to really, really try to insist on this, continue to make the point, even though everybody knows it’s never gonna happen. (interruption) Oh, he did?  He pounded on it again?  Well, that’s good.  I must have been trying to solve a beta software problem and missed that.  (laughing)

And then there’s this, ladies and gentlemen.  This is from Real Clear Politics, Charles Lipson.  “Clinton Email Scandal: It’s Far From Over.” Charles Lipson is the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science and the founder and director of the Program on International Politics, Economics and Security at the University of Chicago.

And he writes here that her email problems are gonna last all the way through November.  “The FBI’s refusal to recommend an indictment is obviously a huge win for Clinton. But her reluctance to take a victory lap is instructive.”  You know, I’ve noticed this, too.  She still hasn’t talked about this.  Obama, when they went to Raleigh on that joint presser where she copped a freebie on Air Force One. Ride.  Copped a free ride.  Don’t anybody misunderstand there.  When she copped a free ride on Air Force One into Raleigh, North Carolina, neither she nor Obama addressed this, and she has not addressed it.  She’s not gone out and done a nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, “I got away with it because I didn’t do anything.  I never once trafficked in classified information, not once, not a single time ever.  I did not have sex with it, I didn’t do it.”

She hasn’t done any of that.  She hasn’t circled the bases, acting like she’s hit a home run here.  She’s soft selling this.  She doesn’t want any more attention called.  She doesn’t want to be the reason any more attention is given it.  She knows that the Republicans are not gonna let it go, but she doesn’t want to say or do anything that is gonna continue to breathe life into it.  I think this is a good point.

The fact that she has not taken a victory lap is instructive because “she’s gonna continue to face withering attacks that she cannot wave off as ridiculous conspiracy theories.”  In other words, she can’t say this is part of the vast right-wing conspiracy, because, “after all, FBI Director James Comey publicly shredded all the defenses Hillary used for the past year.” Which he did.  Every defense.  I mean, that’s why the questions he got, “Did she lie to Congress?  Did she lie to the American people?” Because she did all this.

She told so many lies at that first press conference at the UN.  Comey didn’t want to go there.  (imitating Comey) “I didn’t interview her on that. We didn’t talk about that.  We don’t think she lied to us.”  There’s no way he’s gonna say anything otherwise, ’cause if he thinks that she lied to them, then that’s a process crime that they would have to pursue.  He’s not gonna admit that.

By the way, have you noticed also that when we talk about Hillary Clinton and the FBI, she grants an interview.  She’s never, like other people, are interrogated.  Other people are subpoenaed.  Other people are called in to face questioning.  With Mrs. Clinton, “Yeah, I granted an interview with the FBI Saturday for three and a half hours.  We discussed yoga and my daughter’s wedding reception.”  But they never, ever characterize Hillary as being subpoenaed.  She wasn’t, but never being brought in to face questioning.  No, no, no.  Hillary is always interviewing.

“What can you expect in the coming weeks and months?” According to Charles Lipson here: “First, you will see plenty of Republican advertisements showing Clinton’s previous lies and misstatements on this issue. Video clips will show her saying, ‘I never sent or received anything classified,’ and, after that proved false, ‘I never sent or received anything marked classified.'”

We’ve already got these juxtaposition audio and videotapes out there.  There’s more four of them now that expose the lies that she told. “The simple, devastating message of these ads: Clinton is utterly untrustworthy. The public already believes that.” That was my point before.  “The ads will cement that perception, using Clinton’s own voice.” Not somebody else accusing her of it.  “Second, the Republicans will hold several hearings designed to reveal the FBI’s evidence against Clinton.”

And that’s another thing that’s going on today.  They’re not trying to nail Comey.  They’re not trying to embarrass him.  This is all about getting the evidence.  They would love the transcript of her interview over the weekend released.  That’s never gonna happen.  They would love for the file to be released.  That’s never gonna happen, either.

“The public’s growing conviction that ‘equal treatment’ is a farce is the heart of both Bernie Sanders’ and Donald Trump’s campaigns.”  That will continue.  “Fourth, look to see if there are leaks from ordinary FBI agents.” More on that in just a moment.


RUSH:  Hi.  Just to review, you know, we gotta get to the phones.  We’ll do that when we get back from the break coming up here the bottom of the hour.

But just to review some things that happened in the hearing this morning, the FBI director, James Comey, said that Hillary knew she didn’t have authority to have her server in a basement, but that did not mean that she intended to do anything.  And Comey admitted before the committee today that Hillary’s attorneys scrubbed multiple servers to prevent forensic discovery, but we can’t say that that equals the intent that is in the statute!

See, this is what everybody finds incredible and what everybody’s incredulous over is that the intent was there from day one in just setting up this system, which is what Trey Gowdy’s point is, that she was the opposite of careless, that she was explicitly careful.  And we have a tweet here from Reuters.  Are you ready for this?  Get this.  This is exactly what happens, folks.  Tweet from Reuters:  “UPDATE: FBI director says questionable whether Clinton had sophisticated-enough understanding to recognize classified email markings.”

So that’s exactly my point.  Normally, she’s the Smartest Woman in the World.  But there are times where she’s this bumbling idiot who doesn’t even know what the words “top secret” mean when they’re on documents that she’s dealing with! “UPDATE: FBI director says questionable whether Clinton had sophisticated-enough understanding to recognize classified email markings.”  You see?  She’s just… She didn’t know what she was doing!


RUSH: We’re gonna start in El Centro, California, Sandy, and welcome.  I’m glad you waited.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Fine and dandy.  Thank you much.

CALLER:  Good.  I agree with your theory about Comey and Roberts, but here’s the problem.  When people reach such a high level of power that they don’t do the right thing and they end up harming American people, which I believe Obama and Hillary have done with Obamacare, Fast and Furious, IRS, Benghazi’s a big one, and this email, then there’s a big problem, because Comey and Roberts are cowards.  Obama and Hillary are criminal, and they’re liars.  And they’ve lied to the American people, and perhaps Trey Gowdy needs to refer Hillary for lying to the Benghazi committee.  I wonder if she did that, you know, for criminal behavior.

RUSH:  What difference does it make now anyway, right?

CALLER:  The difference is we’ve got to make a change.  That’s why I’m a Trump supporter.

RUSH:  Let me ask you, I was being facetious.  That’s what Hillary said when she was questioned by the committee on the deaths of the people, “What difference does it make now?  It happened long ago, what difference does it make?”  That’s what she said.

CALLER:  Right.  I’ve heard that.

RUSH:  Let me ask, you accept my theory that I espoused there.


RUSH:  A lot of people, a lot of people still think, “No, that can’t be.  It’s gotta be blackmail. They had something on Roberts. They had something on Comey. They’ve got something on Gowdy. They got something on Benghazi.”  Everything they skate on, people think there’s gotta be blackmail.

Now, if it’s not blackmail, let me ask you, why do you think somebody like Roberts, why do you think somebody like Comey, why do you think all these people do not seem to be as affected by the disaster this administration is creating as you are?  You mentioned Fast and Furious.  You mentioned the open borders, immigration, the damage it’s doing to the country.

Why does it seem nobody in government, why is it that nobody in Washington — it’s not true, nobody.  There are a lot of Republicans there bothered by it, but the people we’re talking about.  The Supreme Court doesn’t care, other than two or three members.  The FBI, Justice Department, don’t care.  And yet we’re witnessing the utter transformation of this country, how do you square that?  I mean, how can it be? You care. Over half of America cares so deeply about this they’re going crazy with it. How is it that these people are willing to sit by idly and let all of this change, this destruction, whatever, happen?

CALLER:  You’ve answered your own question in the past.  They’re all part of the political elite.  They’re all in their little houses, you know, surrounded by fences and protected.  Many of them have armed guards so they don’t care that us NRA members, you know, they want to try to take our guns away.  They’re part of the political class, and that’s the problem.  That’s why Trump’s got to be voted in.

RUSH:  I understand.

CALLER:  They party together, they drink together, many of them sleep together.  I mean, they are the problem.

RUSH:  Look, I understand all that.  I’m not asking this the right way because of course that’s right.  But your answer makes them out to be entirely selfish.  Your answer — and I’m not disagreeing with you.  I can’t relate to people not caring about the future of the country as long as they’ve got their house in a gated community with plenty of protection, a guaranteed job and a guaranteed income, they think, and a future for their kids.  Even if you have all that, how do you sit idly by and watch the rest of the country fall into the abyss?

Okay, they don’t see it happening, they don’t see us falling into the abyss.  They need visas to go to Iowa.  They don’t see the kind of destruction that you are living, Sandy.  They don’t see it.  They may believe that there’s gonna be a certain percentage of people in the country who are always gonna be poor no matter what we do.  There’s always gonna be people who have more than others.  There’s always gonna be a problem here.

But I guess the answer is that as long as they remain insulated and unaffected by any of this transformation or anything that happens, then to hell with it.  I know they see it as the normal ebb and flow.  But this is not the normal ebb and flow.  Look, we have a substantive, dramatic, for-the-worse transformation.  Things are happening, I think detrimental things, which many may be for the first time at such a scale.  I don’t know how you escape knowledge.  I don’t know how you escape awareness of it.

It’s always been the big bugaboo I have with this.  And I’ve always chalked it up, well, they just don’t care.  They’re not, for lack of a word, patriots.  They just don’t care.  They’ve got theirs.  They’ve got their kids’ futures taken care of and that’s it.  Everything is somebody else’s problem.  Whatever the problem is, it’s somebody else’s, not mine. I’ve dealt with the problem. I’ve taken care of my family. I’ve taken care of my kids. I’ve taken care of me. If somebody else can’t do it, screw them. My job is not to worry about everybody else. And if you can’t handle mass immigration in California or Arizona, it’s your problem, not mine.  You chose to live there, I didn’t.

Is that the attitude?  Well, not quite.  Well, it’s gotta be something.  It has to be something.  This divide, I’ve never seen it bigger.  However you want to define the divide, haves and have-nots, rich versus poor, elites versus plebes, political class versus ruling class, the divide is bigger than it has ever been.  And they know it.  They know full well how agitated people are.  They can read.  They can see political results.  (interruption) You think they’re in denial about why Trump’s succeeding?  Okay.  You do.

Here’s Steve in Houston.  Steve, you’re next.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  Good, sir.  Thank you.

CALLER:  Right before the break at the bottom of the hour you actually touched on my point, which is a discussion of her IQ.

RUSH:  Oh, yes.

CALLER:  I really think if you read between the lines two or three times, Comey was carefully trying to testify that Hillary was just too stupid to have had any sophisticated intent of mismanaging this information.

RUSH:  Okay.  So now, in addition to there not being any intent, we’re going to allow ignorance of the crime to be exonerating.  Is that right?

CALLER:  Well, I think it’s just like a child.  We don’t convict children of crimes because they just don’t have the intent.  I don’t agree with that.  I’m in the same camp that you and Gowdy are.  I think she’s a conniving individual.  But I really think that Comey is giving her a pass on intent because he just thinks she’s too stupid.

RUSH:  I don’t think that’s it at all.  And the reason I say that is because I think he really believes this intent business as he is interpreting the statutes.  I think that’s, in fact, what he’s relying on.  I think he’s relying on the fact the statute is wrong, that the statute is not applicable when it comes to intent versus gross negligence, and I think that’s his hook.  I think he’s gonna end up being shown to be wrong on it.  I think it’s gonna be demonstrated.

Nothing’s gonna change, folks.  Even if somebody were to come up and expose how Comey has been totally wrong in his interpretation, it’s not gonna change anything.  It’s done.  So any discussion on the legals of this will be exercises in academic legalese, as legal beagles debate this back and forth and what it means. And it will have impact on future events and writing future statutes or amending current ones. But it isn’t gonna the change the outcome of what’s happened here.

Now, what Steve’s talking about here, Reuters has of course a reporter up at the Comey hearings, and they tweeted the following:  “FBI director says it’s questionable whether Clinton had sophisticated enough understanding to recognize classified email markings.”

Now, remember, this is not saying that the FBI director says it’s questionable whether she understands email, whether she understands servers, whether she understands on-site, off-site, offline, online.  This is simply saying the FBI director says, a Reuters tweet akin to a report in 140 characters or less that Comey is saying it’s questionable whether she was sophisticated enough, her understanding was sophisticated enough to recognize classified email markings.

So she’s reading an email, and he’s saying it’s got a mark on it that clearly indicates that it is classified, top secret, super top secret, nobody can see it but you, whatever, but that she doesn’t know enough to recognize those markings.  Now, isn’t it convenient that whenever she gets in trouble, one of two things is to blame:  Either somebody’s playing the sex card on her and she becomes this big victim of some bias against women. Or, she’s blissfully ignorant. She just didn’t know. She’s not sophisticated in her understanding of this high-tech stuff, that she didn’t recognize the checkmark up there or she didn’t recognize where it said “top secret” or whatever the marking is.

No, of course not.  She’s only secretary of state, for crying out loud.  She’s only traveling the world representing and negotiating foreign policy.  She only established the policy that got rid of Moammar Khadafy and left Libya exposed, where four Americans ultimately died.  Yeah, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Now, that could be true in the sense of how you define smart, ’cause I don’t think she is very smart.

But let’s not forget, 1992, some of you weren’t old enough or weren’t even born yet.  When this woman came on the scene, do not doubt me, the media narrative on her was that she was the Smartest Woman in the World.  She had come out of Wellesley, she had come out of Yale, she could have been anything, she could have done anything, is why people say they were shocked when she married that hayseed from Arkansas named Bill Clinton.

But she’s never been anything but the Smartest Woman in the World.  I’ve talked about this I don’t know how many times. I know Republicans and conservatives scared to death of this woman, scared to death.  And it isn’t because they think she’s not sophisticated.  It isn’t because they think she’s stupid.  But she gets into trouble enough or she fails enough, like when she does poorly in a primary, what do they chalk it up to?  Sexism, like Don Lemon did.  Sexism.

She throws that sexism victim card right down, starts crying, starts talking about how hard it’s been. She was raising Chelsea, she was doing her best, and her husband was doing that, and the attacks are so mean and so cruel, the attacks are so vicious.  And she hung in there. And then the other thing they do is say she didn’t know, she’s ignorant, she’s not up to speed.  I don’t know how any of it jibes with the Smartest Woman in the World.  Anyway, Steve, I appreciate call.


OUT 1:47.)


RUSH:  And back to California.  This is Barbara in Palo Cedro, California.  Great to have you with us.  How you doing?

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Thank you so much for being the voice for us. You know, if everybody would just think outside the box and not think about the political Democrat-Republican thing, the main thing is that they would never convict her because Obama was surely aware of her setup. And he would have to be called in to testify, and his legacy’s at stake.  So just like Trump said, the whole thing is a mess, very dangerous, and —

RUSH:  Wait, wait.  I want to make sure I understand. Your theory is it that people need to look at this in the real-world sense; throw Republican and Democrat out.  If Comey recommended Hillary be indicted, and if — and this is a stretch — Loretta Lynch went ahead and indicted her, that Obama would be the first witness, and therefore none of that’s gonna happen?

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  That’s your theory and you’re sticking to it?

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  You know, he’s out there saying, “You know what?” He’s pulling every little thing he said. “This isn’t gonna happen to my legacy.”

RUSH:  Well, he’s out there saying for the last six months: Hillary didn’t do anything wrong.

CALLER:  Oh, yeah! Of course.

RUSH:  So that sends a message to Comey, by the way.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  For the six months, he’s been saying, “She didn’t do anything wrong! There’s nothing to see here! She didn’t traffic in all this data. There was nothing wrong.” So here comes the FBI director, “Oh, yes, she did”?  That isn’t gonna happen.

CALLER:  Oh, yeah. He’s painted himself in a corner and, you know, being the president and how he’s handled things, he thinks he’s king anyway.

RUSH:  Well, he is!

CALLER:  Yeah.  And so, you know, who’s gonna go against him?  So he’s pressing the buttons because she’s basically saying, “You know what? I go down; you go down.”  And his legacy, you know —

RUSH:  Well, you know, you throw that out flippantly, but let me tell you something.  This goes both ways.  I wonder what both have on each other.

CALLER:  Right. It’s a very dangerous thing, because this is not a normal time in our century, so to speak, that they can just kind of, you know, say, “Oh, well, it’s gonna work out.  We can kumbaya stuff.”  There’s people out there wanting to blow the world to hell, and people better start really thinking about the world in general, the other children that need a chance.

RUSH:  Let me tell you something. You say that, but… (sigh) I’m not trying to throw cold water. You’re absolutely right; don’t misunderstand.  But do you realize how many people of this country have been educated, have grown up, who have been taught that, yeah, we’re at risk and there’s a lot of people that want to blow us up and don’t like us. But we are to blame, Barbara.  That’s what they’ve been taught.  We are to blame, ’cause there was slavery, because we’ve stolen all these goods and resources from other countries. We have imposed our way of life on them! We’ve sent our military around, and we’ve conducted wars on their territory and so forth.  I mean, we’ve had two generations of kids now who’ve grown up being taught that the United States has this coming, so to speak.


RUSH: FBI Director James Comey — do you know this is still going on? How many Clinton crimes — not the right way to put this — how many congressional investigations have there been into Clinton activity?  And this is still going on.  They are still querying Comey, and again the subject is something to do with a Clinton.  You know, I said the other day it’s striking to me after all of these years how the Clintons still get the benefit of the doubt on all of this.

You know, some bimbo will pop up or there will be a report that a bimbo’s gonna pop up — you know what people are looking at now?  Those 26 flights that Clinton took on the Lolita Express, Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted pedophile, that’s his private 727, all those trips.  He’s got a private island in the Caribbean near the US Virgin Islands called Orgy Island.  He didn’t name it that.  And Clinton’s on this airplane 26 times.

originalNow, stop and think of what we know about Epstein and what he’s pled guilty to in a plea deal.  We know there were underage girls that were brought in as massage therapists.  We know that some of the girls have become women who have sued, who have alleged local police authorities in Palm Beach County amassed all kinds of evidence, but the state attorney had no interest in prosecuting, they cut a deal.  Anyway, here’s Epstein who’s under house arrest for 13 months, there’s no question about it, that he was trafficking in minor girls that are being used for sexual purposes.  Bill Clinton’s on the plane 26 times.

In fact, there was a story yesterday that this Epstein guy, as part of his filing to the court on his plea deal to get house arrest and basically lenient treatment, said that he was one of the cofounders of the Clinton Global Initiative.  Now, there’s no evidence that’s true, but he cited it as a means of giving himself credibility.  My point is this.  You have this known pedophile who flies all over the world, he’s a hedge fund guy, a huge Democrat donor, has given a lot of money to universities, science departments and so forth as a means of buying, purchasing good grace.

But the point is that this guy, Bill Clinton’s been all over the place with this guy, 26 different trips on the plane.  And everybody knows what was going on, but for some reason when it might be suggested that Bill Clinton was also engaged in whatever was going on, “No, no, no, no.”  Clinton defenders say, “No, no, it would never happen.”  Well, wait a minute.  Why the benefit of the doubt?  You go through the women, you got Paula Jones, you got Kathleen Willey, you got Gennifer Flowers, you got Dolly Kyle, you got Juanita Broaddrick.

originalYou got all of these women and more who tried to come forward, that Hillary tried to destroy, the bimbo eruptions unit.  So the idea that Bill Clinton has had affairs, the idea that Bill Clinton is a serial philanderer, not even disputed, but yet gets the benefit of the doubt flying around with a known pedophile on his jet 26 different trips.  “Oh, oh, oh, oh, Bill Clinton would never.”  How does he earn the benefit of the doubt?

How does Hillary get the benefit of the doubt when Comey says, “You know what?  I just didn’t see a sophisticated knowledge. I didn’t see in Mrs. Clinton a understanding of classified markings on emails.”  How in the world do they get the benefit of the doubt?  How many congressional hearings have there been over the course of the last two and a half decades looking into actions taken by, perpetrated by the Clintons?  And yet they continue to get the benefit of the doubt.

“Oh, no.  No, no, no.  Hillary would never knowingly traffic in classified data.  Bill Clinton would never, ever knowingly put any woman in a dangerous situation.  Oh, no, it would never happen.”  How? It seems like that’s the stretch. The stretch is not believing that Hillary would traffic in this stuff and intended to.  That’s the stretch.  The stretch is believing that they didn’t do it any of this stuff.  The slam dunk way to look at it is, of course, they did.  I can answer my own question and get the benefit of the doubt because the left circles the wagons around their people like they did Dan Rather, like they do everybody.

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