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Global Warming Crowd May Have to Change to Global Cooling

RUSH:  Yeah, I didn’t get to it with enough time in detail here, but I can give you the heads up on this.  This is from a website called Watts Up With That?  It’s a science-oriented website. “Are Scientists Preparing for a FlipFlop Back to Global Cooling Predictions?”

Now, Roy Spencer on his website last week posted that he has had to change his prediction about this year being a very warm year because we’ve experienced the second greatest drop in temperature in the past few months in 38 years.  Temperatures are plummeting.  There hasn’t been any warming.  And what this story alleges here is that global warming scientists will never gonna give up the climate change meme because it’s political. 

And, of course, the climate is always changing.  It’s never static.  And who’s to say that where we are right now is what is supposedly normal and anything up or down is bad?  But, nevertheless, since it isn’t warming, they’re getting ready here to change now and say global cooling, as in 1979, is actually very likely, and that is gonna be the same devastating climate change as global warming would be, we’re causing it, what have you.  They’re not giving up anything; they’re just changing, because the warming that their models predicted is not happening.

August 1st Will Mark 28 Years of EIB

RUSH:  And here we are, folks, back at it, El Rushbo, serving humanity simply by showing up here behind the Golden EIB Microphone, the most listened to radio talk show in America coming up on 28 years on August 1st.  No, there’s not gonna be some big anniversary powwow.  

Trump Handled the Sheriff’s Badge Attacks Perfectly

RUSH: Not the Star of David thing.  The Star of David thing, actually Trump did the right thing on that.  I’m talking about something else.  The Star of David, that tweet, the six point star is also a sheriff’s badge, right?  So Hillary Clinton is trying to make that, or Democrats tried to make that as something anti-Semitic, ah, what a crock. 

I think the point of that was that Trump got a lot of beneficial free media by that thing being tweeted and Fakebooked and however it was distributed out there because what was important about that was the allegation he was making about her, and it was seen.  The Democrats tried to turn it into Trump being anti-Semitic, but no, but I’m not talking about that.  I think that could actually end up being a net positive, though.  But if you do nothing but listen to the media you think Trump stepped in it ’cause the media’s trying to turn that into Trump’s an anti-Semite, Trump’s this, Trump’s that.  You got to guard against that.  

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