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“Republicans or conservatives, when it comes to judging, when it comes to legalities, try to do the right thing even if it harms their interests. Democrats never do. And that was on display yesterday.”

“Everybody on the left, you know what they’re laughing about? You know what they’re smiling about?  Hillary got away with it. As long as she didn’t go to jail, she’s fine. If she’s criminal and gets away with it, that’s okay with them on the left. They don’t care.” 

“Hillary’s okay if they can’t prove any criminality or if nobody wants to charge her with it, then whatever she did is fine. They just don’t throw people overboard, and we do.”  

“There’s a part of the Republican movement that believes if we just show that we’re fair and impeccable, then we will get credit from those who think we’re all these horrible things, and maybe they won’t hate us as much. I’m so sick of that motivation. I’m so sick of that reasoning.” 

“One thing I do know, you can’t change hatred by showing those people that they’re wrong about us. That’s not gonna work. You can’t go out and adopt Democrat policies all the way or halfway to show that you’re not what they think you are. They have to be defeated. We cannot find a way to mutually coexist with them. We cannot meet ’em halfway.” 

“Trump is out now thinking about responding to her attacks on his way of running a business, penchant she says for filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the way he ‘rigged’ his casino operations to get paid no matter who else lost money. And I know that he’s gonna respond to it; he can’t help it.  That’s who he is.  But I hope that he doesn’t get taken off message.” 

“I am really concerned that a lot of Americans think the biggest enemy that we have is the Republican Party. And I’m not trying to be funny and I’m not trying to be outrageous and I’m not trying to be extreme to get your attention. This is what they hear.” 

“Joe Biden can’t even give a speech without plagiarizing somebody or putting his foot in his mouth. ‘Stand up, Chuck! Let ’em see you in your wheelchair there, Chuck!  Hey… Oh, my God.  Oh, God bless you, Chuck. Let’s everybody stand up for Chuck, since Chuck can’t stand up and I’m an idiot.'”  

“Temperatures are plummeting. There hasn’t been any warming. The global warming crowd is getting ready here to change now and say global cooling, as in 1979, is actually very likely — and that is gonna be the same devastating climate change as global warming would be, and we’re causing it.” 

“Careful crooks control the flow of information. Careful crooks destroy and attempt to destroy evidence. Careful crooks have powerful friends to grease the skids. Careful crooks break laws and are not held accountable. There’s no question that Hillary Clinton had intent.” 

“Obama started talking about Donald Trump and started stuttering like crazy again. He was going off on Trump. I’m guaranteeing you, Trump is living rent free in Obama’s sizable head.” 

“Liberalism, socialism, communism, they scare me. They frighten me because of what they portend life to become should they become dominant governmental mandates, should it become the way our government is operating. Because it all equals the loss of liberty.” 

“No matter how you slice it, the advent of liberalism, the spread of liberalism must, in order to spread, in order to grow, people have to lose freedom, people have to lose liberty, because liberalism is the amassing of power at the government level and as much as they can get. And in order for them to have it, they have to take it.” 

“The Constitution is written to limit the power of that government. And the rule of law would be the respect for that Constitution and its intentions because that Constitution is the defining mechanism for the United States of America as the kind of country it was founded to be and intended to be.”

“There are forces that never liked The Constitution, understand that, forces constantly want to undue it, there’s a process for it. It’s called elections, and it’s called amending the Constitution. But the left doesn’t go about amending it that way. They just usurp power. They just take people’s liberty and freedom away, under the guise of granting more security, more goodies, being Santa Claus or what have you.”

“When you get to the point now where just because you happen to hold elective office or just because you happen to be a member of a particular party, that you are above the law, that you cannot only escape law, but you can expect that you’re gonna escape the law. When you can behave with relative assurance that you’re not gonna be held accountable to it, then we’re on the verge of losing it, and that’s exactly what this is. That’s exactly what Hillary Clinton has been permitted to do.”

“There are people who have been charged and convicted and are serving jail time for doing 10% what Hillary Clinton has done.”

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