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“I hope none of you are depressed. I’m sure a lot of you are. I told you that we were being played through this whole Hillary Clinton email scandal. There was no way Barack Hussein O was going to put Hillary Clinton on Air Force One today and fly to a campaign rally if the FBI was about to indict her.”

“It’s gonna be up to Trump and the Republicans now to prosecute Hillary on this email scandal. It’s gonna be up to them to make campaign issues out of all these things: The lack of concern, the laziness, whatever charges you want to make about her unfitness for office and her lack of attention to necessary detail when handling classified and top secret material.”

“The willful suspension of common sense is what is necessary to get through each and every day when the country’s run by a bunch of leftists and globalists and statists. In order to maintain your sanity, you have to willfully suspend your common sense, because everything they do is in utter defiance of that.” 

“Indictment or not, Crooked Hillary allowed top secret information to be open to attack by foreign governments, and WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, who’s still holed up in the Ecuador embassy in Britain, in London, said he’s got enough information to get her indicted. Of course, that’s a moot point now, but he’s gonna keep releasing things.”

“I still maintain to you that if Obama had run a campaign based on exactly what’s happened, promised he was going to do exactly what he’s done, he would not have been elected.”

“Here we have a Democrat Party administration which does not believe in transparency, which wants to hide everything it does, cannot even be honest and open about its agenda if it wants to win elections.”

“We are dealing with a politicized Department of Justice. Their objective is to shield Mrs. Clinton. Now, I know Director James Comey’s reputation is what it is. But, I’m sorry, I don’t know how you conclude anything else given what he also said at his presser.”

“The Democrat Party, the American left cannot be honest. They have to use subterfuge. They have to deceive. They have to lie.”

“I find it ironic that here we have an appellate court decision saying that government officials cannot use private email accounts to evade records laws, and the same day the FBI says: Nothing to see here.”

“I guess Hillary Clinton will be as ignorant as the day is long if it avoids an indictment or charges, ’cause at the end of the day the bottom line is what counts, and she’s scot-free here. But, for crying out loud, how can somebody eminently qualified to be secretary of state not know what she’s doing? Is that gonna be the defense?”

“This is the Democrat Party, for crying out loud. They use government to get their way. They use government to advance their agenda. They use government to protect their people. They use government to cover up whatever they do to advance their agenda.” 

“Isn’t it interesting how the whole issue of intent seems to be relevant when it involves Democrats in government?  So does this mean that they discovered that Petraeus intended to share classified information with his mistress and that that’s why they got him?”

“”Who cares about intent; what did Hillary Clinton actually do? I mean, that’s the common sense reaction here.”

They want you dispirited. They want you down. They want you giving up. They want you thinking you can’t get them, not just the Clintons, but Obama, anybody. They want you thinking that you are powerless to stop them. They’ve done this enough that they’ve had, I think, a successful run at turning people off of politics and dispiriting them. And don’t let that happen to you, folks.”

“I first heard of James Comey back when he was John Ashcroft’s aide. He was one of his top deputies. Ashcroft is from Missouri. He has impeccable character. And so Comey benefits from that in terms of my knowledge.”

“The Clintons and the Democrats don’t want us to be able to find out what they’re really doing. They don’t want there to be an email report that shows why $100 million has been given to them by foreign governments, for example. They don’t want that record known. But we know that it happened.” 

“Hillary Clinton was grossly negligent in handling classified top secret information. And to exonerate her because she didn’t intend to? Let me know the next time any of you ever charged with a crime are allowed to skate on it because you didn’t know, or you didn’t intend to do what you did. Let me know how that works for you. ‘Cause I don’t know of it working for anybody.”    

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