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RUSH: We have a 12-year-old Rush Baby named James from Conway, Massachusetts, on the phone.  Hi, James.  How are you today?

CALLER:  Good, how are you, Mr. Limbaugh?

RUSH:  I’m very, very fine.  Thank you very much.  It’s a pleasure to have you on the program today.

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH:  So what’s up?

CALLER:  Well, I had an idea for your next book, unless you’re already making it, then your next-next book.  It’s about Christopher Columbus.

RUSH:  Christopher Columbus.


RUSH:  Why do you think we should do a book on Christopher Columbus?

CALLER:  Well, because there’s lots of people and kids that I’ve met that hate him. They call him horrible, racist, a psycho-maniac, a killer, a slave owner.

RUSH:  How old are you, James, 12?

CALLER:  Yeah, 12.

RUSH:  Twelve years old.  And you know people that have called Christopher Columbus horrible, racist, a psycho-maniac —

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH: — killer and a slave owner?

CALLER:  Yeah.  It’s basically my whole school, sadly.

RUSH:  I don’t doubt that.  Now, don’t misunderstand my question:  How do you know that he wasn’t?

CALLER:  Well, we have this book at our house that kind of documented his whole entire journey —

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  — and everything he did, and when we read the book we found nothing in there about that.

RUSH:  I want to make sure I understand, because, if I’m right about this, you are an incredibly gifted and advanced young man.  At age 12, you already know some of the truthful aspects of Christopher Columbus and his voyages to the New World. And you’re also aware of how certain people have attempted to lie about that, and, in your case, have persuaded a bunch of other people your age that Christopher Columbus was all those horrible things you said?


RUSH:  I think that’s incredible.  Do you know why?  Have you told your parents about this?  Do you know why these things are being said about Christopher Columbus?

CALLER:  Well, not entirely, but I think it has something to do with they don’t like any of the new finding of something, exploration.  They want to have it all be equal and stuff like that.

RUSH:  Well, you’re close.  Let me tell you, it’s been going on for a long time. You’re exactly right, by the way.  Don’t misunderstand; I’m not arguing with you.  I’m trying to find out exactly how extensive this is even within your school and within the people you know that are your age.  This has been going on, James, this effort to taint and to criticize, impugn, to destroy everything good about all of the traditions associated with the founding of America and the arrival of Western civilization on this continent.  That’s why this is all happening.

And it’s happening because of a phenomenon called multiculturalism.  And that thing, multiculturalism, has basically taken over the curriculum, or what is taught in the public school system.  So Christopher Columbus was all of those horrible things, and, further, even people that came to America after Columbus — I’m sure you’re gonna be taught, if you haven’t already, that the people that were here, the Native Americans were beautiful, they were wonderful, they were at one with nature, and these evil white Europeans like Columbus came in and killed them and took them, imprisoned them, stole what was theirs, took it for ourselves.

Their point is to undermine as much of the greatness, historical greatness and tradition that led to the founding of the United States.  That’s what they want people your age, kids your age at 12 years, to think this.  The purpose of teaching them is so that they do not think America is such a great place.  That’s the objective of teaching this stuff.  And that’s only the beginning.  As you stay in school, you’re gonna hear much more like this about people that came way after Christopher Columbus.  I can’t tell you how flattered I am that you want me to do a Rush Revere book to correct this.

CALLER:  Well, actually I had heard all about the evil white people coming to take away everything and stealing all their gold and their houses and their babies.  I didn’t get it.  I thought it was just an exploration for new land.

RUSH:  Do you go home and you tell your parents about this?

CALLER:  Oh, yeah.  Yeah.  Yes.  I tell my parents everything that happens at school.

RUSH:  Right.  And they take the time to tell you how they don’t believe what you’re being taught is true?

CALLER:  Yes.  They do.  They take the time to tell me why they don’t believe this, that that isn’t really a true thing, because we have all these old books in our house of explorations and travels and finding this new land.

RUSH:  James, let me ask you this.  Some of the people that you have heard say these things about Columbus and the other things you just mentioned, the things that were supposedly very, very bad about the people who discovered and founded America, has it been teachers in addition to the students who have said these things?


RUSH:  Yeah.  That’s what I was —

CALLER:  There are a couple of teachers that are all just, “Christopher Columbus is evil” and, “There should be no holiday called Christopher Columbus Day. It should be Indigenous People’s Day.”  I don’t get it.

RUSH:  Do you know what “indigenous people” means?

CALLER:  No.  But it doesn’t really sound like a good thing.

RUSH:  Well, indigenous means the people who were here before Columbus got here and destroyed everything.  Indigenous people in this case would be — well, Columbus actually discovered the Caribbean before — but to the extent that he discovered America, they’re talking about Native Americans or Indians, so should be Indigenous People’s Day, not Columbus Day.  James, the whole point of this — and you sound mature enough to hear this because obviously your parents are trying to counter what is being taught, you are going to hear more of this, because this has become the standard curriculum in the public school system.

You’re gonna hear things like this.  You’re gonna hear about how the Americans have destroyed the planet with climate change, our entire political system, our economic system has created poverty all over the world.  By the time they finish with you, their objective is to get you doubting everything good about this country.  That’s what they want for you and your classmates.

They want you to not believe any of the greatness.  They don’t want you to have any pride.  They want you to feel guilty. They want you to feel like you need to get into action to correct all these wrongs that your ancestors, James, brought with them.  And it’s a horrible thing.  It’s not true.  It’s so made up, and it’s just a pack of lies, all done for political objectives.

CALLER:  And then they also teach us fake history so we make the same mistakes as in the past, which then —

RUSH:  Yeah, exactly.

CALLER:  Exactly.

RUSH:  They’re trying to tell you that what your parents learned, what your grandparents learned was a bunch of lies and they’re telling you the truth now.

CALLER:  They’re somehow telling us the truth.

RUSH:  Right.

CALLER:  They’re telling us that climate change is going to kill us all. Global warming will melt the polar ice caps and the world will spin out of control.  It’s really odd.  I don’t get it at all.

RUSH:  Folks, 12 years old.  I mean, you probably have 12-year-old kids yourselves listening to this.  This is exactly why we write the Rush Revere books.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that you want us to do a book on this.

CALLER:  Thank you.

RUSH:  I’m also really encouraged that it is not working on you or your parents.

CALLER:  No, I just hate it, all the liberal lies and the communist idea of everything should be equal and then once everything’s equal we’re stuck with the same stuff.  Everyone has the same clothes, shoes.

RUSH:  No, but you won’t, that’s the thing.  There’s no such thing as equality.  No two people are the same.  You will not have the same clothes. Well, they might put you in a uniform, but don’t ever fall for this notion.  No two things are equal. No two people are equal. Nobody can guarantee equal outcomes unless everybody’s poor.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  The only way they can do it, and that’s how it works in these utopian countries where there’s socialism supposedly made up of compassionate leaders. If you go anywhere in these countries people live in poverty, they live in tyranny, they do not have freedom to act or to think.  You’re gonna be bombarded with this as you get older.  You have a wonderful foundation to resist it.  I hope you’re able to —

CALLER:  I’m being bombarded already.  They’re saying that whatever I choose is wrong. Because I don’t believe in climate change, I mean, I believe in natural climate change like the seasons changing, but man-made climate change, they just want me to believe, they want me to believe in global warming, they want me to believe in —

RUSH:  Let me tell you something, James.  I had an appointment after my program yesterday, and I was standing in line waiting for my turn at the counter, and the person I was gonna be talking to at the counter was telling me, “Somebody behind you is talking to you, Mr. Limbaugh.”  And I couldn’t hear ’em because of my hearing.  So I turned around, and it was a woman who was telling me what a big fan she was of my program.  She’d just come to the dentist’s office, she was holding her cheek, she was in a lot of pain.  She said, “I need to ask you a question.  Everybody is telling me Donald Trump is going to destroy the stock market if he’s elected.”

This is an adult woman, James.  “Ma’am, wait a minute.  Do you mean that Trump is personally going to do what he can to destroy the stock market, or that his election will be so bad that the stock market will die and plunge just because he won?”

And she said, “No, he purposely wants to destroy the stock market.”

This is an adult woman.  And I said to her, I said, “Ma’am” — and she wants Trump to win.  She’s a Trump supporter.  She’s an adult woman.  She’s believing this stuff.  She hears this stuff from her friends. As an example, I said, “You just gotta stop and think about that.  There’s no way one person can destroy the stock market.”  I said, “If Donald Trump gave the order to create climate change to melt the polar ice caps, we could not do it.  We do not have the power to do it.”

Global warming, climate change, you’re exactly right, it’s a total — I was reading my tech blogs, don’t hang up, James. I was reading my tech blogs yesterday when I got home.  I was in line at the bank.  (interruption) You don’t believe I stand in line?  I was in line.  There was a person in front of me at the bank.  How long was I in line?  Ten minutes.  That’s why I ended up talking to the woman behind me.  Anyway, I got home and I’m reading my tech blog, and it’s what I’ve quoted before, and they’re saying, “Well, this is it, we just got the news that it’s too late to save the planet now.”

It was some UN agency that issued a report saying we’re beyond the point of return here.  And there was a picture of a polar bear on a little, tiny block of ice, which is a fraudulent — there are more polar bears than ever. The arctic ice caps are not melting.  There’s so much garbage out there.

James, do you have all of the Rush Revere books? Have you read them all?

CALLER:  Yes, I have.  My favorite one is the Star-Spangled Banner.

RUSH:  Cool.  If you’ll hang on, Mr. Snerdley will get your address.  We want to put together a little goody package that I want to send out to you that’s got some related things. Do you have an iPad?

CALLER:  Yeah, but it doesn’t work at all.

RUSH:  Well, I’ll send you an iPad that works, if your parents don’t mind.  I’m sure they won’t mind.

CALLER:  No.  No, they don’t mind that.

RUSH:  Cool.  All right.

CALLER:  They wanted me to call you and talk to you.

RUSH:  Well, let me tell you something.  You keep listening, because I’ve got a story here — I had it from yesterday — it’s a Wall Street Journal story.  “Few Top Schools Require History Majors to Study American History.”

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