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RUSH: We’ve gotta get to audio sound bite number one, because Obama went on a tirade yesterday on populism. He went on a tirade on everything that is Trump but he never mentioned Trump’s name.  And Jake Tapper over at CNN reporting on this described this as Trump living rent free in Obama’s brain. Another phrase popularized on this program is now entering the mainstream media lexicon.  Here’s Jake Tapper describing this.  This kicks it off.

TAPPER:  It is one of the grandest ironies of this political year is that a giant real estate developer in New York is currently living rent free in President Obama’s head.  Whatever the topic is, President Obama is eager to go after the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, whether the topic is ISIS after the Orlando shootings, or the topic is trade. Or, in this case, the question was about clean energy, and President Obama wanted to give a lesson as to what populism truly is.

RUSH:  Yes, we did invent it here because that’s where I live, too.  I live rent free in the Clintons’ brains and have been since the early 1990s.  We popularized the phrase here.  So, anyway, I guess Obama had a summit meeting there.  He was in Ottawa.  He had the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, the Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto, and these people are called by the media “the three amigos.”  Not me. 

Do you know who the original three amigos were?  Three wide receivers, Denver Broncos, back during the John Elway era.  Their names escape me at the moment. There might be some movie, Three Amigos, way back when, I don’t remember.  But that was my first awareness of some group of people being called the three amigos.  Anyway, Obama and these two guys are called the three amigos in their summit.  We have a montage here, Trump-obsessed media.  First question after they made their perfunctory remarks after their summit, each of the three amigos, the first question to each of them was about Trump.

MAN:  (Spanish) Donald Trump.

MAN:  One of the candidates who wants to replace President Obama has already said he wants to renegotiate NAFTA.

WOMAN:  You seem to be quite careful when you talk about Mr. Trump.

RUSH:  So the first three questions, those are the first questions each of the three amigos got about Trump.  So first we now go to President Obama who’s obsessed with Trump.  He’s obsessed with Trump and what Trump might do to unravel whatever great things Obama’s done. 

So he goes on a rant here about immigration and populism.  A reporter says, “President Obama, I’d like to ask you how the election process is going in the US.  There’s an anti-immigrant, anti-Mexican rhetoric by Donald Trump.  I’d like to ask you, did you address this issue during your meeting with the two other amigos, and how can you bring sense, the agreements that you have described and the positive outcomes of your trilateral relationship?”

OBAMA:  Unless you are a Native American, somebody somewhere in your past showed up from someplace else, and they didn’t always have papers.  We’ve had times throughout our history where anti-immigration sentiment is exploited by demagogues.  It was directed at the Irish.  It was directed at Poles and Italians.  They’re different.  They’re not gonna fit.  They won’t assimilate.  They bring crime.  Guess what?  They kept coming.  And they kept coming because America offered possibility for their children and their grandchildren, and even if they were initially discriminated against, they understood that our system will, over time, allow them to become part of this one American family.

RUSH:  What is this, unless you are a Native American, somebody somewhere in your past showed up from somewhere else.  I know what it means. I know what he’s saying.  Every one of you white people here was an illegal immigrant that came here and stole everything from the Native Americans.  But that’s not factually correct.  They came here from somewhere else, too.  They weren’t born here.  They came over across the Aleutians and down Canada and so forth.  They displaced some people that were here. 

The Vikings got here before the Native Americans did and decided there was nothing here.  What, do you doubt me on this?  You don’t think the Vikings got here before the Native Americans?  That’s not what they told you in school?  They told you that the Native Americans were — (interruption) right.  I understand.  At one with the land, at one with nature. They told you they were the only ones ever here?  You were taught that the Native Americans were the only ones who had ever been here?  But the Vikings did not steal their land.  The Vikings came and left.  Now, the white guys that came and showed up were the Christopher Columbus gang and the people that came after him.  That’s who we’re talking about when you talk about the white guys. 

They brought the horses. They brought syphilis. They brought homophobia. They brought sexism. They brought climate change.  It’s Christopher Columbus and his gang.  The Vikings showed up. They went to Minnesota and said, you know, it gets too hot here in the summer and left.  Obama wasn’t through.  He kept on going with this rant against Trump and immigration.

OBAMA:  I’m not prepared to concede the notion that some of the rhetoric that’s been popping up is populist.  When I ran in 2008, and the reason I ran again, and the reason even after I leave this office I will continue to work in some capacity in public service, is because I care about people, and I want to make sure every kid in America has the same opportunities that I had. And I care about poor people who are working really hard and don’t have a chance to advance.  And I care about workers being able to have a collective voice in the workplace and get their fair share of the pie.  I suppose that makes me a populist.

RUSH:  Wrongo, big guy.  You haven’t even gotten close to describing populism.  You have described uber-socialism here.  But this whole notion, “I care about people.”  They get away with this. The left, the Democrats, liberals get away with this, that they’re the only ones with compassion.  And just look around you.  Are any of their constituent groups happy?  Have they ever gotten close to the promised utopia?  If you ask me, every Democrat constituent group is angrier today than they were when Obama was inaugurated eight years ago, or seven and a half, whatever it is. 

I mean, there’s genuine rage out there, and it’s the left that’s fit to be tied.  There certainly isn’t any cheerfulness. There certainly isn’t any happiness. There certainly isn’t any laughter out there.  Even leftist comedians are ticked off and enraged.  And Obama, social justice is what populism is?  He doesn’t know what populism is. 

He’s scared.  These people are all scared of Trump.  If Trump’s this boob that doesn’t have a chance, if Trump is this charlatan that has no idea what he’s doing and has no idea how to run a campaign, why in the world are they so worried?

We’ll be right back, folks.


RUSH:  The Denver Broncos Three Amigos, Vance Jackson, Mark Johnson, and Rickey Nattiel.  Those are the Three Amigo wide receivers for Elway back in the eighties?  I’ll say 1980s.  

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