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Mitt Romney: I Might Write In My Wife’s Name for President

RUSH: You know, Romney is running around talking about how Trump’s no good, not gonna vote for Trump. He might write in his wife’s name.  Sportswriter: “God Bless America” Is a Song That Offends Everyone

RUSH: Does the name Gersh Kuntzman ring a bell to anybody?  It shouldn’t.  He’s a sports writer and columnist for the New York Daily News.  He has a column in the New York Daily News today: “Major League Baseball Must Permanently Retire ‘God Bless America,’ a Song That Offends Everyone. 

“It’s time for God to stop blessing America during the seventh-inning stretch. Welcome to the July 4 holiday weekend — when once again, baseball fans will be assaulted by the saccharine-sweet non-anthem ‘God Bless America’ at stadia all over this great land. But no matter which home team you root, root, root for, ‘God Bless America’ should be sent permanently to the bench.

“Now, don’t get me wrong: When Major League Baseball ordered all teams to play the patriotic jingle after 9/11, I didn’t immediately object. Standing with my fellow fans, as one, and singing a paean to our country provided catharsis, comfort and shared heartache. But it wasn’t long before heartache became headache. The Yankees still play it at every game, but most teams, like my beloved Mets, play ‘God Bless America’ only on Sundays or holidays. But even that’s too much.”

What would prompt somebody to write a piece like this?  We are on the verge of the Fourth of July weekend.  Okay, say you want to ban it, but to describe it as a song that offends everyone, saccharin sweet non-anthem, patriotic jingle, God Bless America.  It’s just another little bit of evidence to demonstrate to people exactly where the Democrat Party, America’s progressives, the left, whatever you want to call ’em, direction they want to take this country and how desperately they are to transform it and how eager they are to erase all of the deep roots of our founding which give us and our country its genuine identity and meaning.

Not So Cruel Summer: I’ll Be Here Tomorrow, Folks

RUSH:  That’s Bananarama here.  Their best song was Cruel Summer.  This is okay, but Cruel Summer’s better.  Folks, we will be here tomorrow.  A lot of lesser people take the day off and score an extra weekend day, but not us.  We’re gonna be here.  So you be here.  Open Line Friday.  See you tomorrow.

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