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“Isn’t Loretta Lynch meeting Bill Clinton one of those circumstances where the left would say, ‘No, no, no, it’s about the seriousness of the charge. The nature of the evidence is irrelevant. It’s the seriousness of the charge’? And I don’t believe that. I think this thing was set up long ago. I don’t think this was happenstance at all, ladies and gentlemen.” 

“Some people are suggesting Loretta Lynch may have to recuse herself. That makes me laugh. If that were to happen, there’s not a single Democrat judge on the Supreme Court that could hear any case. They’re all compromised. They don’t recuse themselves. It’s the exact opposite. They are there to make sure that whatever needs to happen can happen.” 

“If it’s corrupt, if it’s on the edges of the law, fine and dandy, because the advancement of the Democrat agenda and the protection of its players — in this case, Hillary Clinton — trumps everything.” 

“The Democrat Party, there’s nothing moderate about it anymore. There’s nothing mainstream about it. There isn’t a non-radical in the bunch, no matter where you go and it seems like it’s happened overnight” 

“I could understand the Aspen Ideas conference. I can understand the Aspen Ideas Symposium, but the Aspen Ideas Festival? What do you think of when you think festival? I don’t put John Kerry at it. And I certainly don’t put John Kerry talking about ideas at anything called a festival. But they do.”

“If Hillary Clinton loses, if the left, if the Democrats lose, it won’t matter so much who wins. It’s the fact that they’ve lost, they’re not gonna tolerate it. And they won’t be any condemnation of it. The media will tell us we must understand the rage.”   

“After so many victories, after so much social justice accomplishment in the eight years of Obama, the election of Donald Trump could witness the reversal of all of it, and that is gonna make people go bananas.” 

“Obama accuses Trump of doing things that Obama’s never done. Obama’s never created a job. Obama’s never met a payroll.”

“Obama said Trump has never, ever done anything for social justice. And I said, well, another reason to vote for him.”   

“Social justice is just another euphemism for socialism. Another name for big-time liberalism. Social justice? Social justice is anti-democratic solutions to grievances that a bunch of malcontents whine about constantly.”

“I want you to fast forward to Trump winning the presidency in November. I want you to think, using your intelligence guided by experience, what’s gonna happen that night?  What’s gonna happen the next day?  What’s going to happen every day thereafter?  What’s gonna happen the day Trump gets inaugurated?  What is the left gonna do? They’re not gonna just sit idly by and accept this and say, ‘Good fight.  We gave it everything we had, but we lost.’ They’re gonna do everything they can to undermine it. And I think we’re gonna see levels of violence that we have not seen.”

“Petitions are indicative of a desire to dictate. You don’t petition things expressing your desires. You do a petition because you’re trying to bully. You are trying to use the show of force to intimidate the recipients of your petition into doing what you want. You are trying to dictate. That’s what the purpose of a petition is.”

“Well, history is being made as we speak. The defense secretary is lifting the ban on transgenders in the military. You know why? So that we now as taxpayers will have the privilege of paying for sex change procedures. Oh, you don’t think — ask Chelsea Manning about that, if you doubt me.”

“Social justice is automatically granting minorities majority status. That’s all it is. Granting them things they can’t possibly win in a democratic vote.” 

“The greatest example of greed that you will ever run into, without exception, is Democrats running the United States government. That is where greed is.”

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