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Al Qaeda has responded to Obama’s refusal to say the words “Islamic terrorism” to describe Islamic terrorism.

AQAP, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, has released an operational memo titled “Inspire Guide: Orlando Operation.” They instruct their fellow Islamic terrorists: “Avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found.”

The likely reason? If Islamists hit places with minorities, including gays and Latinos, the Obama Regime will do what they did after Orlando: they’ll refuse to credit Islamic terrorism. They’ll call the attack a “hate crime,” or “gun violence.” Sit-ins will commence in Congress to change the subject to guns.

So, Al Qaeda advises Islamic terrorists to increase “lone wolf” attacks and, these are their words, target “areas where the Anglo-Saxton community is generally concentrated.” In other words: Hit white people. 

It is clear these Islamic terrorists are listening to Obama, and are frustrated they’re not getting credit for their work, which they believe is all about their religion. Maybe they’re worried they won’t get their promised 73 raisins? They figure by targeting white people, Obama can’t go off on a tangent.

Obviously, America’s mission should be to defeat Islamic terrorism at every turn, be they Al Qaeda, ISIS, or any other offshoot. We don’t want them killing any American, minority or majority.

But words mean things. And the Obama Regime’s shameful response, of refusing to call Islamic terrorism what it is, just inflames them more! And gets more people killed, and targeted. 

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