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RUSH:  Well, history is being made as we speak.  The Defense Secretary is lifting the ban on transgenders in the military.  You know why?  So that we, now as taxpayers, will have the privilege of paying for sex change procedures.  Oh, you don’t think — ask Chelsea Manning about that, if you doubt me.


RUSH:  No, you’ve got that wrong.  The reason why we can let sexually confused people in the military now, is because we’ve got ISIS on the run.  Don’t you remember what Obama said yesterday and John Kerry said?  They’re desperate.  We have them on the run.  They’re losing.  So we’ve got time now to expand the scope of the Department of Defense, which is really shrinking. 

You know, the number of people in the Army, the number of ships in the Navy, I mean, it’s — and what did I just read today?  The Navy’s getting rid of the word “man,” like you can’t say corpsman. The Marines are not — (interruption) Which is it, the Marines or the Navy doing it?  I thought it was the Marines resisting the change, thought it was the Navy that was making the change.  Well, it’s one of the two.  I don’t have the story, didn’t print it out. 

But I mean the number of ships we have in the Navy is way down.  The number of actual soldiers in the Army is way down.  Whoever the next president is, if we’re serious about national defense, has got to build — (interruption) It’s the Marines.  The Marines are eliminating the word “man” in 19 job titles, to make women feel more comfortable.  Yeah, yeah.  Okay, so it’s the Marines doing it.  I thought it was the Navy.  Doesn’t matter.  It’s one or the other.  And now we are opening the armed forces to transgenders because we got ISIS on the run now. 

ISIS is on the run to Orlando.  They’re on the run to San Bernardino. They’re on the run to Fort Hood, right, they’re on the run to Times Square.  Yeah, we got ’em on the run now.  We do. Folks, I’m not kidding.  The Defense Secretary just did a long press conference announcing this historic change, lifting the ban on transgenders in the military.  That’s certainly not going to help ISIS recruit anything, is it?  No.  No way. 

I’m sorry.  You know what?  It’s the Marines and the Navy that are both getting rid of it.  It’s the Air Force that is keeping “airmen.”  The Air Force.  I knew one of the branches was holding on to tradition.  But it’s the Marines and the Navy both that are eliminating the word “man,” m-a-n, from 19 different job titles.  All of this while supposedly focusing on actual military matters. 

I did tell you long ago that the military is not the place for social experimentation.  But that’s what it’s become. It’s what the left has always wanted it to be.  It’s exactly what it is, a social laboratory.  The United States military, something they control, call it a test environment.  Some of these silly social policies they believe.  Social justice and all of that.  


RUSH:  All right.  So I got some snarky emails for a comment that I made not long ago. About a half hour ago I made mention that we were witnessing history.  The Secretary of Defense announcing the lifting of the ban on transgenders in the US military.  And I said this is all so that we, US taxpayers, will now have the privilege of paying for their sex-change operations, and I got these snarky emails, “That’s not what it’s about. How dare you!”  Everything you can imagine, words I can’t repeat here.  Well, let’s go audio sound bite 24.  After the press conference is a Q&A, a reporter and Secretary Carter had this little exchange.

REPORTER:  Someone who is already in the military, if he is — he or she is deemed medically, uh, if sex change surgery is deemed medically necessary, the military will pay for it?

CARTER:  That’s correct.

RUSH:  I rest my case.  You people, don’t doubt me here.  I don’t care, you leftists, when I nail it you’re obviously gonna be offended.  A little lesson for you leftists going forward.  The more offended you are, the more correct I am.  That will be a good rule of thumb for you.  Don’t doubt me.  So if I say something here and you’re a leftist and you get offended and righteously indignant and outraged, you should now take that to mean I’m right.  Otherwise you wouldn’t get so ticked off.  The reason you get ticked off is ’cause I’m right about it. 

This is exactly what this is partially about, paying for sex-change operations.  I don’t just pluck these things out of the air.  I remember. I have a great memory, almost as good as Trump’s.  And I remember what they did out in San Francisco as part of the city health care plan.  What do you think the addadictomy procedure came from?  The city of San Francisco now pays for sex-change operations for members of the city administration and city employees.  Look at Bradley Manning, who is now Chelsea Manning.  Don’t doubt me. 

Why would the question even be asked?  Of all the questions that you could ask, here the Secretary of Defense has just announced lifting the ban on transgender people in the military, and the question that somebody comes up with is, “Well, if somebody who’s already in the military, he or she, if a sex change surgery is deemed medically necessary, the military would pay for it?”

“That’s correct.”  That’s one of the first questions the Secretary of Defense was asked.  What do you think this is about?  Creating a new group of warriors?  

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