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RUSH: I saw, I couldn’t hear it, and it was ’cause it was a computer video.  It’s not YouTube.  I don’t know what it was, but if they’re not captioned, I can’t hear ’em, and there was no way, and this was not captioned.  Even if it had been captioned they couldn’t have kept up with this.  

Christiane Amanpour was supposedly interviewing Daniel Hannan. He’s the very conservative — we love the guy — member of the Parliament in Great Britain, and she was interviewing him about the Brexit vote and it was not an interview.  It was an allegation.  She was actually a prosecutor, he was a witness, and she was trying to put him in jail.  It was the most incredible thing.  She just kept pounding and arguing. They were talking at the same time. He never lost his cool, but I was as I was watching it.  

She lost it.  I mean, she was literally beside herself that this could possibly have happened.  I mean, it was almost like she was personally embarrassed to be a human being since Great Britain had voted to exit the EU.  I mean, these people, folks, it’s time people got their heads on and understood exactly who we are dealing with here when we’re talking about anybody on the left.  I don’t care if they’re media, if they’re elected officials.  And now just common, ordinary, everyday citizens, they are gone.  

The Democrat Party, there’s nothing moderate about it anymore.  There’s nothing mainstream about it.  It is full-fledged, and it seems like it’s happened overnight.  There isn’t a non-radical in the bunch, no matter where you go.  And she is just relentless.  Had I been Hannan, I’d have walked out of this thing or I would have tried to shut her up some way.  But he was polite.  Kept smiling, trying to answer her question, you know, exactly like conservatives do, trying to be nice, trying to answer the questions, not being rude.  

She gets away with being rude. She gets away with being accusatory. It was one of the most unprofessional, reprehensible displays I have ever seen in the Drive-By Media. 


RUSH: I knew Cookie was gonna do this. Folks, I will not be able to understand a word here.  We’ve got two sound bites of Christiane Amanpour supposedly interviewing Daniel Hannan, the conservative member of Parliament, about the Brexit vote, but this is not an interview.  This is an interrogation. It’s an allegation. It’s a prosecution. But the last thing it is, is an interview.  And I just want you to hear it since I described it earlier in the program.

I’ve got the transcript now because I have the sound bite so I know what was said, but when I watched the video of this, I couldn’t understand what either of them were saying except for, you know, a word here or there, maybe a sentence here or there, but I couldn’t keep up with it ’cause they’re both talking at the same time, which is impossible for people like me with cochlear implants to understand speech when there’s more than one voice going at a time, it breaks down.  But I could still tell he never lost his composure. 

In fact, the premise of the story in which the interview was embedded was that he just cleaned her clock.  I didn’t see that because I couldn’t understand what was being said.  Daniel Hannan shows us how to deal with the left-wing media or something was the headline of the story.  But here’s the first of the two bites.

AMANPOUR:  I’m hearing, you know, a very much softer, gentler version of what you proposed during the campaign.  Temper some of this stuff.

HANNAN:  Like what?

AMANPOUR:  Like immigration, because you yourself have sort of stepped back.  So has Boris Johnson. 

HANNAN: Hang on, what have I stepped back from?

AMANPOUR:  You have said —


AMANPOUR:  — that. Let me get my —

HANNAN:  Yes.  I’ve said that we want control back rather than —

AMANPOUR:  No, no.  You have said that maybe — yes, exactly.

HANNAN:  When did I ever say the opposite?  When did I ever not say that?

RUSH:  Okay, so here’s the next one.  Let me just flow with it here.

AMANPOUR:  Listen, you know, and you’ve been through —

HANNAN: I wrote a book about this? (crosstalk)

AMANPOUR:  — all of this on other channels.  The reason people voted, the majority of them — and I can tell you what they said — is to stop immigration into this country.

HANNAN:  Christiane, you just accused me of — (crosstalk)

AMANPOUR:  No, backtracking.  (crosstalk)

HANNAN:  You’ve accused me of backtracking.  When have I ever said anything different?

AMANPOUR:  You have said in your Leave campaign, and you are the lead spokesman of the Leave campaign, that immigration and the free flow of movement was the sine qua non —

HANNAN:  I’ve never, ever said that.  I’ve written a book called Why Vote Leave — (crosstalk)

AMANPOUR:  Would you agree the Leave campaign’s main objective in terms of sovereignty —

HANNAN:  Before I answer that, will you please retract your idea that I backtracked.

AMANPOUR:  No, I’m not retracting anything.

RUSH:  Whatever that was, was that an interview?  Was that somebody in the Drive-By Media trying to find out what this guy thought about or why he voted the way he did or what he thinks is gonna happen?  This is Christiane Amanpour as a card-carrying member of the establishment elite trying to rip this guy a new one.  It’s exactly what that was.  

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