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Have You Ever Googled “Whiter Shade of Pale” Lyrics?

RUSH:  That’s the song about vestal virgins, Procol Harum, Whiter Shade of Pale, 1967.  One-hit wonders, this group.  (interruption) Whiter Shade of Pale?  What do you mean, what was it about?  You know what you can do?  Google has a new feature.  You Google “Whiter Shade of Pale lyrics,” and you’ll get ’em.  Google it find out.  I don’t know.  I have never listened to lyrics of songs. 

When I was a deejay, you know what I did?  I shouldn’t admit this.  You know, the organ is a major instrument in the song.  My Sunday radio program in my hometown always started when church services on Sunday ended and I always made sure Whiter Shade of Pale was the first song played right after church service, which is broadcast live so that the listeners would think that the church service was ongoing.  You know, just to toy with ’em.  


RUSH:  If you want to know the answer to your question, the song a Whiter Shade of Pale was actually about a Paler Shade of Blue.  You ought to see the other side of the glass trying to figure that out.  No, actually, what’s more interesting than what the song’s about is the name of the group, Procol Harum.  “What the hell’s Procol Harum?”  Well, that I can tell you.  Procol Harum…  For what it’s worth, the group Procol Harum was named after one of the members of the band’s cat’s name, its official breeding name, the cat’s Cat Fancy name.

The breeding name was “Procul Harun,” H-a-r-u-n.  You know, if you look at the official name of what a cat is. Not cat, but the official… I forget what the terminology is. You know, like the Tyrannosaurus Rex Assassidonsis or what we call a dinosaur, a cat actually has.  A house cat actually has in it’s official, real upper-crust name, “Felis.” It is a version of “feline.”  That’s why the original cartoon cat was named Felix, because that’s actually the official name of a house cat. 

But this cat was a Burmese, and it was a Procul Harun variety cat, and one of the band members said, “You know what? That’s a great name for our group.” So they modified it, made it Procol Harum to make it sound like they were bound a bunch of women.  And that’s how they got the name.  Now, what the song’s about I couldn’t tell you, because I never did pay any attention to the lyrics other than the “vestal virgins.”  I said, “What’s that?”  Little did I know about 73 raisins at that time in my life.  I was only 16.  

Nigel Farage Endorses Trump Over Hillary, CNN Reporter Tries to Talk Him Out of It

RUSH: I just watched on CNN, they were just interviewing one of their British reporters.  Well, he’s American based.  I don’t remember his name.  He was interviewing Nigel Farage, who was the leader of the “leave” movement in Great Britain, leader of the “get the hell out of the European Union” movement.  And he was up there saying there’s no way I’d ever vote for Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump is the answer for those of us who wanted to leave the European Union. Donald Trump is the answer for great American relations with the UK, with Great Britain. 

And this reporter, “There’s nothing I could say that would change your mind about Mrs. Clinton?”  Not a thing.  Not a single thing.  And smiling all the way.  But this guy was trying to talk him out of his support for Trump.  


Where’s the Next Beta, Apple?

RUSH:  That’s right, Apple Music also has lyrics in the upcoming iOS 10.  I, of course, am running the beta.  Hey, Apple, where’s the next beta, by the way?  It’s been over two weeks now.  But they got lyrics in — Snerdley’s in there laughing.  It is a frustrating thing.  You know, you want the new one.

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