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“I thought I had adjusted to it, but I haven’t. It just makes me sick. It depresses me. It makes me sick all over again. This Benghazi thing, it’s so emblematic of what has happened to us as a country. It is so enlightening as to what has happened to institutions that we need to be able to trust. It exposes this administration as, gosh, I don’t know, incompetent, uncaring, self-focused.”

“Hillary Clinton’s been selling access to her future presidency for years — to foreign governments, foreign entities — to the tune of over $100 million. This is in addition to the $21 million she earned in two years making speeches before banks. The woman and her husband have literally sold everything they have to sell.” 

“The media is characterizing the Benghazi report in two ways. They’re saying, A, nothing new, and, B, Hillary had nothing to do with it. The committee does not indict Hillary Clinton. The committee does not lay blame at the feet of Hillary Clinton.”

“You have this giant institution called the United States media that was fully aware of the real reason behind open borders, mass immigration, and they’re not fazed by it. They are not fazed by any of the dubious, any of the criminal, any of the catastrophically wrong, any of the catastrophically potentially damaging behavior on the part of the Democrats. It won’t even be reported on. It won’t even be referenced.” 

“The Democrats’ report on Benghazi mentions Donald Trump 23 times. He had absolutely nothing to do with Benghazi but, of course, since he’s mentioned 23 times, the Drive-By Media are gonna focus on what Donald Trump had to do with Benghazi.”

“Libya was supposed to be the great illustration and example of Hillary Clinton’s mastermindful statecraft. We were going to use Libya to show how we had ousted a dictator. We had gotten rid of a bad guy, and we had done it all without firing a shot, and we had converted Libyan population to supporters and allies of the United States. And come hell or high water, nothing was going to change that narrative because it was setting up two different campaigns.” 

“Hillary Clinton is an absolute, unqualified disaster: Incapable of telling the truth, never putting the country first, never putting the people who offer their lives in defense of this country first. Always putting herself first, always putting her party first, always putting her political calculations and desires — requests, dreams, what have you — first.” 

“We have a terrorist group who has a perfect understanding — a better understanding — of how the American left and the Democrat Party operate than half the people that vote in this country. We have a terrorist group, which is much more informed and clever than half the people that vote in this country about the Democrat Party and the American left.” 

“The people that consume only the Drive-By Media or only what they get on Facebook or Twitter or at Yahoo News, the president it says it was about a video, that’s what they think. Hillary says it was about the video, that’s what they think. They don’t know that they’re lying about it and they don’t ever assume their president lies to them unless he’s a Republican.”    

“The sad reality is that millions and millions of Americans believe whatever comes out of Obama’s mouth or Hillary’s mouth, with one caveat:  If Obama or Hillary lie in order to thwart Republicans, then it’s okay, then it’s fine. In fact, we applaud that.”

“In the founding days of the Constitution, the purpose of the media was to make sure that powerful government officials were held accountable. It really was. I mean, it was founders who hated the media like everybody else hates the media, but they understood the role they played.” 

“Benghazi blew up every notion of Hillary Clinton’s greatness. Benghazi blew up every notion of Hillary Clinton’s competency. Benghazi blew up every supposition about our foreign policy in Libya and how brilliant it was. Benghazi blew it all high sky.” 

“Hillary and the Obama administration acted entirely based on trying to protect Obama’s campaign. They accused the Republicans of engaging in a politically motivated attack when in fact everything the Regime did about this was put Obama’s political future ahead of the lives of four Americans who thought help was on the way, when it wasn’t anywhere near.” 

“Democrats are about pummeling political opponents every day no matter their standing. The Democrats are gonna try to destroy Donald Trump no matter if he’s sitting there with 2% in the polls, and they’re gonna try to destroy anybody else who gets in their way who they think has any kind of credibility at all.” 

“I do think that the Democrats are just like the Republicans. I think they believe that Trump is eventually gonna just implode or explode or quit or never amount to anything. He’s not a serious threat. Nobody can compete with the establishment.” 

“I am Rush Limbaugh. I’m America’s Real Anchorman. We do the ‘who, what, when, where, and the why,’ and we do the ‘why’ confidently and proudly, and we don’t back off of the ‘why’ because we fully believe in it, whatever it is, meaning we tell you ‘why’ the left does what it does.”

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