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A new Silicon Valley start-up could change the way your pizza is made, and may change the food industry forever. Zume Pizza has gotten rid of a key business component that all their competitors use: humans. When a pie is ordered, the pizza goes down a conveyor line, and robots add the ingredients.

More innovations are coming. Soon the pizza will actually be made inside delivery vans. On the way to the customer’s address. Each van is equipped with robots and 56 remote-controlled ovens. They await approval from the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health.

Alex Garden, co-founder of the start-up, comes from a background in video games. He says the company’s goal is to become the “Amazon of food.” It could be extremely profitable, he says, if they can bring their innovations to others in the food service industry.

If this works out, he’s right. One big reason: the robot workforce doesn’t complain. You don’t have to worry about them showing up late for work, or needing family time off to take the dog to the vet. Robots don’t take maternity leave because they don’t get pregnant. They’re not confused about their gender, nor do they demand special rights to express “who they are.” And they’re not going to demand 15 bucks an hour  to make pizza or anything else.

A whole lot of companies would want a slice, of that business model!

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