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RUSH: Here’s Amy, Colorado Springs.  We start with you on the phones, and I appreciate your patience.  How are you?

CALLER:  I’m wonderful, Rush.  It’s an honor to speak with you, sir.  And I just wanted to make a quick point.  I saw the press conference this morning, and my heart just broke for those families, and it just absolutely made me sick to see what was going on. Hillary, to me, she’s the epitome of who should not be president.  She’s a liar, she’s a crook, and she should be in jail, not running for the White House.

RUSH:  Well, she is running for the White House. Trump’s even said that she shouldn’t be running, she should have been indicted long ago by the FBI.  By the way, you know, I didn’t get to touch on this.  I’m glad you jogged my memory on this, Amy.  Toward the end of the program I talked about the Supreme Court decision exonerating, vacating all the charges against the former governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell, and, you know, the knee-jerk reaction most people had was understandable. “All right, all right.  They railroaded the guy. They got him out of the way so that he couldn’t help Cuccinelli. They got him out of the way, elect McAuliffe, but it was all bogus, and the court saw it.” 

Well, that’s one way of looking at it.  But how would you like to be the FBI seeing that the Supreme Court just vacated charges, all of them, against a governor, former governor?  You’re trying to go after Hillary Clinton and you’ve been investigating her on this email business. And there’s more email evidence today.  A hacker has admitted getting into Hillary’s campaign through a phishing campaign — p-h-i-s-h-i-n-g. 

One of Hillary’s crack staff members fell for a phishing attack and opened up even more of Hillary’s server to hackers.  They think the hacker’s from Russia.  But safe conclusion is that a whole bunch of people that shouldn’t probably know everything that was on her server, the ChiComs probably do, Putin probably does, and a bunch of hackers probably do. 

But the real point of the Supreme Court decision to vacate the charges against McDonnell is very simple.  The Supreme Court obviously just made it much more difficult to convict government officials.  And it was eight to zip.  It was a unanimous vote to vacate the charges on McDonnell.

I’m talking about Bob McDonnell and his wife.  And, by the way, when this guy was convicted people said, “This guy? This guy? This vanilla guy did all these horrible things?”  People couldn’t believe it.  He couldn’t, either. (interruption) Well, I don’t know.  I don’t remember.  Snerdley’s asking if he threw his wife under the bus.  What husband doesn’t?  Remember, it’s 2016.  A little feminist lingo there. 

Anyway, seriously, the charges are all gone.  And some people think, well, it’s justified, the guy was railroaded.  Maybe, but at the same time you have to conclude now that it’s just been made all that much more difficult to convict government officials either in office or shortly after they live office. 

You could look at this and say the establishment’s circling the wagons, protecting its own little fiefdom.  But then you say, “No, wait a minute,” because we wouldn’t get Clarence Thomas voted for that, we wouldn’t get Alito.  But I don’t know however you look at it, to me, this probably is seen by anybody thinking of charging Hillary Clinton as thinking it’s now a waste of time.  ‘Cause even if they get a conviction, it’s gonna be tossed, and maybe impossible to get one, who knows.  Not a pleasing thought, I know.

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