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RUSH: Okay, here’s how it all works.  Let me take just a brief moment to put together a timeline today.  I want to start yesterday.  Trey Gowdy’s House subcommittee investigating Benghazi announces their 800-page report.  Jim Jordan and Mike Pompeo, two members of the committee, issue an accompanying report that is a condensed summary of the 800 pages.  Their report is 51 pages.  And it is a full-fledged indictment of the Obama administration and the State Department vis-a-vis Benghazi, and it details all the lies that were told by all the relevant players.

It, for the first time, puts everything in a timeline.  What was actually going on when Mrs. Clinton, for example, was telling us that a video was responsible for the attack in Benghazi. She was telling her daughter at the same time that it was not a video, that it was a terrorist attack.  At the same time that she and others in the Regime were lying to us about it being a video, they were on the phone with other world leaders telling them, assuring them it was a terrorist attack, that they knew it was a terrorist attack, pay no attention to this news that it was the video. 

That’s our public version.  They were admitting it.  But all of this is presented in a contextual timeline.  It has been presented that way in official form before.  Now, whether or not there are new details here? There are a few.  So the reports come out, the reports are released, the 51-page summary is released. I think it’s embargoed ’til after five o’clock last night.  Then it’s all made public today, and the members of the committee, some of them, appear at a press conference. 

They go through the timeline information.  Jim Jordan and Pompeo just nail it.  We played their sound bites earlier.  They have both been on TV since explaining it.  Their explanations and their report is a full-fledged indictment of Hillary Clinton — and her incompetence and her lying — and Barack Obama.  And we still don’t have the question answered: Where was Obama for these eight hours?  We still don’t know that, because the Regime will not send anybody to answer these questions. 

So during the Q&A with the press after the presentation of the report, the media immediately zeros in with Gowdy and says, essentially — asks essentially — “So were you really here on a quest to find Hillary Clinton guilty?”  And Gowdy says, “No, no, no, no.  I have not been given that responsibility!  Speaker Boehner and Speaker Ryan never told me to go out and investigate Hillary Clinton.  I simply wanted to find the answers to the questions of how four Americans died in Benghazi, and that’s what we did.  And you can read the report.” 

So the media — not caring what’s in the report — they’re trying to establish their own narrative, whatever it is.  Their narrative is that this committee was nailing Hillary Clinton.  They were trying to get Hillary, but they didn’t come up with anything.  And so the narrative after this press conference is, “Nothing new here.”  CNN actually runs their headline: “No New Evidence of Hillary Wrongdoing Reported by Committee.”

So if you knew nothing until after the press conference today and you tuned in to CNN, the only thing you’re gonna know is that a Republican committee concluded its investigation, and they didn’t find any culpability on the part of Hillary Clinton.  That is the story.  But it’s not the story.  But it’s the story because the Republicans on the committee gave the media that narrative.  For whatever reasons, they do not want it reported. 

They do not want anyone thinking that part of their effort was to find Hillary Clinton culpable.  Because for some reason, the Republicans don’t want anybody thinking that they’re partisan, because the Republican theory is that if they think that what we’re doing is for partisan reasons, they’re gonna discount every bit of information that we uncover and produce.  “So we want the substance of our report to speak for itself.”  Fine, but that’s gonna require everybody to read it. 

Nobody’s gonna read it. 

The media isn’t gonna read it.  All they have got is the narrative they wanted that Hillary didn’t have a glove placed on her, that after all of these investigations now, nobody’s found a thing to tie Hillary Clinton to it.  That’s the story.  Now, you and I both know that that is not true.  We both know that Mrs. Clinton participated in the strategy session to create the lie that it was the video, a video that made this happen.  We also know that the administration knew because of intel that a terror attack was being planned. 

We know that the four Americans who died begged for assistance and none came.  We know everything we need to know to impeach people, is how much we know.  You strip it all away, we have enough information to impeach people on lying about this alone, lying to the families of the dead, compromising American security.  Here’s Mrs. Clinton lying to foreign leaders, admitting that what she and Obama are telling us, the American people, is not true. 

She’s on the phone with a wink and nod to all these Middle Eastern leaders, assuring them, “No, no.  We know it wasn’t the video.  It was an act of terrorism.  Don’t think we’re not up to speed on Al-Qaeda and ISIS and whoever.  We know full well, and we’re not gonna leave you hanging, but we can’t say that.  We’ve gotta tell the American people that it was video.”  Because an election was 56 days away.

And there was no way under the sun this administration was gonna in any way, shape, manner, or form make itself look responsible, even though it was totally.  Now, this is all leading somewhere.  I have three new sound bites come.  You just hang on.  I want to read to you here from page 30 of the Jim Jordan-Pompeo condensed report, 51 pages total.  You keep in mind the context in which you’re hearing this is the media reporting: No new evidence of any wrongdoing by Mrs. Clinton! Nothing to see here!  Another Republican committee failed to produce the goods on Mrs. Clinton.  She’s scot-free. 

That’s the narrative today.  So section 2, Last Clear Chance. “In August 2012, however, it did not take an expert to see that the State Department facility in Benghazi should have been closed if additional security was not to be provided.”

Now, August 2012, this is a month prior to the attacks on Benghazi.  “In August 2012, however, it did not take an expert to see that the State Department facility in Benghazi should have been closed if additional security was not to be provided. The location and the risk demanded Secretary Clinton’s attention. The Benghazi facility was wholly unique and there is no evidence that Secretary Clinton asked her experts — let alone Ambassador Stevens who she personally chose for the position — the hard questions.

“The robust host nation security forces that the United States takes for granted in other countries did not exist in Libya.  Rather, competing militias, some friendly, some not, filled the vacuum left by 40-plus years of Khadafy’s rule.”  What this means is that in most places where we have a security relationship and a diplomatic relationship, that our facilities are jointly protected by our Marines and uniformed military of the host nation.  There was none of that in Libya because we’d blown it to smithereens getting rid of Khadafy. 

We didn’t have any US security there, folks.  We had none.  We were relying on ragtag militias like the Michigan militia, only in Libya, for protection of the consulate in Benghazi.  Meaning there wasn’t any.  And it was known in August there wasn’t any security.  “Escalating violence against the US compound and others in Libya, 230 incidents since June of 2011 alone, made a terrorist attack all but inevitable.” 

These were the facts known in August of 2012.  Also in August of 2012, Secretary Clinton had the last clear chance to provide adequate protection or, failing that, to close the facility and pull our people out.  And she did neither.  And here is a quote from state diplomatic security agent number 10:  “In post-Khadafy Libya, I told him that this was a suicide mission,” meaning the ambassador. 

“I told Stevens, I told him it’s a suicide mission. That there was a very good chance everybody here was going to die. That there was absolutely no ability here –” meaning in Benghazi “– to prevent an attack whatsoever. Everybody back in DC knows that people are gonna die in Benghazi, and nobody cares, and nobody is gonna care until somebody does die.”  This was a warning issued by a security official to the State Department and the administration by state diplomatic security agent number 10.  It was a warning.  This makes this even more reprehensible. 

We had security experts warning Hillary Clinton and the State Department, “Somebody’s gonna die there.  You don’t have any security.  We’ve got a facility.  We don’t have any local military to rely on.  You haven’t sent anybody.  Somebody’s gonna die.”  He told this committee and the reaction he got was, “Everybody knows that.  We’ll deal with it when it happens.” 

According to the diplomatic security agent quoted above, he had this exchange with the State Department’s desk Officer for diplomatic security in the region that covered Libya shortly after he arrived in Benghazi on temporary assignment as the regional security officer.  So a guy sent there to assess the security situation is who reported back to the State Department: “Somebody’s gonna die.  You don’t have any security here.  There’s absolutely none and there have been over 230 terrorist incidents in the previous year.” 

The conversation did not occur days before the attack.  It did not occur a month somebody before the attack.  This warning that I just shared with you, according to this report, was given nine months before September 11, 2012, shortly after this security agent arrived in Benghazi.  And it wasn’t his only warning.  In June 2012, a second Benghazi security official reported on the increase in extremist activity in Benghazi and described his fear that we have passed a threshold where we will see more targeting, more attacks, and incidents involving western targets. 

Folks, what this all means is — and this is according to Jim Jordan and Mike Pompeo, summary of the 800-page report, the 51-page report, the summary, that the administration, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the State Department had adequate intel for a full nine months prior that something like this was entirely possible and that if it were to happen, people were gonna die because we had no defense. 

This was never acted on.  The ambassador was sent.  We still don’t know what he was doing there.  You know, the rumors about maybe running a gun operation up to Syrian rebels, we still don’t know what he was doing there.  We don’t know why Benghazi was so important to whoever it was important to.  Okay, so it goes on.  This 51 pages is filled with things just like this about Mrs. Clinton’s incompetence, her culpability.  Hillary Clinton has since spoken to the media after the report and the press conference today.  She was in Denver.  Here’s the first of her two sound bites.

HILLARY:  I understand that, after more than two years and $7 million spent by the Benghazi committee out of taxpayer funds, it had to today, reported it had found nothing, nothing to contradict the conclusions of the independent accountability board or the conclusions of the prior multiple earlier investigations carried out on a bipartisan basis in the Congress.

RUSH:  So Hillary Clinton is simply following the narrative presented by her buddies in the media.  The committee didn’t find anything.  There’s nothing here.  The committee found absolutely nothing to link Hillary Clinton to this.  And here’s her next sound bite.

HILLARY:  Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our diplomats and development officials who go into dangerous places around the world pursuing American values, interests, and our security.  And I said this when I testified for 11 hours that no one has thought more about or lost more sleep over the lives that we lost, the four Americans, which was devastating.

RUSH:  She probably can’t even name them, outside of the ambassador, she probably can’t even name them. (imitating Hillary) “Yeah, the lives that we lost, the four Americans, which was devastating.  Oh, excuse me.  Yeah.  Nobody’s lost more sleep over this than I have.  Nothing’s more important than safety and security.”  What an outright lie.  


RUSH: Here’s Art in Brownwood, Texas.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello, sir.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush.

RUSH:  Hey.

CALLER:  Let’s get right to the point here.  I tend to do everything in Notes so it keeps me on track and on point.  All right, Mr. Robert Dugdale, assistant United States attorney, prosecuted the case of the so-called creator of The Innocence of Muslims.  Apparently Mr. Nakoula — I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing that right.

RUSH:  Wait a minute.  Wait a minute.  You’re talking about the video, and you’re talking about the guy that prosecuted the guy as a —

CALLER:  Right.

RUSH:  Yeah.  Okay.  So what about the —

CALLER:  He used the alias Sam Bacile as the name that he produced this movie under.  We know that the people that were in this movie are the actors.  They came out and publicly said that that was not the original intent of this movie.  It was supposed to have been a movie called Egypt Desert Warrior about a random Egyptian nut job.  And when you look at this 14-minute clip thing, this is not a $5 million movie.  This is really terrible acting.  It’s done on a really bad, poor green screen background —

RUSH:  The point is, it wouldn’t incite anybody to commit an act of terror?

CALLER:  No.  And especially when we have people like Representative Steven King of Iowa, when he came out and he said — and I quote — “We know this is false.  On top of that, we know that they knew it was false.  They knew within three hours it was a calculated, strategized attack by an organized enemy on the compound in Benghazi.”  And on July 6th of 2014, we had Fox News come out, quote, “Court documents filed by the US Department of Justice in the criminal case against Benghazi attack suspect, gave his name, Katala or whatever —

RUSH:  His name is Nakoula Nakoula.  And they put him in jail to further this idea that he had committed some act of great aggression against the religion of peace. They put him in jail to show that we will pull out all the stops to go get these vile human beings that produce such filth, that create terror attacks.  We’re not gonna put up with it.

They scared the hell out of the guy and they turned him into Mr. Docile, and he went along with every charge.  The point of this is, it was poorly produced, it was laughably bad, it couldn’t have generated any anger whatsoever.  The whole thing was a bad joke from beginning to end.  And anybody that’s taken the time to look at it has concluded the same thing.  What’s also known is, nobody had seen it before 9/11, 2012.  It had hardly any hits.  It didn’t have any retweets or whatever the hell else you do to amplify the thing on social media.  It was just sitting out there. 

It had been discovered by somebody in the administration as a potential foil to explain away something that they knew had happened because of their negligence.  I’m talking about the administration.  There’s no way that this video would anger any Islamic jihadist into taking action.  And what else do we know?  We know that it doesn’t even take videos to make that happen.  We know that they attack because we are infidels.  It doesn’t take a video, as what happened in Benghazi proves.  Benghazi was a terror attack that had nothing to do with this video, which everybody in the administration admitted within hours of the attack anyway.  I’m starting to be redundant here. 


RUSH:  No, no, I’m gonna tell you.  I’m gonna tell you.  Here’s what you need to know about Benghazi, folks.  In the first place, there’s not any evidence that anybody in Libya ever saw that video.  I don’t care what you hear from other people.  I’m telling you, there’s no evidence that anybody in Libya (which is where Benghazi is, for those of you in Rio Linda) ever saw the video.  Libya was, at the time… We had gotten rid of Khadafy.  This was supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s grand performance as secretary of state!

Regime change without a shot being fired. 

No boots on the ground. 

It was supposed to be the smart way of conducting warfare, the smart way of doing diplomacy.  Libya was and it still is in total shambles.  Say what you want about Khadafy, but he was a dictator. He had the place running. It was like Iraq after Saddam. I’m not arguing for Khadafy to remain, but it was a disorganized mess and all kinds of factions were angling for power.  There was mass crime taking place.  It was total chaos.  You wouldn’t want any part of it. 

Now, the key here is, Hillary and Obama thought that Benghazi would love the United States.  This is their perverted, corrupt view.  They think that the things they don’t like about this country are shared by our enemies, and therefore they think they have a common ground with our enemies.  Our enemies don’t like certain parts of America, and Obama and Hillary agree with them, and they think that forms the basis of reliable diplomacy. 

So in this case, Benghazi, it was thought the people in Benghazi would love the US because Benghazi was the epicenter of the revolution against Khadafy.   So Obama and Hillary think, “We’re gonna be loved there! Because we engineered Khadafy going, and Benghazi was the epicenter.”  That’s why we put the annex there.  It’s why we put the mission there, to show solidarity with the people that had overthrown Khadafy. 

The only problem was — and this is where the incompetence and the just… What else to describe these people? The incompetence and the unpreparedness comes in.  The same terrorists who overthrew Khadafy hated the United States.  They didn’t love us.  They weren’t joining with us because we had helped them overthrow Khadafy.  They hated us because we’re America.  Obama and Hillary are thinking, “We’ve forged a new alliance!”

So they went after our mission on the anniversary of 9/11, because that’s what terrorists do.  A tiger is a tiger.  A snake’s a snake.  An alligator is an alligator.  Al-Qaeda’s Al-Qaeda.  And our people were aware of it because I’ve read to you page 30, the warnings on security and the lack of it, that people were gonna die. Hillary and Obama ignored all of that, thinking they had forged a relationship with these Benghazi terrorists because we had the common ground of getting rid of Khadafy. 

That was the main reason for not sending security.  We didn’t want to offend them!  We didn’t think we had to.  We didn’t want to send security because we had this new alliance and this new relationship with people in Benghazi.  Hillary and Obama did not want to offend the terrorists in Benghazi who they thought would now love us.  That is how dangerously incompetent and totally erroneously wrong these people are about our enemies. 

And who the hell wants to form an alliance with these people anyway, folks?  I opened this program talking about how sickening I feel over this, and it’s only gotten worse as this program has unfolded before your eyes and ears today.  The very idea that we somehow would have an alliance with a bunch of human debris, and therefore we could trust them not to attack us because we saw things with the same set of eyes is just…

And, meanwhile, when you know all of that, they think we conservatives and Republicans — we are the real enemy! We’re the ones you can’t form alliances with. We’re the ones that they have beat back at every tack and turn.  But, yeah, we can find some commonality with our blood brothers in Al-Qaeda who also hated Khadafy.  And they would love us because we helped them get rid of Khadafy.  

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