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RUSH: Here is Mike in Tampa.  Welcome, sir.  You’re next.  Make it count.

CALLER:  Mega dittos from Tampa, Rush.  I love your show.

RUSH:  Thank you very much.  I appreciate that.

CALLER:  You’re welcome.  Actually, I was really shocked, and the reason I had to call today is that you opened up your show by saying the Drive-By Media said there’s nothing new.

RUSH:  Yep.

CALLER:  Nothing new? I’ll tell you something that’s new that the Americans have found out and our enemies have found out at the same time, which is that Hillary Clinton is a blabbermouth.  She’ll tell top secret information to her daughter, Chelsea — who probably doesn’t have any security clearance — and make her into a target for international espionage.

RUSH:  Well, of course you’re right, but then the Drive-Bys are in a full protection mode.  They’re not… I don’t know how to… I really don’t know how else to characterize this.  See, you are absolutely right.  Hillary Clinton is security risk before she blabs to her daughter about what really went on.  She’s a security risk before she’s calling all of these foreign leaders and admitting that they’re lying.  I mean, okay, imagine that you are the grand pooh-bah of Qatar. 

You’re minding your own business doing whatever you do in Qatar, and Hillary Clinton calls you and says, “By the way, the thing that we’re saying about a video caused Benghazi? It didn’t happen.  We know it was a terrorist attack.”  This guy in Qatar says, “Okay, I have a woman admitting to me she’s lying to her own country, and so is her president.  They are admittedly lying.  They’re telling me and whoever they’re calling they’re lying to their own people in America about what happened.” 

Now, if you’re the president of Qatar or the grand pooh-bah of Qatar or whatever other country (and she called a bunch of people to tell ’em this, supposed Middle Eastern allies), what in the world are you going to think when it comes time to do business with this woman if she becomes president?  You’re going to know full out that she’s not honest.  Now, maybe you already know that from dealing with her.  Maybe these foreign leaders already suspect that about us.  I don’t know. 

But there doesn’t seem to be any integrity here, and there doesn’t seem to be any concerns about it.  Well, maybe the truth is that Hillary’s calling all these other people knowing they lie to everybody, too; so, you know, the joke’s on us.  But your point about her being a security risk? That has been well established with her private email server that was not protected and has probably been hacked.  Hillary Clinton’s a security concern because of the Clinton Crime Family Foundation. 

Hillary Clinton’s been selling access to her future presidency for years — to foreign governments, foreign entities — to the tune of over $100 million.  This is in addition to the $21 million she earned in two years making speeches before banks.  The woman and her husband have literally sold everything they have to sell.  They have sold their honesty.  They’ve sold their integrity.  They’ve sold this country down the river.  They have sold everything in order to amass critical personal wealth. 

They have sold everything about this country and its policy and its future for their own personal gain in terms of amassing incredible wealth.  Security risk?  Long ago was that established.  The Clintons are obsessed with money, and they have been since they came on the national scene.  I’m sure that both of them since childhood have been obsessed with money.  And I mean it.  I mean obsessed with not having it when they were young.

And they go to Yale and Wellesley and wherever and they are admittedly around a bunch of blue-blood old money sons and daughters of the blue-blood rich, and they don’t have a dime. They don’t have a pot to pee in.  And those days are gonna end as soon as they can figure out how to do it, and the one thing they know is they’re never gonna be able to earn it.  They’re gonna have to be able to somehow run deals — some sort of scheme like Whitewater was — in order to get rich. 

And that has been their objective since before you and I ever heard their names, and now they’ve pulled it off.  Why in the world…? Take any country. Make up a country.  My favorite made-up country, San Cordoba.  I watched the Mission Impossible episode which they saved San Cordoba when I was like 12 years old on CBS Sunday night. San Cordoba.  So there’s San Cordoba out there.  Mrs. Clinton’s accepted, let’s say, $50 million or $45 million in total from people in San Cordoba. 

For what reason are people in San Cordoba or any country giving her money either while she’s secretary of state or afterwards?  Why are the banks paying her a quarter of a million dollars for 20 minutes of her time?  It’s not because she’s great at a party.  It’s not because she’s Miss Entertainment.  It’s not because she comes in and dazzles and wows people.  It’s not because she’s got a great stand-up routine.  Because she’s a dryball.  She is a dead fish when it comes to being entertaining and alive.  Without a prompter and a written script, she’s nothing. 

So we know they’re not giving the money because she’s cool to have around.  There’s some other reason, and it’s because Mrs. Clinton is selling access.  So security risk? Long ago established.  The fact that this doesn’t bother half the country, that’s always been my concern.  I don’t know if half the country or 40%.  The fact that we have an institution constitutionally endowed to “speak truth to power” — I think is the phrase — the media? 

The media, in the founding days of the Constitution, the purpose of the media was to make sure that powerful government officials were held accountable.  It really was.  I mean, it was founders who hated the media like everybody else hates the media, but they understood the role they played.  This media long ago when it comes to Hillary Clinton/Bill Clinton and the Democrat Party? No, no, no, no.  They’re the Democrat Party now. There is no media. 

They’re just journalist Democrat hacks with bylines, and their objectives is to advance the Democrat Party agenda and to protect the Democrat Party officials ’cause they’re not really journalists, not in the sense you would define the word.  So the fact that here you have this giant institution called the Drive-By Media knowing full well that the Democrat Party is selling access to the United States presidency, and they’re not fazed by it an iota? 

You have this giant institution called the United States media that was fully aware of the real reason behind open borders, mass immigration, and they’re not fazed by it.  They are not fazed by any of the dubious, any of the criminal, any of the catastrophically wrong, any of the catastrophically potentially damaging behavior on the part of the Democrats.  It won’t even be reported on.  It won’t even be referenced.  And, as such, there’s a certain percentage of the country that’s never going to know what you and I know. 

There’s a certain percentage of the country that, if they were to be told, who wouldn’t believe it, because they would then be told that the people providing the information are those dreaded, unhip and uncool Republicans, or conservatives, or Tea Party.  And that has… That’s always been the objective here.  How to break through to that crowd of people.  And there still isn’t an answer for it.  But his comment there, Mike, it’s a brilliant comment, in terms of citing this as an example of how Mrs. Clinton’s a full-fledged security risk. 

It reminds me that everybody knows that, and they don’t care.  Mrs. Clinton gaining the White House, it’s all that matters.  It doesn’t matter what she does when she gets there.  Well, it does, because they’re fellow travelers.  But there doesn’t seem to be any patriotism involved, I guess, is what I’m trying to say.  But the whole world knows Mrs. Clinton was lying to the American people about this video.  They know that President Obama was lying. 

Obama and Hillary were calling these people and telling them, “Hey, hey, hey, we know it wasn’t video, we know it was an act of terror.”  You know, people have forgotten, on the same day, don’t forget over in Cairo at our embassy in Cairo, the embassy there issued an apology for something that hadn’t happened.  We issued an official State Department apology on September 11th, 2012, and the apology was for any protest that might happen given it was the anniversary date. 

Now, it turns out that that apology — they told us, by the way, that some rogue State Department employee got something terribly wrong and released an apology that wasn’t supposed to be released.  It was readied in case it was necessary, but it was released way, way prematurely.  It wasn’t.  The whole thing was to set up the excuse that the video caused the protest in Cairo that incited the protest in Benghazi that led to four dead Americans. 

So they were gonna use this video as the excuse before any protest or terrorism even happened.  Which leads to other questions:  What did they know was coming down the pike?  Because they knew that night that what was going on at the annex and at the compound was not a protest.  They knew that it was a planned terror attack.  So how much in advance did they know?  Well, they had to know in some advance ’cause they wrote an apology to Egypt. The embassy in Cairo issues the apology, and the apology was for being responsible for any acts of terror that might happen or any protests that got out of hand. 

But nothing had happened when the apology — I remember it happened during this program.  I remember when I found out we’d issued an apology I started scratching my head, “Wait a minute. Nothing’s happened. What are we doing this for?”  And it only took 24 hours for all of it to be explained.  Anyway, the point is that Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama admit to world leaders they’re lying to the American people.  They’re assuring them: Don’t worry, we know it’s not this video. We know it was a terror attack.  Don’t think we’re not prepared to protect you.  Don’t think we’re not prepared to deal with acts of terror, because we know that’s what this is.  For our own reasons we’re blaming it on a video. 

And their own reasons were an election was coming up in 56 days:  Barack Obama’s presidential reelection in 2012.


RUSH: Here’s Charlie in Wallkill, New York.  Great to have you on the program, Charlie.  How are you?

CALLER:  Great.  What an honor.  A million dittos from the very beginning.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.

CALLER:  So, Rush, I’ve got four points I’d like to just list and I’ll hang up if you want.  But I’m so overwhelmed with Hillary fatigue, I can’t tell you.  So the Monica Lewinsky thing was worthy of an impeachment hearing.  If this isn’t impeachable treason, it never existed. And then you consider the selling off of American industries and jobs —

RUSH:  Wait just a second.  You said that and you kept going, but you’re exactly right.  And not just her.  There are all kinds of impeachable offenses at a whole bunch of different levels of our government over this Benghazi thing.  It is that bad; it is that incompetent; it is that volatile.  And you ran through it here.  But Hillary fatigue, you’re tired of hearing about her, or you’re tired of hearing her get away with everything? 

CALLER:  Hearing her get away with it.  It’s always the Captain Queeg vast right-wing conspiracy.  She sins and sins and breaks every law, and she’s always got her 10 fingers pointed in 10 different directions for all that she does wrong.  It is really beyond the pale.  And around this whole administration, one treacherous, treasonous thing after the other.  I think of the IRS tyranny.  I mean, we were founded on that holy ground, taxation without representation.  And here we have a politicized IRS predating on what they see as the greatest threat in the world, Christian Tea Party people.  I mean, that’s our second revolution, taxation with bad representation, and in criminal representation. 

I think about the political malfeasance and evil doing of so many of the politicians in this country, from state levels on up.  And Secret Service agents coming out with books about it.  Well, I thought they swore to uphold the Constitution and represent the people and the law.  And we’re not a monarchy, and no president should be above the law.  He should be the first arrested, when he does drugs or when he commits a man act or any of these things —

RUSH:  Well, I’m sure you’ve got — I’m out of time, sadly.  I wish I could keep rolling with you ’cause I’m sure you got people standing up and cheering you on, but we gotta go.  I’ll be back after this.

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