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RUSH: Try this.  Al-Qaeda has sent out a memo to all of its jihadi fighters, and the Al-Qaeda instructional memo… (interruption) Have you seen it?  (interruption) You’re in there laughing about it.  “Al-Qaeda to Jihadis: ‘Target White Americans, Avoid Minorities, Because US Mislabels Attacks as ‘Hate Crime'” if they go after Hispanics or African-Americans.

So hit whites, because the American government finds nothing wrong with that.  “Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has published a guide urging jihadis to carry out more ‘lone wolf’ operations in the US… The publication, ‘Inspire Guide: Orlando Operation,’ which seeks to capitalize on the terror attack carried out by gunman Omar Mateen, who pledged allegiance to ISIS… While Mateen chose to target what the guide refers to as a ‘homosexual nightclub,’ noting that killing gay people is ‘the most binding duty and closer to human nature…'”

They’re all for it at Al-Qaeda. Wiping out gays? A bunch of attaboys for doing that.  However, the Inspire Guide “suggests to ‘avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found in America,’ because ‘the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility,'” meaning if you guys go out and you attack a bunch of minorities, we won’t get credit for it.  The American government will blame Republicans and conservatives and the Tea Party, and we won’t get credit. 

So from now on, fellow jihadis, you go out and you kill white Americans, ’cause the US government’s okay with that, essentially.  They won’t call it a hate crime, and you’ll get credit for your kill. (interruption) Yeah, 73 raisins.  You’ll get your 73 raisins, not 72.  You gotta get it right in there.  Don’t tell me 72 raisins, it’s 73.  You get your 73 raisins if you kill… Folks, I know you think that this is brilliant humor, but I’m not making this up.

It’s actually in something called the “Inspire Guide: Orlando Operation,” and it’s Al-Qaeda telling its jihadist operatives: Don’t kill minorities ’cause you won’t get credit for it. The US government’s gonna go out and blame conservatives and Tea Party people and all that. So the only way to get credit is to kill white people because the US government will never label that a hate crime. They will never blame minorities for doing it.  You’ll get full credit! 

What the hell here? We have a terrorist group who has a perfect understanding — a better understanding — of how the American left and the Democrat Party operates than half the people that vote in this country.  We have a terrorist group, which is much more informed and clever than half the people that vote in this country about the Democrat Party and the American left.  

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