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“We have a Democrat nominee, Hillary, who’s wiped away, just erased all objections to corruption as a disqualifying factor for Democrats. Democrats are making it clear they don’t care how corrupt their leaders are. In fact, the more corrupt their leaders are — if it enables them to defeat us — the better.”

“We now have a Supreme Court that’s not a court. It is a rubber stamp for the Democrat Party’s left-wing agenda. It has become essentially a partisan legislative body.”

“The deficit, the national debt? None of it has any relevance! None of it has any limiting meaning. There is no responsibility whatsoever coming out of Washington when it comes to budgeting, when it comes to economics, when it comes to legislation.”

“If I understand the Supreme Court decision today on abortion, I guess back-alley abortions weren’t really a problem because all Texas did was try to enhance safety procedures for women who wanted to get abortions.”

“Journalists are supposed to be deep in the mud, figuring out everything going on — and they were bamboozled by the Brexit vote. They had no idea what was going on. The reason for that is arrogance, flummery, contempt.”

“The Constitution planted the roots of American exceptionalism — again, defined by the fact that America was the ‘exception’ to the way and the rule of life for humanity centuries before.”

“Donald Trump hasn’t taken anybody else’s money to get where he is. Elizabeth Warren does and has. Hillary Clinton does and has. There isn’t a single member of the Obama administration in the cabinet that’s ever held a private sector job, folks.”

“Diversity in and of itself is not a problem except the way liberals define it. Diversity is how we equal greatness in their world, and diversity is not how you get to greatness. Merit is. Achievement, accomplishment, and all that, not skin color makeup, quotas, racial guidelines or ethnic guidelines, but these people think it is.” 

“The US Constitution was the first document to ever limit the government. And that is why the opponents want to get rid of it, because it limits the government. It does not empower government. It empowers citizens. It empowers individuals.” 

“The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, define what the government cannot do. And that just irritates people who think the government ought to be able to do anything and everything, because other people — average people — are not competent or qualified to make their own decisions. Or, it’s worse than that. It’s just people that are totally power mad and power hungry who doesn’t believe in representative government, do not believe in republics.”  

“The entire United States is a miracle, from the Pilgrims arrival to the drafting of the Declaration to the Revolutionary War, the whole thing’s a miracle. And the drafting of the Constitution has never been done before and hasn’t been done since except in a copycat kind of way.”  

“There is no greater institution of greed than the United States government and the Democrat Party which runs it, sadly with some Republicans tagging right along.” 

“Donald Trump is full-fledged Capitalist 101, as are many successful people, and look how they are derided. Look how they are ground into the dust and ripped to shreds as ‘guys who always want more.’ I think the Clintons always want more, right? As far as the Clintons are concerned, enough is never enough.” 

“We do not have a great economy right now. We have an economy and a country in decline. And seemingly the Democrat Party is happy to manage this decline rather than to inspire and promote greatness and improvement.” 

“I don’t know if you’re the kind of person who wants power over other people. I don’t know if you’re the kind of person who wants to amass power at your job or in your family, but rest assured people who do are everywhere, and many of them are in government, and it’s the sole reason they’re there. Constitution be damned.” 

“All Texas did was try to enhance safety procedures for women who wanted to get abortions. ‘No, no, no, no!’ the left said. ‘You are not gonna put any limit whatsoever, even if it means popularizing the equivalent of back-alley abortions.’ And I’m gonna tell you, folks, when it comes to abortion, yes, the substance of the issue matters. But beating us is just as motivating and just as important.”     

“It’s hard to run against people who make you think they’re gonna give you whatever it is you want or need, and that’s what we are up against.” 

“Who is it that has turned the entire student loan program into an albatross around college graduates’ necks? Who is it that’s basically turned the college education into its own obstacle? Who is it? It’s Democrats and their constituents.” 

“The establishment does not have 100% unadulterated power over all of this. They now have to fight for it every day, and they don’t like it. It’s beneath them to have to compete. And the Brexit vote comes along and the Trump candidacy, and all these things are illustrating in many ways just how out of touch and unconcerned about it the elites are.” 

“Mrs. Warren, how is it the middle class hasn’t seen a wage increase in the entire eight years of Barack Hussein Obama and you people running the show? Why is that? How does so many people not working add up when you people looking out for everybody else? You’ve been looking out for the little guy for as long as I’ve been paying attention, and for as long as I’ve been pay attention, the little guy keeps getting the shaft from you people.” 

“If you want to stop the EPA from writing regulations that become law, Congress has to stand up and protect its turf. Congress has to call the EPA in and tell the administrator that the last 10,000 regulations are defunct and unconstitutional because they didn’t go through Congress — and, if you don’t like it, eat it!” 

“It’s gotten to the point where it may be impossible for an average citizen to go through the day without violating some federal law or regulation. There are that many of them.” 

“The Constitution was brilliant in this way. It set up all kinds of obstacles. It built gridlock into the system, for crying out loud. Gridlock is heralded as one of these horrible things because it stops government from making laws. No. Gridlock is a godsend. Gridlock is the thing that stands in the way of government growing inexorably and unstoppably.”  

“The federal government as constituted today is led by people who want to rip the Constitution to shreds and either just dispose of it or rewrite it, granting them the power they don’t have now. And in lieu of that, they’re acting as though they do.” 

“They establishment had such power that they could prevent uprisings from starting before anybody knew they were even brewing. But they can’t any longer, and they’re scared and they’re mad. And these are the kind of people, folks, that are where they are not because of merit. If they lose it, they can’t embark on a plan to regain it.”    

“With the amount of money this government collects because of the vast economy of this nation, you are talking about trillions and trillions of dollars, and where does it all end up? In Washington, DC at something called the Department of the Treasury and at the Federal Reserve in their banks. But theoretically it’s all in Washington.” 

“They are experiencing no immigration problems in Washington or surrounding environs. They are certainly not experiencing any unemployment. They’re not seeing their wages decline. They’re seeing, in fact, record amounts of money being collected to be fought over and distributed and used for whatever purposes necessary to acquire and gain even more power.”    

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