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RUSH:  Well, I told you, my friends, that it would be worth the wait to get to the program here on Monday, and you can take the weekend off.  I wish I could.  You know, I would relish the opportunity to ignore what’s going on, like I afford you the opportunity to ignore what’s going on, at least for the weekend.  Then you tune in here, you find out what happened and, as a bonus, what to think about it, and, as such, we are loaded.  It’s great to have you with us, another full week of broadcast excellence commencing right now.  It’s 800-282-2882; the email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com

I’m going through a Stack here of Brexit news that I have collected all weekend.  I just want to go through it piece by piece by piece.  I want to share it with you, maybe comment on some of it, not comment on some of it, but it is eye-opening, it is fascinating.  I’ll tell you what, of all the things about it that suddenly hit me I’m struck by how it came as such a shock to everybody, and there are reasons why it came as such a shock.  I’m talking about people in Great Britain.  People in Europe, not so much here, but over there it came as a total shock. 

In fact, folks, it has eerie similarities to our 2004 presidential campaign.  If you’ll recall at five o’clock on Election Day when the second wave of exit polls came in, John Kerry who, by the way, served in Vietnam, his campaign manager came in, a guy named Bob Shrum came in at 5 o’clock, after the second wave of exit polls said, “May I be the first to address you as Mr. President.”  They literally thought they had won.  They thought they won so bad that when the actual votes were counted, and it showed that Kerry was going to lose, a bunch of analysts got all upset about it and thought that the exit polls were real and that the votes were fake and wanted to implement the outcome as determined by exit polls. 

Well, the same thing happened with Prime Minister Cameron.  A five o’clock a pollster walked in, a pollster who never gets anything right walked into his office and told him essentially that the “leave” faction was gonna go down to a landslide defeat. At five o’clock on the day of the vote, the Brit prime minister was informed that his side was gonna win in a near landslide. They started popping the champagne and backslapping, and it was a mere few hours later and they began to get the actual count in and they saw the handwriting on the wall. 

Journalists were shocked. All kinds of people were shocked. College students were shocked.  Why?  How can something like this be happening in a country and nobody in elite positions have any idea of it?  The media didn’t know, the prime minister didn’t know, the pollsters got it wrong, and similar things happened here.  I mean, the ruling class is not just a facet of American life.  It’s worldwide.  There are elites everywhere and they want to unify under the term globalism. 

But how in the world could anybody have been surprised?  Well, they were, and when you hear some of these news stories like the young people in Great Britain are all out of whack because they voted in large numbers to stay in the European Union.  The seasoned citizen group voted to leave the European Union, and the youths of Great Britain are all mad that their older parents and grandparents have determined a future for them that they don’t want.  Others want to redo the vote and demand that whatever side wins has to win by 20%. 

I don’t know what it is.  It’s depressing, when you get right down to it.  There is so much absolute ignorance.  I don’t even know here if we even have a country.  I mean, look at what’s going on.  We don’t have borders.  We now have a Supreme Court that’s not a court.  It is a rubber stamp for the Democrat Party’s left-wing agenda.  It has become essentially a partisan legislative body, the Supreme Court has.  


RUSH: It was a huge groundswell of opinion, 52-48, and nobody saw it over there.  Not even journalists saw it.  Journalism’s supposed to be deep in the mud, figuring out everything going on — and they were bamboozled.  They had no idea what was going on.  The reason for that is arrogance, flummery, contempt. 

There’s no interest to know what people think if they are not part of the elite, or if they are equivalent of the Tea Party.  This guy over there, Nigel Farge? Nigel Farge is one of the leaders of the Brexit movement, and he is the equivalent of the most hated Tea Party person in America. Pick your name, doesn’t matter who. Sarah Palin. He’s despised, openly written of in hateful, derogatory ways — just literally hated — and there’s no interest in finding out what he really thinks and there’s no interest in finding out what kind of support he has.

Because it’s all illegitimate as far as the elites and the insiders in the establishment are concerned. But the fact that they didn’t know… And it’s the same thing here, folks.  I mean, take… How many people do you think are still bamboozled by Trump, still can’t figure that out despite months and months of efforts on my behalf, efforts made by me to explain it to them?  And they still don’t get it because they intellectually are not curious enough to remove the blinders and actually go where the answers to these questions are. 

They have no interest whatsoever.  For that reason, I think they’re ripe for a takedown.  But it isn’t gonna be easy.  


RUSH: Let me run through this Stack of things just to share with you a little bit of the reaction to Brexit in the Drive-By Media, both here and there.  CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley on Friday.  He said that Brexit was approved by older, less-educated voters.  It was opposed by younger, better educated voters.  Who says they’re better educated? 

You know, that flies in the face of practically everything in terms of conventional wisdom.  If the young are better educated than the old, how come the young are not given the reins of power by the time they turn 25?  Because it isn’t true.  They haven’t been lived long enough to be more educated than the elderly, no matter how you look at.  Pelley also said that the older, stupid crowd now had established governance that younger Britons would have to live by. 

In other words, you old, dumb idiots have just saddled us with a bunch of stuff that we don’t even agree with and you’re gonna make us live the rest of our lives with this.  As though that’s the first time this has happened?  All of this is being thrown up as a means of getting rid of it or rejecting it or discrediting it, which is what the left always does. Every time something happens with popular support they disagree with, what do they do? 

They run out and immediately impugn and criticize the relative intense and other aspects of people who voted in the majority.  So now it’s the elderly, seasoned citizens.  By the way, not just them.  You can be elderly and be 45. You’re gonna be older than somebody.  But now you’re an idiot. You didn’t know what you were doing. You don’t know what you’re doing. You’re an old fogy. You’re just a fuddy-duddy.  And you need to be swept out of the way. 

The young people are in charge here and you don’t get to tell young people what their country is gonna be like for the rest of their lives.  Well, the young people can change it if they don’t like it.  Why did they lose this time?  This is another story.  This from the Huffington Post. According to a YouGov survey, 75% of 18- to 24-year-olds voted for the UK to remain in the EU.  Only 39% of those 65 and over voted to remain.  So the effort is on to impugn the people that voted for it. 

Here’s a story. The Vox website… “Vox Notes the Cluelessness of the Oxford Students on Brexit Vote.”  So in two stories we’re told that the youth have all the brains. The young people are the ones that are smart. The old people, the old fuddy-duddies, they’re the stupid idiots, and they saddled the young people with a bunch of stuff that they don’t even remember.  “The shocked reaction of Oxford University students to the Brexit vote yesterday was notable for the fact that they were so firmly ensconced [sic] in their liberal bubble that even Vox took note of their extreme divorce from reality.

“As we shall see, it never even occurred to them that (gasp) the vote would be to leave Brexit. In fact the Oxford students clueless reactions to the vote were so laughable that the” people put in a phony laugh in the website here, an actual audio track of a phony laugh every time an Oxford student’s quote was published.  So here we have a story in a liberal publication where Oxford students — the creme de la creme, the Oxford students — were so divorced from reality, they had no idea what was even going on, following two stories claiming that the elderly are the idiots. 

Here’s a point for you youths.  The elderly people in the UK, they’re old enough to remember what life was like before the EU, and they’re old enough and smart enough to prefer it.  They’ve had the benefit because of their years of being alive.  It’s called experience.  And they have the benefit of that experience to know that life in Great Britain before the EU was much better than it is with the EU.  You young know-it-all whippersnappers haven’t the slightest idea what life in UK was like before EU because you weren’t born or you weren’t paying attention. 

What else? 

Brexit Remorse? UK Lawmaker Calls for Parliament to Ignore EU Referendum — The aftershocks of Thursday’s referendum on British membership in the European Union continued to reverberate Saturday with one lawmaker saying Parliament should overturn the result,” to hell with it.  You mean, like Obama would do?  Just issue an executive order and say, “You know what?  The vote doesn’t count.  We lost.  The vote doesn’t count, screw you, we’re not leaving.” 

And then there’s this paragraph. “It initially appeared that many voters quickly developed buyer’s remorse after the vote, with more than 2 million people apparently signing an online petition calling for a second referendum.” They’re trying to say that a bunch of people that voted to leave didn’t know what they were voting for, and when they found out what it meant after the election returns came in these same people have now mounted a new petition drive to vacate the vote and do it again because they didn’t know what we were voting on until it actually happened.  Young people again, by the way. 

I don’t even believe this. I think this whole thing’s made up.  I don’t think two million people started a petition drive based on the fact they had no idea what it actually meant.  But this is what the establishment loves to do:  Paint the average, ordinary citizenry as a bunch of absolute doofuses. 

“British Voters Feel ‘Regrexit’ as Many Now Ask: ‘What is the EU?'”  This one, folks, this is from the New York Post, and it’s a story about all these people that voted, ’cause there was an election, and they showed up to vote, and everybody was talking, they showed up to vote, and they voted yes. It’s always yes, ’cause yes it’s great things, and then they found out that they were leaving the EU and this story is about all the young people that voted who didn’t even know what the EU is, until they voted to leave it. 

Again, following a couple of stories, many more than that, actually, about how the old people saddled the young with something, but now the stories are basically the young didn’t even know what they were doing until after they did it and now want a do-over.


RUSH:  Yeah, look at this, look at this headline in the Washington Post by somebody named Emily Badger.  Look at this headline.  “Brexit is a Reminder That Some Things Just Shouldn’t be Decided by the People.”  That reminds me, TIME Magazine headline, 1995, something along the lines, “Is There Too Much Democracy?”  It had me on the cover looking surly, smoking a cigar.  Something about is there too much democracy going on in America.  Meaning too many people don’t know diddly-squat participating. “Brexit is a Reminder That Some Things Just Shouldn’t be Decided by the People.”  Not even a question, it’s just a statement.  

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