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“51.9% of Great Britain voted to skip out of the European Union. That’s a bigger number than Americans voted for Obama, and Obama went over there in April and lectured them not to do this. It’s been a bad couple of days for Barack Hussein O.”

“For the longest time, I have wanted somebody to be elected president without needing a whole lot of money for it. I think that’d be one of the greatest things to ever happen, if somebody could get elected president without having to spend tens of millions of dollars or raise that much.”

“People imbued with common sense cannot understand why, either in Great Britain or in Germany or in the United States, the people that run the show would want to leave the borders wide open and allow the nations to be flooded with people who are not going to end up advancing the nation.”

“I think Brexit is truly, truly momentous. And the elites know how momentous it is. They are in abject panic today.” 

“It’s not racism. It’s not sexism. It’s not bigotry. All of the things that the elites and their media cohorts are gonna try to chalk this up to, it’s not about any of that. It’s about a desire to be self-reliant because they just don’t trust the people who claim to have all the answers and solutions for all the problems. They don’t trust the elites anymore. They don’t trust the ruling class. The ruling class has made a mess of pretty much everything.” 

“I don’t think the people that voted to leave the European Union did so on liberal-conservative grounds. I would love for it to be the case, and that certainly may be an element of it, but there are other things that I think are a little bit more relevant than that.”

“Brexit is a nation of people rising up against the ruling class and the elites and — make no mistake about it — cronyism. By cronyism, I mean EU leaders in bed with each other and powerful forces within all the member countries to grease the skids for their own existence, to make sure they are protected and taken care of economically at the expense of everybody else.”

“Do you know what Hillary Clinton did yesterday? She was reading her response to Trump on the teleprompter, and the teleprompter had the word (sigh) in parentheses meaning she was supposed to sigh. She read the word! She read the word, not realizing it!”

“I think it’s natural as it can be that people would reject cronyism, which is what the European Union is, which is what the United States government has become.”

“In the European Union, in places like France you’ve got 14% unemployment, but none of the pain and none of the so-called suffering, none of the obstacles seem to affect the ruling class. None of the challenges, none of the problems seem to impair the elites in any way.” 

“I still maintain that you cannot treat Trump, analyze Trump, destroy Trump the way politics says you destroy people that are running for office. I don’t think the standard, ordinary operating procedures work.” 

“It’s taken a while, but people have finally figured out what Trump is talking about, that things are rigged. And even if they’re not specifically able to point out situation by situation, it’s inescapable by virtue of living your life that there is a rigged game going on that you’re not allowed to play.” 

“I would love to tell you that I think this is a bunch of people becoming conservatives overnight and rejecting liberalism. Some of that clearly is involved here, but I think a lot of it is simply — I don’t want to say populism, but there’s a lot of nationhood going on, a lot of people who simply want their country to be great. And isn’t it amazing how that is now under attack?” 

“The elites, the rich, the ruling class have finally made no pretense about it. They act as though they’re betters; they treat everybody else as though they are lessers. There are lines of demarcation. There are no intermingling social activities. They don’t go to the same schools anymore. The upper class and the elites are now officially snooty, looking down their noses at everybody else.”  

“Brexit is the kind of thing the elites think they are able to control. This is precisely the kind of thing that their power and their cronyism, in their minds, is designed to stop: An uprising of common people.”     

“The European Union is not about the economic advancement for everyone.” 

“Centralized governments that determine outcomes and attempt to distribute assets, the wealth of a nation, attempt to distribute all that fairly and equitably, it never works because it is in utter defiance of human nature.” 

“Human nature is what led to the United States of America, this yearning desire to be free, unfettered, the competitive spirit. It’s the quickest route to wealth, to success, to excellence, the pursuit of excellence.” 

“The elites never lose. They set things up to where they can never, ever lose, appealing to people’s emotions of fairness and this kind of thing.” 

“Why do I think the polls were wrong? People were relying on the pollsters. There was ‘the Brexit Effect.’ I think there’s a Trump Effect, too. I think people are lying to the pollsters about Trump. There isn’t any question about it.” 

“The European Union doesn’t have any concept of nationhood.”  

“Being an American, wanting your country to do well, wanting your country to win, somehow that’s not good. That’s not modern thinking. We can’t think that way anymore. We can’t think of ourselves as a nation competing against other nations.  We are globalists now.  We are all intertwined.  We are all intermingled.  And the benefit for one benefits the all, and all this rotgut. That’s not how we became a superpower.  It’s not how the British empire came to be.” 

“The United States as a superpower, became a solution to the world’s problems. Now, cutting us down to size and making us no different than any other nation in the world, which is what Obama and his cronies want to do, is what is harming and brewing detrimental.”

“It’s an invasion. It isn’t immigration. These are illegal, by definition. Our immigration law is not responsible for this. What’s happening here is happening outside the law, that our leaders do not wish to enforce or acknowledge. And the same thing happened in the UK.”

“The UK had been permitting this immigration long before this most recent bout of it. It was their own policy that did it, just like us. Even though it’s not policy. It’s extralegal behavior, the ignoring of the law that’s permitting it here. The UK was the exact opposite. That was all legal.”     

“What happened in the UK that they didn’t count on or that the British people were lied about is that there wasn’t any assimilation by immigrants. And the UK population became, for lack of a better term, Balkanized. And then all of a sudden, Sharia mosques started popping up all over the place.”  

“Meeting and surpassing all audience expectations every day. You know how hard that is? Have you ever tried it?  Meeting and surpassing? Twenty-plus million people in this audience and they’re all expecting great. You ever stop and think about what ‘surpassing all audience expectations’ it really is.”







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