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RUSH: I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers a Politico story, and I’m probably gonna be the one to catch hell for pointing it out. But I don’t know how you do this. I’m looking here at a photo of many of the Democrats who conducted that childish little sit-in on the floor of the House this week to try to deny the American people their constitutional rights and the Second Amendment. And, by the way, speaking of that, Professor Dershowitz at Harvard thinks it was a bonehead move.

He thinks that it has the potential of redounding profoundly negatively. You know what I did? I went back and I looked at a little of it. I actually watched some of it, and I tried to watch it the way anybody else would watch it. You know what I saw? I saw the Wellstone memorial. I saw what I thought was a repeat of the same kind of attitudinal arrogance of the Wellstone memorial. And then I went and I specifically looked at media reaction to it. And, folks, they were having public orgasms over it. It was one of the most embarrassing displays — and that’s saying something.

I mean, from Luke Russert to people over at PMSNBC. Well, that’s where he is. People on CNN, they were just so, so excited that these Democrats had done this. It was, oh, my! It was nirvana. It was nirvana. They couldn’t be happier that the Democrats had commandeered the floor of the House and sat down there to protest the Second Amendment. It was the greatest thing, and I don’t think… Just like the Wellstone memorial, I don’t think these people have the ability whatsoever to realize how it looks to people outside their partisans.

And Professor Dershowitz is a liberal Democrat, and Professor Dershowitz said that this stunt, this sit-in at the House could hurt Hillary’s chances to win the presidency. He said (paraphrased), “I’m a liberal Democrat; I’m a supporter of Hillary Clinton.” He told this to Don Lemon. Don Lemon was one of these guys that was going nuts deliriously over this. And Professor Dershowitz, he said they hurt her. “They hurt Hillary Clinton by making fools of themselves.

“Sitting in on Congress and pulling this kind of stunt? If Hillary Clinton’s gonna win, she gonna win because she has gravitas and because the Republicans are a bunch of buffoons, but now it’s the Democrats that look like the buffoons sitting on the House floor. This can’t help. They have to be serious. They have to show gravitas if they’re gonna win this election against Trump. Passion and anger determine votes, and passion and anger could bring Trump to the presidency.”

Now, there’s one thing about this. I have a lot of respect for Professor Dershowitz. I’ve actually met him in the halls of the old affiliate in New York back in 2 Penn Plaza next to Madison Square Garden. He was eyeing me suspiciously. He knew who I was, but he was eyeing me suspiciously. He had just finished a rant on the radio about John Sununu being untrustworthy ’cause he was Arab or some such thing. But I introduced myself to Professor Dershowitz. “Oh, I know who you are,” as he eyed me suspiciously. “I know who you are.”

Anyway, I think what Professor Dershowitz ensconced there in the ivory-colored halls of Harvard may not recall is that your average, ordinary liberal Democrat — as epitomized by your average, ordinary commenter or poster on social media — might not look at that sit-in as childish. They might look at it as brilliant tactics. I don’t know. But in his circle, clearly it was an embarrassing thing. But over here on The Politico… This is what I don’t believe.

And I’m just telling you: If I did this on my website, folks, there would be a controversial storm that would cancel out whatever news there is on Brexit. I have here a picture of James Clyburn and Pelosi and John Lewis, and there are a couple other Democrats here. But front and center is John Lewis with a pained look on his face and the other Democrats surrounding him. And it looks like the… I don’t know what’s… (interruption) Yeah, it’s the House chamber behind. The House chamber. And they’re quite a ways away from it.

But it’s out of focus the background. But the focus center of the photo is John Lewis. And the headline of this story… Should I…? I’m running a risk reading the headline, am I not? It’s a Politico headline. “Democrats: Gun Sit-in Just a Taste of Guerrilla Tactics to Come.” Now, not with this picture. They didn’t do that. “Guerrilla” is spelled differently than that of the beast in the Cincinnati Zoo. I understand that. “Guerrilla tactics” happen to be Third World, banana republic tactics.

But if I had done this on my website, Politico would want me gone. They would be using this as an example to suggest that I am unfit for the public airwaves. Even after Muhammad Ali died, they gave him a little grief for having used that word to describe Joe Frazier. “Democrats: Gun Sit-in Just a Taste of Guerrilla Tactics to Come — The floor rebellion could mark a turning point for the House and set a risky precedent for future fights.” I’ll tell you what the precedent that’s been set is that the C-SPAN cameras are now irrelevant.

We don’t need C-SPAN anymore.

You just need the Facebook app or the Periscope app and you can video broadcast anything that your camera on your phone can see. But I hope they do keep this up. It’s Wellstone memorial-type stuff. It really is. And Dershowitz is right: It’s going to come back and bite them.

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