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Professor Travels World, Discovers Marxism Doesn’t WorkRUSH: There’s a fascinating piece today about a teacher, college professor, an avowed communist Marxist and socialist. He decided to travel the world to see the glories of the things he believed in. And all he saw was misery and suffering and poverty. He was shocked. I’m not making this up. I’ll get to the story in due course. And he’s now abandoned Marxism. He’s abandoned communism.

He traveled, he went to Cuba, he went to over a hundred places in the world trying to find the evidence that the countries that lived as he thought they should were on the way to utopia, and he found the exact opposite. 

He found misery. Now, it’s amazing to me that a college professor would have to actually go anywhere to know the truth of what Marxism and communism and socialism cause, but he did it, and he’s now writing against all of that.

But my point in bringing it up is that a lot of this starts in the education system of this country, and as early as pre-K, certainly kindergarten and on up. And it just festers and is amplified and grows deeper and deeper in all of these young people year after year after year, to the point that we lose ’em.

Heather Mac Donald’s Book “The War on Cops”RUSH: Heather Mac Donald of the Manhattan Institute. She is a think tank thinker. She is a scholar and at a think tank out there. And she’s got a new book called The War on Cops. She’s exploring the phenomenon known as the Ferguson Effect which shows the Ferguson Effect — the aftermath — created more crime than stopped it. And her research has shown that blacks commit 11 times more homicides than whites in America, which is why the numbers of those in prison are higher. Makes sense.

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