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“Obama wants everybody to believe that the purpose of this country is for anybody who wants to come here to be able to come here, and all they have to do to get here is to show up.”

“I find it ironic somebody as applauded as John Lewis — he’s applauded, he’s regaled, he’s heralded as a civil rights icon — is participating in a sit-in yesterday that was formed for an express purpose of denying civil rights, constitutional rights to the American people.”

“The Democrats really are not interested in keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists. They’re interested in keeping you from being able to get guns.” 

“The separation of powers and a great American institution, the Supreme Court, is hanging in the balance here of this upcoming presidential election. This is why I don’t understand anybody on our side wanting to take any action that would elect Hillary Clinton.” 

“America has become and was the exception to the way most of the people in the world were forced to live, because America was the first formally built, structured country on the premise that the people ran the show based on their liberty, based on their natural God-given rights to pursue happiness.” 

“Obama is really, really bent out of shape, and he’s lecturing the country on immigration saying things like, ‘Well, now we’re gonna have to leave it up to the voters,’ which is the thing that ticks them off the most on the left, is leaving it up to the voters. That’s what they don’t like. That’s what they don’t trust. That’s what they don’t respect.”  

“You’ve heard the left’s arguments about diversity, that the best thing we can do in a business is to make sure it’s diverse. Not hired qualified people. We change the focus from merit to racial allocation, and that’s how we’re gonna define greatness. Not on merit. Not on performance. We’re gonna define greatness because that’s how the left defines it.”

“The Constitution, as you know it and I know it, is now what’s on the ballot in this presidential election in 2016. And of course the answer to this is not ‘Never Trump.’ The answer to this is ‘Never Hillary.’ The answer to this is ‘Never Tyranny.’

“Obama is in the process of redefining what America is, what our common objectives are, what it is that sets us apart and how we are this and that and the other thing. It’s a frustrating thing to listen to because it’s a total, total reworking, I would even go so far as to say a mischaracterization, even a bastardization of the intent of the founders of this country.” 

“Democrats have created a new reality that is not real whatsoever that people have bought into and accepted, to the point now where the upholding of current law is what’s considered lawless and partisan and political, and Obama attempting to skirt the law and ignore the law is what people think is the law!” 

“The four libs on the Supreme Court are a voting bloc. They’re forever and always unified. You seldom see any dissent from a majority or minority leftist decision from those four leftist justices. They vote as a bloc. They are relied on as such.” 

“There are people who want to import the dregs of the world into this country in order to cut this country down to size.  Do not doubt me on this. I know it sounds hard to believe. Those people will be found somewhere on the political spectrum, and they vote Democrat.” 

“We cannot afford a Hillary Clinton presidency because that’s it. That’s end the Constitution.” 

“Today’s Democrat Party believes that distinct American culture is corrupt, biased, racist, sexist, prejudicial, homophobic. There is nothing about it they want to preserve. They would love nothing better than to water it down.” 

“Immigration, as promoted by the Democrat Party, really is a voter registration drive, pure and simple. It is a desire by the Democrat Party to find another way to remain in perpetual power, by creating as many dependent voters as they can.”     

“One of the defining characteristics or difference between today’s illegal immigration and the immigration of old is the immigrants of the late 1800s through the early 1920s came here desiring to become Americans. They wanted to become part of what was a unique and distinct American culture.”  

“The pool of illegal immigrants is like a qualified bunch of people. You don’t have to do surveys. You don’t have to interview them. You know they are ready-made Democrat voters. Not only that, they are readymade Democrat constituents.” 

“Marilyn Mosby is 0-for-3. A third Baltimore cop was found not guilty of murder in the Freddie Gray case. This was officer Caesar Goodson, who Mosby told us was the most likely to be convicted. She’s being humiliated here and is being shown to be an incompetent, unqualified prosecutor.” 

“American exceptionalism, in the broad sense, is not a bunch of braggadocious words people say, ‘Yeah, we’re better people. We have a better country. We are higher class people.’ That’s not what it is. America was the exception to the way human beings prior to America, most of which lived. It was not pretty.” 

“Immigration law is settled. We already have immigration law, and it is being violated. Obama’s executive amnesty is not the settled law. Obama’s executive amnesty is outside the law, and that’s why it’s been stayed.” 

“Every day we wake up, and there is yet another bomb that goes off seemingly right in the middle of our culture, of our society, of common sense.  And it’s not new.  We’ve been dealing with it for I don’t know how long.” 

“Affirmative action was set up in order to provide a racial imbalance to make up for perceived discrimination in the past. So we weren’t gonna end discrimination. We’re just gonna shift it.” 

“Liberal justices are not justices. They’re not judges. That’s not how they approach the job. They are liberal rubber stamps. They are there to affirm the agenda of the Democrat Party, pure and simple, or ‘the progressive movement,’ whatever. That’s their purpose.”   

“You know me. I’m the mayor of Realville, and some things just seem — I don’t know — weird.”

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