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RUSH: I got a note from Koko up at RushLimbaugh.com that our Hillary Clinton, the NEVER HILLARY bumper sticker, we can’t keep ’em in stock.  You know, we originally started out, you get one free if you sign up for a joint subscription of the Limbaugh Letter and Rush 24/7. And I don’t care what it costs, it’s the best deal you’ve got going based on the information that you are going to have access to, not the least of which is the substantive commentary and content of this program each and every day that accumulates. It’s ongoing. It’s always there. It’s researchable. It’s searchable. It’s findable. It’s encyclopedic.  

Many of the sources we use for show prep each and every day are also there. But we’ve also decided to put the bumper sticker for sale as a stand-alone item because, as always, when we have a new premium for new subscribers, recent subscribers say, “Hey, what about us? You know, we signed up last month, two months ago, and you weren’t giving that away, what do we do?”

You can’t avoid that.  No matter when you offer a premium, you’re always gonna have people that just signed up not long ago who are not eligible.  So what we’ve done in this case, Koko told me we’ve made it available as a stand-alone.  I can’t think of the price right off the bat, I’m not sure what it is.  (2 bumper stickers for $7.95 — shipping included).

But here it is, I’m showing you on the Dittocam right now, NEVER HILLARY.  It uses her logo of the royal blue background. Her name in white and she’s got that red arrow that points to the right, we’ve got the word “never” over that red arrow.  It’s really, really clever, and it’ll uniquely stand out on the bumper of your car or wherever you happen to put it.  

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