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RUSH: Grab sound bite 27. I’ve got a little bit more coming on the sit-in, but it just ended, and what happened was that Nancy Pelosi surrounded by John Lewis and not — (interruption) Yeah, yeah, James Clyburn, a Congressional Black Caucasian guy is following her down the steps — Rangel — followed her down the steps and proclaiming victory and so forth, singing, “We shall overcome.” And you’re saying, “We shall overcome? What the hell does it have to do with gun control? What do you mean, we shall overcome?”

It just proves my point. This stuff never ends, folks. There’s never an end to any of these liberal complaints. Liberalism is a series of grievances in addition to everything else that it is. And everybody lives under the idea that, okay, if we address the grievance will you shut up and go away? Oh, yeah, we just want — but it never does. It never happens. Every liberal supposed solution is simply the beginning of a new problem by design.

So here we have the end of the sit-in, they’ve walked down the steps singing “We Shall Overcome,” and John Lewis heads to the mic, about 150 media people. For all intents and purposes they’re applauding this valiant effort of these brave Democrats avoiding the dogs and the hoses and so forth of Bull Connor on the floor of the House doing everything they can to deprive the American people of their Second Amendment constitutional rights. They’re being applauded for it. Here is John Lewis at the microphone.

LEWIS: It’s not a struggle that lasts for one day or one week or one month or one year. It is a struggle. But we’re gonna win the struggle. (applause) We must never, ever give up or give in. We must keep the faith. And we must come back here on July the 5th more determined than ever before.

RUSH: Right on. They’re come back July 5th ’cause Ryan shut the place down. He shut it down and sent ’em home since they wouldn’t stop the sit-in. It was the only way he could gain order so they’re coming back July 5th. The struggle. The struggle. I think whatever Michelle Obama does a public appearance, the word “struggle” is part of, every one of them, the struggle. They’re all in a struggle. What’s the struggle? It’s s-h-t-r-u-g-g-l-e, by the way.

And the struggle is never ending, they’re ongoing, and the struggle, what is it? Why, it’s discrimination. It is intimidation. It’s bullying. It’s the denial of rights. It’s the denial of humanity. It’s the ongoing struggle against the inherent unfairness of the United States of America. (interruption) They won that 50 years ago, the Civil Rights Act, I know they overcome. But that’s the point. No, no, no. It’s never over. He said so.

This is my point. Play the beginning of this again. It’s never over. The struggle. Next day, next week, next month, next year, it’s never over. Play it again.

LEWIS: It’s not a struggle that lasts for one day or one week or one month or one year. It is a struggle. But we’re gonna win the struggle. (applause) We must never, ever give up or give in. We must keep the faith. And we must come back here on July the 5th more determined than ever before.

RUSH: Right on, right on. We gonna win the struggle. We gonna win the struggle. There you have it.


Before I get to the sound bites, I just want to tell you what really happened so you can understand what a stunt that it was.  Largely it was fundraising, but it was also agitation.  The Senate had four different bills that were designed to deny due process to the American citizens and their right to own guns.  It was four different legislative attempts to basically deny the existence of the Second Amendment. 


Not one of those bills even got 50 votes.  Not one of those bills even got out of committee.  Those bills were never even close.  You need 60 votes in the Senate before you have a final vote, and none of those four even came close.  They didn’t even get 50 votes.  They were show votes.  It was show legislation, meaning it was never intended to pass.  It was being used by Democrats in conjunction with friendly media to promote the idea that situation in America has gotten so bad that due process doesn’t matter. The compelling interest is to take guns away from people if we’re gonna save ourselves. 

And four different attempts failed, so these guys in the House decided, since nothing succeeded and no bill came over to the House from the Senate, they decided to have their little sit-in to make it look like they were being denied due process.  John Lewis and Rangel and Pelosi and Clyburn were all trying to make it look like they were the ones being denied due process, when it was the Senate.  Legislation had never even gotten to the House, and it was never gonna get to the House as written.  

So they staged this sit-in.  And they had people bringing them pillows.  They had people bringing them food.  They’re trying to make it look like that they were doing the equivalent of getting beat up by people like Bull Connor, the equivalent of the dogs being turned loose on ’em again like happened in Mississippi and the fire hoses and trying to make it look like that they were really, really being mistreated. But they were having catered food brought in, they were brought blankets and pillows and so forth to sit comfortably on the floor of the House of Representatives.  

And folks, it was nothing more than a stunt.  One of the purposes was fundraising, and the other point was intimidation.  They know they’ve got friendly media so they’ve got a media that will report something about this that is not relevant and it happened.  They were reported as great, compassionate, caring and concerned people, only interested in saving lives. And of course who was opposed to saving lives?  Why, the Republican leadership of course.  The Republican leadership didn’t care about saving lives.  The Republican leadership couldn’t have cared less who had guns and what they did with them.  When in fact the action was in the Senate and there wasn’t any action.  

The whole thing was a stunt and it got knock-down, drag-out, and our old buddy Louie Gohmert took it to ’em.  Good old Louie.  I mean, Louie is one of the great — he’s from Texas.  And, you know, these people are in there shouting, “We shall overcome, we shall over,” they’re singing we shall overcome, and they’ve got all these chants going on.  So Louie stands up, and he goes over there and says (paraphrasing), “Your problem is this.  Militant Islam is responsible for the shootings.  Militant Islam is responsible for the death.  Militant Islam is killing Americans.”  

And these people on the Democrat side blew up.  They got face-to-face with Louie and it looked like fisticuffs were gonna break out, and Louie did not give an inch of ground.  Here we go starting with audio sound bite number 16.  We’ve got enough here to paint the picture for you.  

HOUSE DEMOCRATS: (singing) We are not afraid. We are not afraid today. Oh, deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome someday. 

RUSH:  This is puke city.  “We are not afraid,” they’re saying, “We are not afraid. We are not afraid today. Oh, deep in my heart I do believe, we shall overcome someday.” Who’s oppressing them?  Nobody’s oppressing these people.  These are some of the richest and most powerful Democrats in the country winning, for crying out loud.  

I’ll tell you something else that happened, and I think this is a big deal.  You know, C-SPAN televises the House, but you know who runs the House is the party in power.  The party of the Speakership.  The Republican Party controls when the cameras are turned on and when they’re turned off.  It’s always been that way.  When the Democrats run the House, it was Pelosi that controlled when the cameras were turned on and turned off.  And she routinely turned the cameras off during special orders.  I remember back in the 70s, when I first heard of Newt Gingrich, I was in Kansas City, late seventies, early eighties — it was the eighties, it was the early eighties.  Tip O’Neill was the Speaker of the House.  

The Republicans had their usual, what, 200 and some odd members, but Reagan was taking the country by storm. It was three or four years into the first term, three years, and Newt was doing special orders.  The special order of the House closes for business, but as long as a member of the House is on the floor speaking, the cameras are turned on. Tip O’Neill at the time didn’t think it was a big deal, I mean, who’s watching C-SPAN at eight o’clock at night, everybody else is getting drunk, who’s watching C-SPAN, so he didn’t figure it was a problem. But Newt’s special orders were so good and so powerful that they attracted attention, and other people in the House joined Newt, and these became broadcasts or shows in and of themselves. 

Basically what it was was Newt defending Reagan and conservatism against the daily attacks and onslaughts taking place in the House and in the media.  This is where I first heard of Newt.  Tip O’Neill I don’t think — he might have turned the cameras off at some point in this, when he got really big, he can do it.  The Speaker of the House determines when the House is televised.  Well, Ryan yesterday turned off the cameras. 

In the middle of the sit-in, Paul Ryan decreed that we’re not gonna let this stunt work. We’re not gonna give these people airtime to C-SPAN. So he ordered the cameras turned off, and C-SPAN did.  However, members of the Democrats in the sit-in had their phones with them and they simply lit up the Periscope app.  The Periscope app is part of Twitter.  Well, it’s owned by twitters.  It started independent.  Twitter bought it.  Periscope app.  I’ve got it on my phone.  It makes anybody a video operator. It makes anybody a videographer.  

All you have to do is fire up your phone, fire up the Periscope app and aim your phone at whatever and it’s being televised to the entire Twitter network and people that have Periscope.  They can watch it, they can amplify it, broadcast it themselves. And I’m telling you this, mainstream Drive-By journalists are really worried about this because it turns everybody into a cameraman anywhere they are, anything.  Now, at this point time you have to have Periscope. There are a couple of other competing companies that do the same thing.  

Well, C-SPAN took a feed from one of these Democrats’ phones and televised it.  And people are saying, Wait just a second.  They shouldn’t do that.”  The House runs the cameras. The House ordered the cameras shut down. The House ordered that no proceedings after the House had been shut down for official business be televised.  And yet C-SPAN took the feed from one of those guys’ Periscope apps and ran that.  That’s how everybody saw what was going on.  

I think the Periscope app is free.  Anybody can use it.  Shooting video is against House rules.  I was surprised you could take your cell phone in there and use it.  I thought it was kind of like a country club. Anyway, people are now opining on C-SPAN’s role here.  C-SPAN has forever gotten away with the idea they’re nonpartisan.  Well, are they not thought of as nonpartisan anymore?  Well, that’s what, I mean, last night they’re not, but up until last night they still enjoyed that reputation, right?  That they turned on the cameras and whatever happened, they showed it to you, and they had their call in programs and all that, but they were always perceived as middle-of-the-roaders.  

But taking that feed last night, that blew that up.  Taking that feed from whoever was providing it among the Democrats on their Periscope app on their phones, C-SPAN kind of signaled their allegiance there. A lot of people are thinking this is not good.  And then Paul Ryan came to his fair conservatism for even allowing this to happen.  You know, Speakers of the House in the old days would have shut this down, would have gaveled the House out of session and ended this whole thing.  

But the Democrats began their sit-in when Ryan wasn’t even there.  He was up doing a speech at AEI, I think. (interruption) Yeah, yeah, that’s right.  He did shut it down, they refused to go.  That was the whole point of the sit-in, we shall overcome.  And they ended it today walking down the steps singing “We Shall Overcome.”  (interruption) Well, sergeant of arms arrest, nah, that was not gonna happen.  

Here’s Louie, by the way. You gotta hear this.  This is just 12 seconds, but this is Louie on the House floor last night trying to tell these Democrat that taking guns out of the hands of people who had nothing to do with what happened in Orlando, anyway — which is what these people are all bouncing off.  It’s the latest mass shooting. Blame it on the guns! And Louie had it. He couldn’t take it anymore.  

DEMOCRATS: (screaming) 

GOHMERT: Radical Islam killed these people, and you know it! 

DEMOCRATS: A terrorist with a gun! Don’t let terrorists have a gun. (chanting) Don’t let terrorists have a gun! Don’t let terrorists have a gun! 

RUSH: “Don’t let terrorists have a gun!” It just went on, and they got face to face.  It got really, really close.  Here’s Ryan last night on CNN.  He was asked, “Why don’t you at least allow a vote on this on the floor of the House?” 

RYAN:  This is nothing more than a publicity stunt.  This bill was already defeated in the United States Senate.  Number three, we are not going to take away a citizen’s due-process rights. We’re not gonna take away a citizen’s constitutional rights without due process.  Now, let’s focus on the issue at hand here: Terrorism.  And let’s found out what we need to do to prevent future terrorist attacks.  That’s something we should be able to do in a calm and cool manner without these sort of dilatory publicity stunt tactics to try and bring a bill that already died over in the Senate to the House floor. 

RUSH:  I’m biting my tongue here.  I sometimes wonder… He knows what they’re doing.  It’s nothing more than a publicity stunt.  But appealing to them to be reasonable is such a waste of time.  Appealing to them to change their focus and join everybody together in stopping terrorism? It’s never gonna happen.  It’s not what the Democrats are interested in! The Democrats really are not interested in keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists.  They’re interested in keeping you from being able to get guns.  

And, folks, there’s no doubt about that.  There is no law in the world — there is no law unwritten, there’s no law on the books — that’s gonna stop a criminal from getting a gun.  It just doesn’t work that way! Any new gun control is simply gonna infringe on the law-abiding ability to exercise constitutional rights.  There’s not a single law that could be written, that has been written, that could be passed that would stop Omar Mateen from getting a gun and shooting people up.  

The law does not exist that would make that happen.  There is not a law that could be written. There’s not an amendment that could be changed that would have prevented Omar Mateen from doing what he did.  “Well, then how do you stop it?” I know you’re asking, “How do you stop it?” You listen to the intel.  We had plenty of intel.  We had plenty of signs this guy was unstable.  We had plenty of indications this guy was possibly able to do this.  We had plenty of indication here that this guy was potentially inclined to do this. 

We could have studied him, we could have kept him on watch, we could have done any number of things — and then once this began, we could have not waited three hours for SWAT to get the situation.  We could have taken the guy out the first few moments we learned about this.  There are any number of things we could have done, but a new law would not have stopped it.  It isn’t possible.  These people ought to know it firsthand, they violate so many as it is.


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